Weekend Recap + Haul

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Halorrrr guys!! How your weekend been?? Mine was incredibly awesome!!! Last two weekend I did not went out at all just lock myself in the room to clear all my work and backlog….  Well this week I decided forget about the work and went out to meet some of my friends and also walk around (window shopping, was on shopping ban) just to release some work stress…

Friday night as soon as I go off from work I meet up with Vivien at Standing Theory, SS2 PJ for a dinner + coffee session. We talk so long that we totally forgot about selfie! So no picture here but I got a story to tell!! It was really really creepy… While I rush over from work, I got lost inside the housing area looking for Standing Theory and finally found the place which is rather secluded and dark. I drive slowly looking left and right for parking and suddenly a old uncle point over to the left and I like oh parking, turn my steering and parked. I look on my side mirror he is still standing there and he don’t look like those parking attendant who collect parking payment, more like a resident of one of the house nearby…. Anyway, I assume he is going to collect parking payment from me so i continue to turn off my engine and take my clutch along… Then I looked at the front mirror again, oh he is not there anymore (actually he is still there just that his position is away from my front mirror view). So as I came off from my car, he is still standing there and point his finger toward a house opposite repeating “ There is meeting there in Cantonese ” . I shake my head and said I am not heading there… He repeat again “ No there is really a meeting there ”. Feeling something not right, I ran toward the cafe hoping he did not chase me or do anythign harmful to me…. Well of course nothing happened to me… I am not sure why he mention there’s a meeting there or may be there are some people having a meeting I have no idea… Vivien said the question is????? I puzzled for a while and I respond “ Nooooooooo I don’t want to know what you going to said next and I don’t want to think about it”  Seriously it was really creepy and it’s the ghost month now…. Well then when we leave, Vivien fetch me to my car and nothing happens.. I then head to McD to have drink with my foodie gang and while I purchase my tea at McCafe  this middle age man, keep talking to me telling me there is this card where you can collect the stamp and redeem for free drink… He also told the casher remember to give this girl the card… Errr just weird…. As I was chatting with Thomas, he said you didn’t know it’s not good to wear black during the ghost month…. I was like what?? I am wearing black now…. WTF… I left at about 1am and driving home alone… I cant sped as worry got speed trap and my petrol is running low because I only pump my car during the weekend for rebate using AMEX credit card… So with the creepy scene at Standing Theory, wearing a black top, petrol running low (not being sure if it is sufficient for me to reach home) and that I have to drive within 80km/hr was a really creepy and worrying journey!!!

Okay enough of creepy story… I used to hate Dilmah tea because their Chamomile & Peppermint has a weird taste… Suprisingly their Darjeeling Tea were different and taste much better… First time ordering tea from McCafe and I am impressed they serve in Teapot instead of poping the tea bag in a cup!


Well that night I slept at 5a.m as when I reach home mum was not happy because her birthday were ruin due to some problems at work.. We chat for hours and damn it pass my sleeping hour and there the next morning I was late for breakfast with my travel buddies!!! I ordered Spinach & mushroom Carbonara at Antipodean and it was so so creamy that I can’t finish it! Their portion are huge!!


Then we continue to visit MITM (travel fair)…huhu so many booth and these are the brochures and info I collected… Planning a trip to USA next year and if I have extra moolah may be Hokkaido! I also bought the Leisure Travel Magazine and got many free gift like foldable shopping bag that can be transform into Apron, laptop sleeve, umbrella and Shokubutsu Shower Gel!!

Weekend1 Look at the bag I got from Leisure Travel Magazine, the teddy bear so cute!

image The beautiful laptop sleeve!!
Had such great time meeting everyone at the Travel Fair! We at Thailand booth. Checkout my Bangkok 6D5N trip here.

Weekend3 We at Thailand booth. Checkout my Bangkok 6D5N trip here. Book a trip to Thailand, the amazing country that offer great island getaway and shopping heavens for all shopaholics! Also can read about my other Thailand Travelogue here!

Weekend4First huge wefie using monopod!

So today is the last day of the Travel Fair, hurry go visit them to check out amazing travel packages at unbeatable price!!

Done meeting with friends, went home and change to bring mum out to celebrate her birthday at The Ship!! It’s been a year since I last went The Ship!! Nothing much change the same old taste and same decorations…. No picture as parents just don’t like to take pictures…. Oh well… I also went to Pavilion for a short walk and I saw The Skin Topic having 70% sale… Run over to enquire about the Linden Leaves Radiant Exfoliating Wash and damn they are on 70% off… I bought them at 50% the last time.. Without any hesitation I bought another bottle to stock up!! Full review read here.


On Sunday morning, I woke early to send my love to his office as he has meeting in Ipoh.. We spend sometime having breakfast nearby and bump into my bff for more than 15 years… So happy to bump into her as we were chatting that its been so long since we last met… On the way home I wanted to drink Cha Time, so I reroute to Cheras Sentral and well I end up window shopping in Cotton On, Uniqlo and then head to Jaya Grocer to get some food. I love browsing around Jaya Grocer has they have many brands imported from other countries and most of them are with cute packaging!! I can shop like crazy for both fashion and household stuff too… I need to think of way for more moolah!!! LOL

I didn’t get any Cha Time as I found this white tea peach flavour is pretty interesting and more healthy than Cha Time!! The white tea is so good.. Next time I gonna buy more!!! I Bought cherry too, and the one in Jaya Grocer were not too expensive and taste as good as MBG ones… Only thing is MBG more expensive… Jusco one can be skip.. Isetan one was alright but not so crunchy!!


I am a tea lover and I saw my favourite tea combo Chamomile & Lavender and is caffeine free… So this will be good for night time so I can fall asleep easily later!!! oh well the pretty packaging is something not be missed too… There is 2packet of tea that came with the box…Teeheee I can’t wait to try them!!!


Well that just a quick weekend recap though it’s rather wordy post… Thank you for reading!! Have a great week ahead!!! XOXO


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