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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Have ever thought of how your people around you would react if there is body odour and it is coming from you??? Urghhhh it’s bad!!! It’s absolutely a turn off and it put me into a difficult position when I am not close to that person as I would not know how to break it to him/ her that they have body odour problem.

Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you realize you have any body odour problem. You need to use a Deodorant!! Better to smell good than be embarrassed!!! Well maybe you think you don’t have any odour at all so you don’t need any deodorant, think again! I can assure that when you move around especially if you live in tropical country like Malaysia bacteria will generate from the sweat produced and these bacteria will then turn it into bad odour without realizing, people around you will suffer and when you realize why people are turning way that is the type of scenario you never want to be in. I know it won’t happen to me!I wear deodorant everyday because deodorant can reduce the amount of sweat released to keep the body feeling dry and comfortable and its perfume content can help to overcome body odour and give a pleasing fragrance. It makes me feel confident whenever I leave my house, knowing I will leave a good impression on everyone I met!


Few days ago I attended the launch of Rexona Spray for Woman with Freshprotect. I participated in the Rexona Treasure Hunt too and realized how much sweat produced but yet I was still smelling good and feeling dry and comfortable after using the new Rexona Spray with Freshprotect™ technology!!!! Azura the Emcee of the day gave us a little introduction to the new Rexona Spray for Woman with Freshprotect.

Rexona Spray Freshprotect30

The new Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ accommodates modern women who have busy lifestyles, from commuting to work every morning, moving from one place to another… Sounds like you? Actually myself get so busy during the day walking and driving here and there under hot sun, sweat is unavoidable!

The microcapsules in the Freshprotect™ technology burst when underarm friction happens as the wearer moves. It gives extra protection against sweat and odour while releasing long-lasting fragrance throughout the day. It provides you all-day freshness and the confidence to do more during the day!

Rexona Spray Freshprotect24

There is a total of 5 Variants to suit different lifestyle – Shower Clean, Free Spirit, Passion, Whitening and Powder Dry. Shower Clean gives you all day shower freshness feeling (oh I love this).. Always love the after shower scent!! Free Spirit will keep your confidence alive with its uplifting mild fragrance for long-lasting dryness protection.  Passion is my favourite word because I love passion fruit lol…. Well this is not Passion Fruit Scent, the Passion scent will ensure all-day dryness protection with the vibrant floral fragrance. Whitening for those wanting snowhite effect on your underarms as it is formulated with natural sunflower seed oil!

Rexona Spray Freshprotect23 Rexona Spray in Shower Clean, Free Spirit & Passion

Rexona Spray Freshprotect22 Rexona Spray in Powder Dry & Whitening

Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™  (all variant except Whitening) is priced at RM 11.90 for 150ml, Whitening at RM 12.90 for 150ml.

There was this huge Rexona Spray figure which released bubbles during the launch… Such a magical Rexona!!

Rexona Spray Freshprotect27

In conjunction with this newly improved Microcapsules technology, Rexona is running a 5-days road show in Sunway Pyramid with exciting games where participants can bring home amazing prizes! Participants can test the power of the microcapsules contained in Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ by going through all the games!!

Rexona Spray Freshprotect6

Before heading to the Rexona challenges, there was a secret room for us to spray on the new Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ .

Rexona Spray Freshprotect25

Oh we were so excited with the grand prize of RM 500 Guardian Voucher and also the Bubble Performance!!

bubble performance

There was a total of 5 stages.. The first two stages were inside the bubble room which tested our mind and memory!!

We have to remember all the key words we read behind each board… Through this, we also got to know that food that we eat will cause body odour too…

Rexona Spray Freshprotect7
The second stage was match and win game.!! haha our group manage to match all product in the allocated time!! Woohoo!!

Rexona Spray Freshprotect10 Tammy in action!

The third stage required a little running to look for the blue duck icon and a poster in Sunway Pyramid. We have to take picture with it within 3 minutes!! Can you believe my team did it in 30seconds???

Rexona Spray Freshprotect28 Ashley is a strong player!! Look at her hyper jump!

The fourth stage which was also the toughest one… We have to jump in place to burst the bubbles to kill the evil bacteria!!! Wow I totally out of breath completing challenge… Almost fainted…… exhausting!!!

Rexona Spray Freshprotect3 Kelly make it look so easy eh.. try it and you will know!
Last stage was quite easy but we were out breath so we pick the wrong item!!

Rexona Spray Freshprotect4

My team was a little bit down when two teams were announced as the winners… Instead of five members, we only had four members in our team. we lost our hope to win… Guess What????  Azura announced that we were the Grand Prize Winner of the Treasure Hunt!!! Oh YESSSS!!! My team members were all jumping in joy!!! Special thanks to all my team members for making this happened!!!!!

I can’t wait to go for a shopping spree at Guardian now!!! Oh there is also something for your men, if you want your men or dad or even your boy friend to smell good, get them the Rexona Invisible Dry for Men!! There is also another variant for Women! it’s in a roll on form!! This deodorant contains triple action formulation that provides all-day freshness and superior protection against yellow stains & sweat marks.

Rexona Spray Freshprotect21

If you want to learn more how Rexona can combat sweat and body odour by giving you the bursts of freshness, head down to Sunway Pyramid, Blue Concourse LG to join in the fun games and win attractive prizes. There will be special promotion running on the road show too so stock up your Rexona Spray now! This road is ongoing from now till Sunday 24 August 2014!!

Rexona Spray Freshprotect31

I am so so happy to have won the treasure hunt…Still couldn’t believe we won!!! After that I did not have time to go home for shower as I have a movie at One Utama after that…. I was glad that I spray on Rexona Spray in Super Dry as I don’t feel wet and sticky after all the running and jumping… Most important is my body doesn’t stink and my boyfriend ask how I can smell so lovely even after all the running? Well you know the answer!! All thanks to the effective Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™.

So thank you for reading my post today… Leave me a comment and let me know how you feel after you try out this Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ alright?? Stay fresh, Stay Confident & Smell Good with Rexona! Happy Weekends…muahhhhh…


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