Kerastase Densifique Hair Shampoo & Mask Review + Giveaway

Monday, September 08, 2014

Phewwww it’s a brand new week…. Been really busy these few weeks, trying my best to catch up with you guys!! So in order to kick off September I will be giving away some Kerastase Goodies to 3 lucky winners!! Well before we move to the giveaway let me share with you this new Kerastase Densifique Hair Range I tried lately. I getting worry over my hair falling day by day..


Kerastase Densifique is the 1st comprehensive approach to divine hair density. It helps to hydrate and correct lengths to  recover bounce, growth of thicker, stronger roots to generate lushness. "Densifique target the hair follicles (where the hair grows), making it the most scientifically advanced hair treatment that results in thicker, fuller hair." said Eric Pfalzgraf (Coiff1rst Founder).


Now checkout below videos to find out what will happen if your hair loses the density!

Hair density is often a concern to many women and ranked as top beauty need among other scalps concerns by women around the world. Hair loss are one of the result from hair that loses density and everyday I see my hair lying on the floor of my room made me loses confident. Women want their hair to look abundant, long, thick and voluminous all the time and yes I am one of them!!
The equation of Hair Density equals to Abundance + Lushness + Bounciness.
Abundance: Amplifies hair mass, number of hair per cm


Lushness: Even hydration from roots to ends that enable free, easy movement


Bounce: Hair fibre that’s supple and resist breakage, with waves that bring out movement and volume.


Main Ingredients

Stemoxydine optimizes hair cycles and enables significant improvements in the number of hair per cm2.


Glulco-Peptide sythetise 20 structural proteins to reshape present fiber quality. It also helps to add lipid and reconstitute the fiber to generate lushness.


Hyaluronic C is a combination of Hyaluronic & Ceramide. Hyaluronic  retains up to 1000times it’s weight in moisture and ceramide  repairs and strengthen the hair for recover bounce.



I must say I love the pearl packaging.. It has a reflective silver screw in cap for both the shampoo and mask which really attracts me… It makes me feels like it’s a bottle of pearls.. Good thing is the bottle finishing not too smooth so it’s easy to grip even with one hand.

Kerastase Densifique Review (1)

It’s easy to handle the mask’s jar as the tapered  shape fit my palm well so the grip is there and tighten the cap back in with single hand is possible!

Kerastase Densifique Review

Texture & Scent

Oh this range smell as good as it look! The shampoo has a creamy texture but not too thick and it is very easy to lather… I need only about 1 inch dollop size for my entire hair! Mind you my hair is quite thick and long…

Kerastase Densifique Review (10)

As for mask, I feel it’s rather weird to have this caramel colour because I am so used to the milky cream colour which almost all the mask I had tried are in this colour…. It’s not as thick as some other mask I had tried and when apply on hair it does not feel smooth…. It only feel smooth when I rinse my hair as water run through I can run my finger through my hair easily. The scent is slightly different than the shampoo and shampoo do smell better….

Kerastase Densifique Review (11)

How to Use?

Ahh i think this is pretty straight forward so Ill skip this part alright? I use the mask everyday to replace my conditioner….
Cindy’s Thought

It’s different than the other hair range I tried so far… Usually I used range for damaged hair or chemical treated hair never really something for volume.. As I getting aged, my hair loses density and fall quite a lot lately… Even though my hair used to be quite thick and recently I see my hair parting is going to be bald soon…. I had only tried this for a week… It give my hair more volume without weighting down my hair too much… My hair does feel stronger and does not break so easily. I highly recommend those who have thin hair to use this range as it will give more texture to your hair leaving hair looking full and voluminous. I can feel my hair is no longer hollow, it’s repaired and stronger from root to end now…. It’s not dead, I feel my hair is full of live now!! I will continue to use to see if my hair grows back as now I can't really see any yet but definitely lesser hair fall.

Kerastase Densifique Review 2
Kerastase Densifique Review 3


Alright time for some giveaway!!! As usual, just complete all mandatory step in below Rafflecopter app and come back next day to complete additional task for extra entries. There will be 3 set of Kerastase Densifique Travel Size to be won. 2 winners will be chosen based on most creative comments (you still have to complete all mandatory task to be eligible) and 1 winners will be selected randomly using rafflecopter app. So creative or not you still stand a chance to win!!
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Well I wish everyone good luck! Have a great great week ahead!!

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