Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub Review

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let’s continue our summer theme post with this Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub review. Summer is the best time to show off your skin in bikini and of course go for a sunbathing to get those sexy tanned skin!! But you don’t want you dull, flaky and rough skin be seen in public don’t you? All you need is a good bottle of scrub that will leave your skin look polished and radiant in your bikini or summer outfit!!!

I found just the right body scrub for this summer!! It’s my holy grail scrub that I love it so much I reach to it twice a week… I usually a lazy bum when come to scrub probably once in few weeks but this scrub caught my heart that I use them so frequently!


No joke, this body scrub has been crowned as the Best Body Scrub in Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Award 2011, now it’s proven what I said it’s the BEST!!! It’s made of rich blend of unique natural exfoliating agents and vital antioxidants with added Gingko Biloba and Chamomile extracts to leave skin renewed, smooth and healthy.

Natures Lab Body Sc3
Product Info
Product Name : Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub
Net Weight : 250ml
Price : RM 76
Where to Buy : TNS Skin Lab Store Nationwide(Malaysia) | Nature’s Lab Online Store (International)
Skin Type : All skin type includes Sensitive Skin
The Ginko Biloba is anti inflammatory and has anti-allergic qualities perfect for all skin type use. It also help to boost collagen production thus skin will become smoother and radiant. Another important point is it can protect you from sun and repair any damage on skin exposed to sun. That is why this is the perfect body scrub for summer!!!

Chamomile is my favourite ingredient in any skin care as well as my favourite tea choice…. I am happy to find that this body scrub contains chamomile. Chamomile has many benefits like it helps to sooth skin, anti-itching, anti-septic and help reduce swelling as well.

Main Ingredient

Natures Lab Body Sc5


This could be the best body scrub packaging I encounter so far… I don’t like those jar or those air tight jar because it’s so unhygienic to scoop out the body scrub using your finger and then to close the cap will make everything become so messy… This Nature’s Lab body scrub come in a bottle with easy to push open cap that you can just squeeze out the adequate amount of body scrub onto you palm.

Natures Lab Body Sc8

Texture & Scent

I have to say I fell in love with this texture…. It’s light but has fine exfoliating grains that remove all the dead skin cell perfectly… It does not leave any oil residue behind like how sea salt scrub do which give a very clean and fresh feeling…. Imagine a blend of fruits with fine grain just feels like fruit jam to me. It’s not thick but still feels with generous amount of grains of exfoliants, thus is every easy to smooth over body for some scrubbing…

Natures Lab Body Sc6

Natures Lab Body Sc7

You can apply onto damp skin or dry skin… On damp skin it will foam up a little but not too much…

Natures Lab Body Sc9

It does smell like a jar of fruit jam to me… It’s citrusy with flowery scent on the base note… Smell simply yummilicious.

How to Use
Used twice a week or as needed. Apply over your wet body and massage it onto you skin, then rinse with water and follow with you body lotion after towel dry.
Cindy’s Thought

I found this body scrub from my swap partner Olivia. I sent her the sample I got from  beauty boxes. One day she messaged me and said that she love this body scrub so much… So when I got this bottle for review I am more than contented.

What I can say is I really really love this scrub a lot… Looking at the frequency of my usage of this scrub, I know my body loves it…. It leave my skin feeling so smooth even when the water is running through… After I towel dry, my hand can feel almost slipping off from my skin… I have never feel this smooth with any of my other body scrub before. I also like that it does not leave a oil film on my skin like what major sea salt scrub do…. They make me feel sticky whole day it’s not got for summer as it will make me feel uncomfortable and hot! The grain is so fine that it does not feel painful not even tiny bit of pain when massage over my skin….  The grain feel like blended version of kiwi seed to me and it smell so nice…. I will keep sniffing it from my hand as the scent kind of give me a good feeling, it could be the chamomile scent which help relax my mind. Also it is made of natural ingredient so it’s free from those harmful chemical like paraben and sulphate which is a plus point for me!

Natures Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub review

Conclusion & Rating


Now don’t wait, head to any TNS Skin Lab near you and polished your body for some sexy bikini body show off this summer!!!


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