Milbon Silky Luxe Shampoo, Treatment & Nutrient Review

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good Morning, today I will be sharing this new hair brand from Japan, Milbon. A little bit about Milbon since I am pretty sure it pretty new to all of you as well. Milbon started as a manufacturer specializing in hair cosmetics for professional use and after 35years Milbon is now top general maker of hair cosmetics for Professional use in Japan. Even the famous Number 76 salon are also using Milbon product in their salon. I am excited to try out this new brand as I tried the hair treatment in the academy before and it feel so smooth even after hair bleaching.


The Milbon Deesse’s Neu Due is designed to improve coloured hair texture without altering the beautiful colour. It contains “Aqua Amino FIX Effect” which provides richness to the hair, both internally and on the surface, bringing about synergistic effects between the shampoo, hair treatment and hair nutrient. This is for those who has coloured their hair and want to maintain the hair colour at the same time treats the hair damaged cause by chemical from hair colouring.

Milbon Neu Due Silkyluxe1

Deesse’s Neu Due has three type which is Silkyluxe (Fine & Tangle Hair), Willowluxe (Medium & Dry Hair) & Velourluxe (Coarse & Unruly Hair). I was given the Deesse’s Neu Due Silkyluxe Range to try and I immediately fall in love with it chic crystal pink packaging!! It’s so beautiful and look so so classy!
The silkyluxe range will rectify cuticle layer, giving weightless & smoothness feel. So you will not feel like carrying a heavy head walking around and your hair will feel so light especially the moment when the wind blow through it… There is three item in this range Shampoo, Treatment (Similar to Conditioner) and Nutrient (Similar to Mask).
Product Info
Product Name : Milbon Deesse’s Neu Due Silkyluxe Shampoo | Treatment | Nutrient
Net Weight : 200ml | 200g | 150g
Price : RM 55 | RM 75 | RM 75
Where to Buy : Hair Salon carrying Milbon Hair Product (contact 03-7726-9733 for list of salon that carries Milbon for those resides in Malaysia)
Hair Type : Natural Coloured Treated Hair


Milbon Neu Due Silkyluxe8

Milbon Neu Due Silkyluxe7

Milbon Neu Due Silkyluxe6


Like I mention earlier the packaging look so modern and chic.. The crystal pink finishing with a black cap is so attractive…. It look so classy.. It’s a clear type plastic that’s quite brittle for both the nutrient and treatment, so I foresee it will crack if you accidentally drop it onto hard surface, but so far I have not drop it because it's quite easy to grab on your palm of hand.... Whereas for the shampoo bottle, the bottle made of soft plastic that allow user to squeeze the shampoo onto their palm.

Milbon Neu Due Silkyluxe2

The external box also comes in pink colour with glossy emboss finish. Isn’t it pretty?? I love the silver + pink theme it look so modern and lovely at the same time.

Texture & Scent

All of them have almost similar scent only the shampoo has more mild scent compares to the treatment & nutrient. It has this pear (the green colour fruit) alike scent and then when I apply to my hair it turn into a nice fragrance scent.

The shampoo has a light clear gel texture and lather just the right amount… It does not lather as much as some other shampoo I tried but still sufficient… It it could lather more it will be easier to wash my hair.

Milbon Neu Due Silkyluxe5

The treatment and nutrient both have thick and creamy texture. Most conditioner I use are not as thick as this silkyluxe treatment thus I only need a small amount to apply all over my hair… I still have three quarter after using a month. My usage is once in two day and some of the hot day I wash my hair everyday.

Milbon Neu Due Silkyluxe4-horz

How to Use

For the shampoo, squeeze sufficient amount of product and apply on wet hair. Lather gently and rinse with water.

For the treatment, after shampooing squeeze excess water and apply a small amount of product onto hair ends. Lightly massage and twist the hair for better penetration. Rinse with water. Use it daily.

For the nutrient, after shampooing squeeze excess water and apply a small amount of product onto hair ends. Lightly massage and twist the hair for better penetration. Leave on for 3 minutes and then rinse with water. Use it twice a week or as needed.

Cindy’s Thought

I light the scent of the shampoo and it does keep my hair feel light the whole day… My hair is bouncing in the air when the wind blows through… It doesn’t cause hair to tangle nor causes any dryness when lathering but it’s not as nourishing as I want it to be. As for the treatment (conditioner), I say thumbs up for thick texture and the smooth results it give. Sadly it doesn’t really detangled my hair that much but it sure better than some of other conditioner but I still prefer using mask over conditioner. I actually have high hope to it when I scoop out the thick and creamy texture of the treatment (conditioner)…

I certainly love the nutrient (mask) but it was funny because when I first run through it on my hair it wasn’t smooth like mask should be but after rinsing off with water it feel totally different…. I didn’t comb my hair after air dry and went straight to bed and the next day I still can comb through my hair with my normal wooden comb with minimal tangles.. If I am using the hair tangle teezer (which I will review them soon) it’s almost effortless….

Let me show you my hair after using this silkyluxe range..

Milbon Neu Due Silkyluxe review

I didn't really notice my hair look more glossy and shiny after using this range until I look at the pictures… It’s such a big difference… Both picture taken around the same time in the noon and camera setting almost similar too… So I was really surprised with the outcome…

Milbon Neu Due Silkyluxe review 1

I think this is good for those who have thin hair and for me I think willowluxe will be more suitable for me as my hair is pretty dry due to the numerous bleaching I did… This is not the most nourishing one but it does keep my hair manageable and tangle free.

“Questions: What hair product you currently using? Are they doing good?”

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