Hermes Silk Ball

Friday, September 05, 2014

I had such a good time at Hermes Silk Ball last night!!! The food, the atmosphere, the design, the photobooth, the music everything just so pretty!!!! There’s a little makeover too and all of us get a new hair flower crown on!!!!!!!!!! Such pretty!! The food is super amazing especially the dessert!! To die for!!! Sadly didn’t manage to capture photo of the delicious dessert spread as it’s really dark there!!

This is my first time going a ball and wow most girl wear a super stunning gown!! I had such a good time watching them dress up so pretty!! I see many gorgeous model with their long flowy body hugging gown with killer heel and off course that ‘H’  on their arm!! What else if it’s not HERMES right???? We also dance through the night and there is also limbo... I was so fun and I tell you with high heels on limbo is hard!!hahaha

I didn’t bring my camera and I regret because everything is just so stunning here!! Alright so I am going to spam pictures here… taken using my S3 and some from JQ camera excuse my blurry and dark pictures!
 hermes silk ball1the 4 gorgeous lady!
hermes silk ball2

Love Nicole nude dress and exaggerating pearly necklace!! JQ expression were cute!

hermes silk ball3

Does my mask look cool??

hermes silk ball4

Got a flower crown and the hair stylist curl my hair!! Between am using Stila Rose Gold eye shadow today…. They are so so stunning!

hermes silk ball5

The dessert…Sorry picture look dark!!

hermes silk ball6


hermes silk ball7

hermes silk ball8

hermes silk ball9_副本

hermes silk ball10

I am trying out the Hermes scarves… Beautiful right?

hermes silk ball11_副本

All the picture we took…they look so stunning!!

hermes silk ball12

Alright that’s all from me today!! Have a awesome Friday night and have a lovely weekend ahead!!Muacks!!

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