Sephora haul

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Alright this is a quick update of what i got from sephora, i went to Sephora Paradigm. today is last day of sale... Bare mineral many item on 57% and stila eye shadow and eyeliner from RM 27-40, Too faced Eyeshadow RM 27 (if not mistaken), eyebrow pencil and eyeliner... also a number of perfume RM57off, sephora eyeshadow the pastel range on sale too but i forget the price.... So here you go all the picture for your viewing... I'll update later what item and colour I bought... For now. just indulge in my pictures...orry some picture are blur as I am in a rush. . . look for those wih orange or yellow sticker which mean on sale. . . . gtg tata

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