L’EGERE Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream Review

Monday, July 28, 2014

Morning Girls!!!! Now tell me how many of you like BB & CC cream??? No…. I hate them…. Why? Because they are always too fair and too moisturising for me…. It always give that kind of pale face finishing which I totally hate!!!! Now does this L’EGERE Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC cream do the same?? We will see at the end of this post…. Now let’s move to the introduction.


L’EGERE started with producing sensitive skincare for those who undergo surgery by cooperating with  clinics & hospitals in Korea. As they slowly gain recognition L’EGERE, a brand which represented as medical beauty, was created and thus established in 2003. L’EGERE invite the most authoritative dermatologists and plastic surgeons focusing on medical beauty for long-term development.

legere cc cream 4

This L’EGERE Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC cream is one of the unique CC cream I encounter so far and it’s totally not similar to any CC cream except the colour maybe? This CC cream is a super moisture cream of visible water drops effect with W.S.N. Technology, innovative formulation containing natural moisture and soothing ingredients water drops hydrate and soothing skin immediately.  What is so unique about it?  It has multiple beautifying effect, it can Primes, Hydrates, Corrects, Evens and Perfects. After application, you will get a smooth, dewy and radiant finishing.

Product Info
Product Name : L’EGERE Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC cream
Net Weight : 35g
Price : RM 78
Where to Buy : SaSa Store Nationwide (Malaysia) | SaSa International Online Store (International)
Skin Type : Dry to Combination Skin & Sensitive Skin (I think might not be suitable for Oily skin as it can be too greasy and moisturizing for skin that tend become oily in the day)
Full Ingredient List

legere cc cream10

I have a major love for this metallic purple colour box and the light metallic purple squeeze tube!! It’s just look lovely to my eyes, but maybe I am bias because I love purple.

legere cc cream6

Well nothing fancy here, it’s a simple squeeze tube where you just need to squeeze out adequate product and apply it on your face. I think it has pretty good in controlling the amount of product I needed but on think though the tube feels empty even on the first usage. It feel like it’s filled only to half of the tube.

legere cc cream7

Texture & Scent

This CC cream has a very pleasant scent almost like those scent you can always find in gel moisturizer. It has a skin tone colour but not to bright ones… When apply on skin it match pretty close to my skin tone and after a few minutes it blend with my skin tones very well…

legere cc cream8

Have you tried any of Korean brand moisturizer where it disperse water droplet when apply to skin? This CC does exactly the same.

legere cc cream9

It gives a cooling sensation once the water droplet is absorbed into the skin which I really love. It gives a feeling as in I'm wearing a gel moisturizer rather than CC cream. It gives a little dewy and smooth finish to my skin. It has a little greasy and oily finish as expected… Anything with moisturizing effect tends to turn greasy and oily which make me feel uncomfortable.

How to Use

Squeeze adequate amount and apply to your face evenly. Wait for a few minutes for it to settle and it will match to you skin tone. You can set it with powder if you like to.

Cindy’s Thought

I totally think this is one of the better CC cream I try so far in term on the finishing colour it gives.. It matches my skin tone perfectly.. It does not give that white cast and make my face look pale at all!! The cooling sensation from the water droplet make my skin feel so fresh and moist but this also caused another problem which it can get oily as the clock tick…. It does make my skin look smoother and slightly dewy but it has a greasy and oily finishing which totally turns me off…. I also like the fact that it has SPF 20 which can protect me from the harmful UV rays…

legere cc cream1

I tried setting it with powder, it feels better with powder on as those greasiness and oiliness is gone.. So my advise is set it with powder if you have oily skin or even combination skin like me… Even with powder it only last a few hours before it turns oily again.

legere aqua soothing essence in cc cream review

In term of coverage, it gives almost sheer finish so yes concealer is a must to cover the dark eye circles, hyper pigmentation and scars. If you just want a smoother finish to your skin then you can skip the concealer…  It doesn’t really last for the whole days but for 3-4 hours yes… I think it could be the oil produced on my face which dissolve the cc cream away….

Conclusion & Ratings

Hope you enjoy reading this review… We shall meet again tomorrow same time here at www.cindysplanet.com.

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