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Friday, July 11, 2014

Hello Hello….. I know I sort of missing from reviewing food right?? I was so caught up with beauty stuff and that’s why I have not post any food review lately…If you like to read food review please let me know in the comment below and I’ll try to slot in a food review weekly alright? Now let me bring you to the world of ice cream at New Zealand Natural. I was there last Friday with bunch foodies friends and I got sugar rush after having so many ice cream portions because they are all too delicious that I just kept eating…..

I extremely love how New Zealand Natural decorate the whole area with bright sofa and wood table, it look cosy and comfortable. The accompanying racks of leave bring a more greens natural feeling like we are in a garden of plants and fruits…

New Zealand Natural2

The open roof concept is brilliant too as it able to caught shopper attention especially those who is walking at the top level or those who coming are down from the escalator.

New Zealand Natural6

Also there is quite a number of area dedicated for some private time with your friend as in not all tables all cramped up together that you can listen to conversation next table.. Best part is WIFI is at your convenience and plug is available on every table… So have a ice cream while you work or surf on your laptop!!

New Zealand Natural12Can you see the sections? They are not side by side… So you can have some ‘we’ time with your friends

New Zealand Natural11More sections…

You can also read some of the book off the shelf and if you want to exchange with the book you have you can just go to the counter to get it stamped.

New Zealand Natural9

New Zealand Natural is also babies and children friendly!! So dear mamas and papas you don't have to worry while enjoying your delicious ice cream here okay?

New Zealand Natural10

At New Zealand Natural, you not only can indulge over ice cream but also ice cream over waffles, freshly squeezed fruit juices, pastries, coffee by Illy Coffee and Tea by Dilmah.

Before we jump into the ice cream, it’s always good to start off with some fruit juices to flush away those heavy meal we had earlier and to cool our body down before we go for freezing cold ice cream…

New Zealand Natural3Pick your fruits

Wonder what I pick?? I pick something that’s perfect for quenching thirst what else can it be beside watermelon? The Melon Spring Time smoothies, RM 9.90 comprise of watermelon juice and passion fruit sorbet. All smoothies contain banana, lychee and crushed ice. It’s cooling and fresh, not too sweet as the watermelon sweetness is toned down by the passion fruit sorbet. It has only a hint of lychee while I can’t taste any banana at all… I suppose no milk were included in the blend so it taste really light with smooth ice blend of fruits..

New Zealand Natural15

Tea by Dilmah RM 6.90 each.. I would say go for Natural Moroccan Mint Green Tea as the Pure Chamomile Flower is rather blend for me…

New Zealand Natural24Left Pure Chamomile Flower Right Natural Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Now shall we begin with the ice cream goodness?? You can ask to taste the ice cream flavour before deciding which one you like to order. Their ice cream are made of fresh milk from the cow farm in New Zealand with pure flavour from fruits or other natural ingredients. They are all free from preservatives and colouring.  Their cup or cone ice cream priced at RM 6.90 for Junior (one flavour), RM 11.90 for Regular (two Flavours) and RM 14.90 for Large (3 Flavours).  When we were there, they are about 48 flavours to choose from…. Some of their star seller like Boysenberry Dream, Cafe Espresso, Choco Chip Vanilla, Chocolate Ecstasy, Cookies & Cream, Durian Divine, Mint Chocolate Kisses, Rum & Raisins, Vanilla Classic, Walnut Butterscotch, White Chocolate Raspberry and Affogato.

New Zealand Natural5
New Zealand Natural4

The Mango Sorbet has this bright inviting colours!!! Aromatic mango flavour and surprisingly not too sour!! Underneath was the best seller Durian Divine made from D24 Durian. mmm it’s good but not awesome..It still lack of that durian ooomph!!

New Zealand Natural25Mango Sorbet

The Berryfruit is for those who want some sourness… It’s sharp and berrilicious!

New Zealand Natural27Berryfruit

Affogato is super delicious.. That creamy coffee flavour is just heaven!

New Zealand Natural26Affogato

Coming up next is the one most anticipated ones the waffles…. One of my favourite to go with ice cream.. We had the Waffle Dazzle, RM 9.90 but I am a bit disappointed as the waffle is not thick and crispy as I would like it to be.. It could be we took too long time to snap photo that it got cold and soak with melted ice cream… It’s not the best I tasted but not too bad either….sort of in the middle I guess…. Well the taste is rather bland for me too.. I will return to try again and I shall update if it taste better by then!

New Zealand Natural16Waffle Dazzle

The strawberry ice cream was really good… It’s creamy and melt as it goes into the mouth but the flavour is not those overly strong… Like I mention earlier their ice cream are made form natural ingredient, so that explain the not so strong flavouring as they are all natural!

New Zealand Natural18

Moving on we continue with Banana Split, RM 19.90 how can we miss this right? It’s a must have order when come to ice cream! The ice cream are all good but we all think one part of the banana can go a little ripe then it’s all perfect… another half of the banana was good though…. LOL

New Zealand Natural21Banana Split

One of the star for that night was this Yogurt Pudding Sundae, RM 11.90 a tantalising combination of forestberry frozen yoghurt paired with sweet mango pudding… The pudding taste so good and so smooth and soft….There’s also nata de coco in it too…. It’s all gone in minutes!!

New Zealand Natural23Yoghurt Pudding Sundae

This Old- Fashion Doughnut, RM 2.00 (to add ice cream just add on based on their normal per scoop price) is unusually delicious… No it does not taste a little bit similar with the common doughnut you get outside… The skin were smoother and inside is more soft and not as airy as the normal ones…. Pairing with this cookies and cream ice cream it such a divine!

New Zealand Natural19Old Fashioned Doughnut with Cookies & Cream

There’s also muffin and pastry available… mmm I say go for the Triple Chocolate Muffin, RM 6.00 as they are so soft and those melting chocolate at the core is so sinful…

New Zealand Natural29Triple Chocolate Muffin

The wild blueberry muffin is quite hard for me though…

New Zealand Natural20Wild Blueberry Muffin

I only tasted Almond Toasted Bar, RM 3.50 but not really good for me… It could be because I am so full of ice cream and I can’t take in more food anymore which it will make me feel bloated if I take more….

New Zealand Natural28Left Almond Toasted Bar | Baked Right Sardine Puff


So that end my ice cream review for today… I hope you enjoy reading it kay?

“Question: Any ice cream flavour you like to try from New Zealand Natural? or Any delicious Flavour that you have tried before?”

New Zealand Natural The Curve
K-G10-W Ground Floor, The CurveTel: +60 3 7710 8095
Operation Hours: 10pm – 10pm


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