Step Up All In Quick Review& Uncivilised People in the Cinema

Sunday, August 03, 2014

I just came back from watching Step Up All in and I must say I love the story line…. Although it’s quite predictable but the cast act really well that every scene was so captivating. I enjoy the exaggerating move and reaction of the Izabella Miko as Alexxa Brava inside the movie!! The dance move was so so stunning. Expect creative choreography with astonishing move!! Watch out for dancer flexible bones that your jaw will drop and rising move from the sand of Egypt! I love how it ended up with happy ending, everyone found their other half……such sweet ending…

Well well one thing bad about this movie is that I feel they cut a lot of the scene out, I will try to get my hand on full version and watch them again!! Speaking bout missing scene, I cant do anything about it as I am not the one who have authority in the cinema BUT I really think I should share with you how my first half scene were cut off… So technically 5% of earlier part of the movie were cut by the uncivilised people in the cinema and some of it were legally cut by the management.

We sit on the most left side of the row and the middles were all empty…. Almost 20minutes into the movies, one of the patron walk pass us to get the seat… Well it was fine since I thought he just came in… Then another two followed and pass us…. It was during dancing scene and we missed it for a bit… I reckon they did not purchased the seat but the one at the side. So, I didn’t bother much and continue watching…. Suddenly, after 10 minutes a bunch of people come for their seat… I think they were late and I was right… The three people are just taking other seat…So inconsiderate… If I were them I would quickly apologize and go back to my seat (but anyway this won’t happen to me as I don’t like to take other people seat if it was not the seat I purchased) Beside being inconsiderate, they show angry face and refuse to get up until the bunch of the guys showing their tickets to indicate their seats…. and damn I missed another scene…


As I thought these peoples has done enough interruption, but they are just bastard… They went to sit other seat instead of their purchased seat… The staff have to come down to the hall to chase them away… Face Palm!!! How can people be so inconsiderate… If you don’t like your seat then don’t purchased it.. You can watch it other day with your desire seat!!!!


Oh did I mentioned, earlier I queue for almost 20 minutes for popcorns…. I am not sure why the staff are so slow in scooping the popcorn into the box and filling up soft drink… and even the E-Combo redemption has long queue… Apparently, our line were faster than the E-Combo redemption line else I will miss more scene in the movie! So I guess I will not consider buy popcorn combo online since price are the same and queue are longer!! WTF!!

Thank go the movie were great else my Saturday night will be ruin by these assholes!!
Well just a little update from me and I’m sorry if I sounded rude and harsh as I really feel angry!!!


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