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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Good morning sunshine!!! Okie I know what first come to your mind, “ Indiba ” what? Indiba Stem Cell system is a new treatment inspired by Bella Skin Care that will transforms your skin to young looking skin just like new born baby! No you don’t need plastic surgery nor injecting Botox to look youthful, all you need is a visit to Bella Skin Care.

Indiba Stem Cell System Launch 

I was invited to the launch of Indiba Stem Cell System at Grand Hyatt hotel few weeks ago. Boy the hotel main hall was huge and tall!!! I got that ‘wow’ moment for a bit… Arrived at the meeting room and I was greeted with cheerful smile from the staff as well as a poster of adorable baby! Looking at the smooth and bouncy baby skin and compare it with my skin I feel sad to look at myself…. I want skin like that too!! Will it be possible? Well you gotta read on to find out!


Walk into the lounge and a huge photo booth setup!! When girls see photobooth we go crazy… Putting on the props and posing nonstop for pictures!!

image Some of the girls posing for cameras!! Can you see me? I'm wearing oversize sunnies!

We then adjourned to have a quick bite on the scrumptious food provided by Grand Hyatt. They all taste super yummy especially the fish finger!! Okay may be I am biased as I craving for it, other like tiramisu, smoked salmon bagel, sandwich and many more! After filling up the tummy we were usher into another room where we were introduced to the incredible Indiba Stem Cell System.

Indiba Stem Cell System19

Indiba Stem Cell System with Proionic Action is the latest invention by Bella team of professional beauty experts target to increase stem cells and fibroblast tissues in our skin. This is a non-invasive facial treatment, thus there will be no pain and no downtime after the treatment.  This treatment works from within that offer young looking, lifted up and tighten skin.


The Bella Skin Regional Country Manager share with us the secret behind this Indiba Stem Cell treatment. Indiba Stem Cell adopts the patented technology of Proionic Action together with a powerful adiposed derived condition media (growth factor) serum to stimulate and rebalance the ion cellular exchange, thus helping cells in recovering their natural vital function in our body metabolism. The thermal action from this treatment will increase capillary circulation and oxygenate the tissues, bringing effect of draining and eliminating impurities from the body. The wonderful part is that the adiposed derived condition media serum that carried into the face through the patented frequency can also improve the skin elasticity.

imageMiss Szu Sze, Bella Skin Regional Country Manager sharing Indiba Stem Cell system to all invited medias and guests..

With addition of Stem C’rum Plus into the treatment using Indiba Machine will help to boost and increase the number of circulating stem cells in our body. Thus, results in skin cell rejuvenation and regenerating. In the market most serum has only 2 – 10ppm, Bella’s Stem C’rum Plus has Growth Factor of 60ppm 6times more powerful compared to others. With 60ppm you can see the results almost instantly!!! No worries on the absorption at all as Bella has take this into account and with the Trans Dermal Delivery System and Nano Encapsulated (Double Layer) will ensure maximum absorption and delivery to every single cell.

Indiba Stem Cell System25

During the event, they also run the treatment on one of the volunteer to show us the difference after using the Indiba Machine… I can really see how the therapist put effort in massaging her face while using the Indiba Machine to help tighten and tone her skin. We really can see the significant changes on her chin area as well as reduced wrinkles appearance. I cant wait to share with you my outcome after the treatment…Wait up as I will do that in the next section of the post.

Indiba Stem Cell System23
Other guest get to try on their hand to have a feeling of the machine…

Indiba Stem Cell System24

Also we get to scan our skin condition during the event. My skin is sensitive and quite dry near the cheek and chin area while oily on the T-Zones. I definitely need more hydration on my cheek area.. You do know as we aged the collagen productivity will reduced and results in lost of hydration and nutrition on your skin?

Indiba Stem Cell System28
p/s : Excuse my ugly face.

All guest receive a goodies bag that contains Age Element Essence to try out at home!

Indiba Stem Cell System21 Isn’t the goodie bag beautiful?

The Age Element Essence can speeds up renewal process giving you a youthful healthy complexion. This essence is to be used after the Indiba Stem Cell serum to further enhance skin regeneration, skin elasticity restoration and opens up clogged pores. This essence contains 4 main ingredients such as Snail Secretion Extract, Ginseng, Peptide Complex and Hydrolysed Collagen.  All these ingredients helps to replenish essential nutrients, stimulates renewal of structural proteins.


I just try this on and still on first day, I shall update the result in this post later…. First impression is it’s quite hydrating and I do not feel any stickiness which is a good sign for me….

Oh before I end this part here is my #OOTD for that day… I actually pair the floral dress (yes a dress) with a lace skirt on top! How do you like it? Try pairing your skirt to revamp your outfit and voila a new outfit without spending a penny!

Indiba Stem Cell System37

Indiba Stem Cell Facial Treatment by Bella

Few days ago I went over to Bella to try out this treatment. It was my first time there and I went to the uptown branch pretty easy to locate the lot! When I arrive, they staff address me based on my name which mean they tracked their appointment record and get me to sit down on the couch to fill up some personal details.

Indiba Stem Cell System14

They serve a cup set to me and I really love how they pay attention to details by placing a flower on the side… It’s so beautiful to just look at it!

Indiba Stem Cell System4

I was then showed to the room where I will undergo the Indiba Stem Cell treatment. The room was simple but beautifully arranged… Love how the bath robe is arranged on the bed..

Indiba Stem Cell System6

So the package that I went were the one without using the stem cell which means only using the Indiba Machine and Indiba Cream.

Indiba Stem Cell System12the mighty Indiba Machine 

Below are the steps in the whole Indiba treatment.

1. Detoxification Massage

My therapist rub on some essential oil on her hand and place on top of my nose so I can inhale the soothing citrus scent to help relax my body. She then follow up with face and shoulder massage.

2.Deep Cleansing

As usual the therapist remove my make-up and deep cleanse my skin so my skin will be ready to absorbs more nutrient.

3. Stimulate Limp Nodes

She placed this steel board on my back before she begin as this will initiate to connection to my body from the machine.

Indiba Stem Cell System13

She use the machine to stimulate my limp nodes. I feel a little point pressure and the tool’s surface will slowly warm up as she move circularly on my neck and face. In total, she stimulate 9 limp nodes which helps absorption and detoxification too. She is using a zigzag motion for effectiveness, which means she starts on lower bottom left and them middle bottom right…

4. Epidermis Level Treatment using Indiba Machine

She begin by telling me that I will be expecting heat generated by the surface of the tool of the Indiba Machine and I will need to inform her if it’s too much to take in and she will reduce the level. The heat doesn’t come instantaneously but slowly build up in contact with my body. I feel it become hot especially when near bones (less flesh area) as well as near hair area). This step helps to tighten and tone our skin and achieve better drainage

Indiba Stem Cell System7

5. Dermis Level Treatment using Indiba Machine

This step feel hotter then previous ones but not too much and the tool is much smaller than the previous one. This treatment target to increase fibroblast responsible for collagen production and improving cell functions. These actions can balance the ions and energy at the cellular level and increase skin integrity.

Indiba Stem Cell System9

6. Apply Moisturizer

Apply moisturiser on my face and the whole treatment is then complete

Cindy’s Thought on Indiba Stem Cell Facial Treatment by Bella

I love this treatment so much because it feel like a deep face and neck massaging… The therapist will use the tool and her hands to keep massaging my face to let the product absorb into my skin. The slight warm from the tool makes me feel relaxed and I fell asleep during the treatment!! Too comfy!!! I can totally feel how exhausting her hand is as she massage my chin intensively and I can feel the result during the treatment.
This treatment is suitable for all skin type unless if you have serious acne problem. Even if you have oily skin, you need not to worry as this treatment also helps to balance skin conditions. Below is my before and after pictures… I can instantly feel my skin amazingly smooth, soft and bouncy just like what they claimed I regain my baby skin!!! Also my chin area is super obvious look at how much it has sharpen? On my after picture where I wrap my hair up suppose my face look chubbier because there is no hair to hide my chubby cheek but it still look sharper than before the treatment. 

Indiba Stem Cell System review
My eye lid also has tremendously smoothen but I cannot see significant reduction of wrinkles appearance, probably because I do not have much visible wrinkle yet (feeling blessed).

Indiba Stem Cell System review1

The therapist said the effect can last for 21 days and then you can continue for another session of Indiba Stem Cell treatment. I really love how my skin feel now. If you have wrinkle,saggy skin and aging skin problem, Indiba Stem Cell is the solution for you. Get instant Baby Bouncy Skin and Lifted V-Shape Face now at Bella Skin Care centre near you starts from RM 699!

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