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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ohhh Happy Monday People!! I am so happy and excited as tomorrow I will be on a long holiday to koh Sa Mui!!! I can’t for today to end!! Definitely not a Monday Blue for me because I’m going for holiday tomorrow and we are doing a Candy Crush theme!!! It’s been a while since I do a OOTD right??? This time in conjunction with Collection Cosmetic SOS contest Candy Crush Theme, I decided to work out a colourful palette!

candy crush2e

Are you a Candy Crush Fan too??? I play them every night before I go to bed!! teeheeee…. I feel excited when I hear Sugar Crush which means level completed!!


So for makeup I made it very colourful too…. I start with a cobalt blue on the outer corner, orange on the middle of the eyelid to make the eye pop and hot pink in the inner corner and milk pink + white near the tear duct to brighten up the entire eyes, also coat my lashes with bright blue colour! Finish of with pink cheek and magenta lipstick! Almost rainbow like colour but there is no green or yellow in it!

candy crush19

candy crush16

and my nails were in Tiffany green floral and pink bow!


As for my outfit it’s all about pink, purple and blue!!!!!!
 candy crush e

Top: H&M
Skort: Asos
Heel: Newlook
Bag: Bangkok
Bangle: Bangkok
Necklace: Forever 21
Earring: Fashion Box
candy crush6 e

candy crush3 e

Close up of my Baby Blue Sandal Heel from New Look!! My current favourite!

candy crush4e

and this is my submission to Collection Cosmetic Contest. You can join here too!!

colour collection candy crush

now help support me on lookbook by clicking hype!

Till then…Hope you have a awesome week!! I know I will!!! Bye Bye Love.. Remember to follow me on my Instagram @cindytong86 for live updates from Koh Samui ya!

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