Soo Beaute`Beauty Friends Sheet Mask Review

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Haloooorrrrrr awesome beauty!! I am back but just for a short review… I am still very tied up with work, but well busy means good right? In fact, it’s a good thing right?? The whole month of September been really good for me… If you want to know what I have been up to lately follow me at instagram @cindytong86. Today, I just stock up this Soo Beaute Beauty Friends Sheet Mask today because they are so so so good and they are on promotion for only RM 10 for 4pieces instead of RM4.90 each pieces. They are many type to choose from in fact too many…. I was introduced to this brand by Sharon Shree... It was so so good!!

beauty friends mask review3

I can’t differentiate what is the differences as I have only tried two mask which is the green tea ones and the aloe vera ones (if not mistaken). They both feel similarly good maybe only slight different in scent! What I love about this mask is that the mask sheet is so soft and delicate. It’s packed with generous amount of essence and that is why you can put on this mask for 20-30 minutes on your face. I did place them on for about 20 over minutes and it still feel moist, the essence is still contained inside the mask sheet without being evaporated to air. This mask adhere to the face very well and fit the face perfectly. It’s not easy to find mask that fit my wide and round face well…. One more thing is that it cover up to my eyelid area too, so you can cover up your eye and take a nap…. So if you want to try this mask too better be fast and get them before the promotion is gone!!

beauty friends mask review

That’s all for now…Got to go!!! See you soon!!


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