Tangle Teezer Review

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good morning from Bangkok!!!! It's so so hot here!!!!!! Urgggghh Let's continue with my summer theme!!! You know going to the beach will turns my hair from silky smooth to a lion’s mane! It drives me crazy, even when conditioning I have slowly untie the knot cause by those salt water…. I think Tangle Teezer is a must have item especially during summer season to tame those wild mane!

My hairstylist friend Shirley recommend I get this Tangle Teezer since my hair is super weak and always end up with knots ever since I bleach my hair and multiple chemical treatment…. My current hair is very dry and brittle especially the inner portion which was bleached and basically it’s a disaster… I heard it had taken the beauty sphere by storm and its used in many professional salon! So it was not a cheap product, I'd say it's pretty hefty for a hair brush and I know Luxola is selling it so I patiently waited for their sales and dream came through as the price for the Original Tangle Teezer drop from RM 72.00 to RM 50.50. Without any second thought I click purchase!! In few days time my Tangle Teezer arrived at my door step. Comes packed in a see through plastic box… I got a little trouble figuring how to open the box opening, it takes me a few minutes…

Tangle Teezer8

The Tangle Teezer comes in three types to meet all your hair needs be it in the shower or on the go!


I got myself the original one which can be use on wet or dry hair! It also doubles up as my own personal stylist. It is said that it can used on any hair type… So why is the Tangle Teezer so good?

They are plenty of colours to choose from!

It comes in a very unique shape almost like a half heart shape which fit my finger position perfectly!


The curve shape helps holding the brush easier.

Hair Teezer2

The brush comes in a patented teeth of tall and short ones which is the secret key to tangle free hair…

Hair Teezer6

So does it live up to all it’s claim?? I personally feel this tangle teezer is my hair life saviour… It really detangled my hair nicely and no knots, no pulling, no yanking, no hair breaking and yes lesser hair remained on the tangle teezer too!!

In order to test it’s efficiency, I wash my hair; towel dry; went straight to bed without combing my hair; wake up the next morning and use the tangle teezer to comb on my hair…. I am proud to say it live up to every single of it’s claim!!! The brush glides on my hair nicely and basically separates each and every of my hair strands leaving behind a smooth and lively hair. oh and please the brush will not just slip off your hair even though it still wet but it does comb througly nice without much trouble!

Tangle Teezer review

However, I have one problem with the teeth for being to pointy.. it can be a little harsh on my scalp… Other than that this was a perfect brush for my weak and thin hair…

“Question: Are you considering buying Tangle Teezer?”

Alright that's all from me now....Happy Summer Girls!!

For more info visit: http://www.tangleteezer.com/


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