Guardians Of The Galaxy

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Based on the Marvel Comics, Guardians of the Galaxy is a 2014 American superhero film produced by Marvel Studios and the 10th instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is directed by James Gunn and features an ensemble cast including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, and Bradley Cooper. Well that’s a long list of cast which should guarantee some thrills and action especially big muscles (Diesel & Bautista).

We’re the Guardians

Following his mother's death, a young boy named Peter Quill was abducted after running off into the street by the Ravagers, a group of space pirates led by Yondu from Earth for unknown reasons. Fast forward to 26 years later on the barren planet Morag, Quill who now goes by the alias ‘Star-Lord’ retrieved a sphere-like artifact from the planet ruins only to be intercepted by Korath, a subordinate to the fanatic Ronan whom seeks nothing but destruction. Quill manage to escape with the artifact which prompt Yondu whom had discovers his treachery and issues a bounty for his capture while Ronan sends his elite assassin called Gamora after the orb.

Now there, hand it over or else..

Quill attempts to sell the orb at Xandar, homeworld to the Nova Corps which sees Gamora secretly ambushes him and steals it. Ensuring fights drawing another a pair of bounty hunters; the genetically engineered raccoon named Rocket, and anthropomorphic tree-like creature called Groot. The Nova Corps arrives and arrests the group, imprisoning them in the Kyln. Upon arrival, an inmate called Drax attempts to kill Gamora due to her association with Ronan, who had massacred his entire family and homeworld. Quill somwhow manage to dissuade him by offering the notion of Gamora’s presence will lead Ronan to him. Gamora reveals that she has betrayed Ronan, unwilling to let him use the orb's power which later found to be one of the ‘Infinity Stones’ that could destroy entire planets such as Xandar. Learning the perils and the threat that the orb bring to the Universe, the bunch of misfit and ragtag Rocket, Quill, Groot, and Gamora will have to pull themselves together and be part of the team or are they destined for doom as dark forces lurking and marching with more mystery unravels in their quest to protect the Universe.

Well.. This ain’t so bad

The trailer had raise great expectations before the film and it didn’t disappoint. Guardians of the Galaxy is by far one of the best Marvel films to date, and a great sci-fi film as well too, a lighter tone of Star Wars. The film delivers strong on so many levels with some outstanding characters which is emotional and humorous (They packed a laughter med along the way).

Now we’re talking…

The film doesn't take itself too seriously, which was refreshing to see after another great yet darker themes like Thor and Captain America:TWS. Guardians of The Galaxy has a lot of witty dialogue that brings a whole lot laughs with characters rub off on each other (Well they’re a bunch misfit, ragtag along with ride to save the universe) and the writing for the screenplay is impeccable. The film is so entertaining and the non-stop action which is balanced with more dramatic themes. The scenery of the home worlds and planet are spectacular, given the latest in visual effects rendering (Avatar might have set the benchmark high for this to happen). Though had viewed some of the Guardians comics in the past, it was great to see some smaller motives thrown in which might not be spotted by viewers, but an avid comic book readers will definitely be thankful to have spotted it.

We are Groot

Bradley Cooper did an amazing job by bringing Rocket’s character to life which he lends his voice to and virtually almost unrecognisable along with vocabulary limited Groot voiced by Vin Diesel is a favourite for many with its own moments that made the viewing experience more entertaining. The soundtrack on Quills record is absolutely ingenious which leave many feeling good (Maybe partly attribute to Pratt’s silly antic with Quill aka Star-Lord) and I had to get myself those ol’ jams to play on the stereo that had certainly left impressions to remember.

Almost with the Meta Blaster turned on..

For certain, Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely an awesome watch. Array of amazing characters, great actions, lots of witty humours, and forgetting the soundtrack that will certainly get you hooked on. So wait no further in the Galaxy and catch in the universe near you today.

P/S: As a Marvel fans, do check out the end credit which certainly leaves a quack impression.

You better be son..

"Now on a side note, certain part of the movie were rather boring... I do love the part where star lord dance while playing his walkman and Groot is so so adorable. Oh off course baby groot which melts everyone heart when he stretch his little hand!I still prefer Iron Man, Avenger or even spiderman more but this movie has more humour injection!!"  written by cindy
4 Stars
Director: James Gunn
Writers: James Gunn, Nicole Perlman,
Stars: Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper

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