Moo Cow Yogurt Factory Visit

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekend is epitome period where the mind and body is united for one common goal which is to relax after a hectic week and for me, it's my sleeping day as I would sleep till pass noon most of the time… or at least pass a good 10a.m. mark… If the day demands me to drag myself up and change early in the morning, it's gotta be something good waiting for me….!! In this case, it's a date with Mamalia, the mascot of Moo Cow Yogurt at her home in Jalan Ipoh!! Are you excited to see how yogurt is actually made?? I know I do.. So stay tune and continue to read till the end okay!!

Mamalia ( The Cow) is my new best friend!! Look how adorable she is! I just want to hug her tight tight!!!!!!!!! Soft and fluff which makes her so adorable.

Moo Cow14

MOO COW Store Tour

We had all meet up at Moo Cow in Publika before we take a ride to the Moo Cow factory! Moo Cow is a bright, happy and fun place to be with!! The entire shop is filled with wooden wall, colourful moo cow and friends photos, along with bright colours, wooden table and chair with arrays of colourful toppings for the frozen yogurt!! It’s just brings out the happy feeling to walk into the Moo Cow store, just like a modern farm!

Moo Cow1

At Moo Cow, you can have frozen yogurt with toppings of your choice! You must try this Frozen Yogurt because they taste much better than conventional ice creammm… The texture is much smoother and lighter too…

Moo Cow6 Peach Jam and Oreo Crumbs are my favourite!

Here are some of the idea how to pair the toppings to your frozen yogurt! You just need to add RM 1.00 to add other topping on top of below selections… All the goodness to choose from.. Woow

Moo Cow4

If you want something that is both yummy and healthy to drink, you can try their newly introduced Yogurt Drink which comes in three flavours such as original, strawberry and blueberry. There is a special promotion now where it’s only RM 10 for Trio Pack consist of all three flavours as it will be RM 3.50 if you buy a single bottle!

Moo Cow9

And also there is a huge Mamalia at the entrance… Way to go Mamalia !!

Moo Cow3

I personally love the Blueberry one!! Well honestly I love all of them but my love for blueberries fruit is much more, so yeah I might be biased.. Nevertheless all the yogurt drink taste so smooth and not overly sweet which brings blend of balance in taste (Better than those selling in supermarket as most of them are concentrated sweet) … I can actually taste the real fruit flavour every time I took a sip!!! Yummy :-)

Moo Cow12

Look at my happy face?? Yums blueberry tasteeeee sooooo good!! Weee

Moo Cow42

Surprise!!! You definitely need to get your hand on this cute little Moo Cow Snowskin Mooncake!!! Oh Golly.. They look too adorable to be eaten! Don’t they look like mooncake miniatures?

Moo Cow5 Snow skin mooncake

There are two variant mooncake which is the snow skin and also the baked skin! The baked skin are bigger in size but still they look equally cute!! Cuteness overdose!

Moo Cow8

Alright, it’s time to meet up with Mamalia so all of us went into a van heading to Moo Cow Factory!! Let's go !!

Moo Cow13 Selfie inside the Van!!! Lisa what are you doing with your phone?

When we arrived, all of us ran down to Mamalia to hug her and take picture with her because she look so so adorable!!

and again my picture with Mamalia!!! Heee
Moo Cow14

MOO COW Office Tour

Now let’s move to Moo Cow office as Clifford Too, the owner of Moo Cow share with us his Yogurt story… I had absolutely admire their office, grass flooring, wooden wall and animal surrounding entire office…. I wish I can work in such environment!!! I will be happily wake up every morning head to work! A blend of elements in nature to bring forth productivity at work.. Wow weee
Moo Cow16

and the meeting room, a.k.a brainstorming room is so quirky and fun to be in!! Oh gosh.. Lotsa of creativity juices jetting out.. Wonder will my bosses would consider this .. Or may be not.. Hmm

moo cow office

Took a selfie with this tiny version of Mamalia!!!

Moo Cow26

Yogurt History

Clifford brief us some history of Yogurt and the different types of yogurt available! Aha, quick fact.. Did you know yogurt had existed since centuries ago… Herdsmen of Central Asia discovered yogurt back in 6000 B.C. They found the the milk reacted with bacteria in goat’s stomach. Let's not ponder what they were doing with the goat's tummy.. Haha

In ancient Indian Records, yogurt & honey is called “the food of the gods” and yogurts also recorded in the old testament of Prophet Ibrahim as the food of choice. In ancient Greek, yogurt is consider as a Elixir of life.

yogurt history

So when did humans finally realized it has nutritional value and health benefits?? It was in the early of 1900s that human studied yogurt health properties…  The first yogurt production is in 1919 by Danone in Spain.  In 1930 Minoru Shirota created yogurt drink Yakult.

Okay do you know how many types of yogurt available now?? Basically there are two types of yogurt and 4 more derived type from the basic yogurt. The basic yogurt are plain yogurt and Greek yogurt! The derived ones are flavoured yogurt, yogurt drink, frozen yogurt and yogurt cake. Now that's a lot of types..

Moo Tale

You gotta take a tour at Moo Cow Website, it's too adorable!! Here a little bit about Moo Cow pluck from their adorable website.

MOO COW Factory Tour & Yogurt Making Recipe

Alright, now are you ready to make some delicious yogurt??? We then proceed to the Moo Cow factory area…. Take a look at their tools and the yogurt making area… It’s in a clean room (dust free environment) thus we need to wear mask as well as cover our shoe with shoe cap. Talk about quality control.. Well wouldn't want to mess those yogurts doing their things, do we??

moo cow factory

Nah this is the attire inside the factory!

Moo Cow30 Moo Cow staff in full suit!

and me in hair shower cap and also shoe cap!! Hehe my friend say i look cute like this..What do you think? Thank goodness it wasn't the HazMat (Hazardous Material) Suit, or I'll be walking around funny..
Moo Cow31

Alright I shall summarize some of the steps here. You can watch the full step in below video at

moo cow yogurt making

STEP 1 : Cleanliness

Most important steps among all is to wash and sanitize hand as well as all other equipment and utensils used in yogurt making. All staff are required to wear assigned gear for hygienic reason.

STEP 2 : Pasteurization

Heat up the milk until 80 degrees Celsius

STEP 3 : Waiting and Folding

Wait and fold milk until temperature drop till 40 degrees Celsius. The temperature need to be maintain around 39 – 44 deg Celsius.

STEP 4 : Introduce Culture

Introduce culture and mix well. Remember not stir as it will failed your yogurt. Keep on using the folding method.

STEP 5 : Incubation

Incubate yogurt for a minimum of for 12 hours and store in chiller for another 24 hours. The yogurt will continue to multiply during incubation.

Tadaaaa we are done! me and Illy enjoying our freshly made yogurt!!Yum yums

Moo Cow34

Look at the thick and soft fresh yogurt…


We were also shown how yogurt drink is made from these fresh yogurt!!! Also some blogger get to try their hand on making yogurt drink tooo!! So fun!! Checkout the video for full details! and here is the full video of the entire Moo Cow visit day as well as yogurt making process!!

In the making process we learn the correct way of making yogurt as well as to understand how many yogurt out there are made using various ingredient and artificial flavouring. Moo Cow uses the best available natural ingredients to make their Froyo and yogurt. Clifford told us how to identify the ingredient we should look for when buying yogurt. So next time I will make sure to read the ingredient list before buying my yogurt

Before we go home, we were all treated with the yummy and healthy sandwiches and pastry and off course Moo Cow Mooncake & Yogurt cake too!!
 Moo Cow36

Yummy mooncake… Sweet Potato & Sweet Corn is my favourite flavour!

Moo Cow37

The baked skin mooncake is delicious too… I only tried the charcoal one!

Moo Cow38

Ahh we also in treat to try out this new recipe from Moo Cow, it will be in store very soon!!

Moo Cow40
Yogurt cake taste absolutely marvellous! Delicious

Moo Cow41

and a group selfie (Groupie) after filling up our tummy!!!

Moo Cow27

A Big Thank you to Butterfly Project & Moo Cow for such an amazing and informative tour!! Had so much fun on tour!!


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