Sephora Stila, Bare Mineral & Ciate Haul

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Yesterday I went crazy over Sephora sale…. You might have read my little update earlier if you have not you can have a peek here. Actually, during my lunch time I thought just want to go over Mark & Spencer to tryout the bra sizes as I am getting Faye from UK to help me buy them… It’s bloody cheap over there… It’s like a norm for me to walk-in H&M, Uniqlo & Sephora when I’m in Paradigm Mall….. When I hit Sephora I just roam around looking if there is any new interesting item and BAM I saw the rack will discounted STILA item at RM 27 and up…. I then ask the SA what else is on sale? She told me bout perfume and Bare Minerals!!! I was so so happy because I wanted to try this brand for so long… I first swatch the MOXIE lipstick OMG it melt like butter on my lip and it’s super moisturizing, probably one of the most creamy and moisturizing lipstick I own and super opaque colour! So I went and pick up the rest of the item and this is all my haul….

sephora sale 20141

Well not all item are mine! Some are for my swap partner!! Let me go through the item with you!
First up is all the MOXIE Lipstick and also Eye Brightener (Concealer) from Bare Mineral. I love how natural the eye brightener look on my eyes hiding my dark circle naturally and it has formula that help brighten the eye as well as reduce wrinkle formation around the eyes… It’s like concealer + Eye cream formula….  The MOXIE Lipstick like I mentioned earlier super creamy, moisturizing and pigmented! Lipstick is RM 32 after discount and Concealer RM 42.

sephora sale 20147

Also got numbers of these loose eyeshadow pigments from Bare Mineral at only RM 23… Colour is very shimmery and beautiful… Super fine and smooth powder!!

sephora sale 20145

Some of the swatch…sorry blurry picture..


and lastly are item from Stila… The Limited Edition Eyeshadow is very very stunning.. Sadly the colour I want is out of stock.. SO this one are for my swap partner…. The bronze trio eyeshadow is another beautiful colour… I didn’t get it the first time I went in Sephora because it was RM 38 as I thought they are RM30 and there is no tester to swatch them on my hand… But after work I went again to buy stuff for Faye and then I decided to pick it up… I actually love the Rose Gold colour a lot and it is the last one on the rack… I never regret getting it because once i reach home I swatch it on and the colour shines gracefully!

sephora sale 20146

Oh I forget, beside cosmetic I also got this floral manicure set from Ciate!! OMFG It’s so so pretty.. I only saw this while i waiting for Faye to reply and it’s for RM57 for two….OMG OMG… I saw someone post this on facebook few days ago and it look super stunning! Anything floral will definitely suck me over it like a magnet….
sephora sale 20142
How pretty are these?? Mad Love!! :-)

sephora sale 20143

Alright beauty junkies time for me to sign off!! Have an awesome Thursday!! Muahhh…


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