Cornetto Ghost Story

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Okay now how many of you love Cornetto? or you guys remember those Cornetto Cone Ice-Cream.. During my college time I always buy them after my class.. I just love the dash of chocolate chip on top with thick solidified chocolate syrup all over the vanilla ice cream deep into the core of the crispy cone, just heavenly!!!


Just a few minutes ago I came across this Cornetto new advertisement… It was pretty scary.. and I didn’t know that Cornetto Ice Cream would have relation to ghost movie!! I am sorry if I scared the hell out of you!! but watch this short clip about Cornetto Hikayat Po & Lang and you will understand what’s with Ghost Story and Cornetto!!

hahahaha I bet you are laughing your ass now…I was closing my eyes with my fingers with tiny gap when I watch the first half of the movie.. then when the ghost take a bus ride I put my hand down and start to laugh as the video goes on…. Did you realise some of the phrase they use? “HantuBook” ( GhostBook = Facebook) and also “HantuJus” (OneTwoJus = a game we always play when we are kids). The character also so hilarious wei…There’s twilight but I feel the not so handsome version la….wakaka…

Okla just thought of sharing this funny video la…Just another random updates… I am going to bed now… Good night..

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post based on number of click on the video


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