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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

It’s the second week of my Blogsarry celebration…. Today I’ll be continuing my weekly giveaway and I believe you can guess what you will be winning this round!! I would like to share with you this favourite store of mine since college time, I buy all my tools from them when I first started makeup… I wanted to share this shop on my blog for quite sometime but was really busy… I told quite a number of friend and they all like it…. So last week I was chatting with the owner and she say she love to let my reader try their lashes and thus she is sponsoring 3pair for giveaway in my blog as well as special discount for my reader.

Shop Info
Name: Lash Bar
Lash Bar Location:

- Lot F1.AV.58, Asian Avenue, 1st Floor, Sunway Pyramid. (Look for Maybank and opposite it is the Asian Avenue. So if you are facing Asian Avenue, take the right path and walk straight. Lash Bar is on your left about 5th or 6th shop from the entrance to Asian Avenue)
- Kiosk at LG-C6, Ground Floor near Crazy Potato, Mid Valley
- T082 3rd Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza (**Promo no valid at this outlet)
Product: Lashes, Brush, Cosmetic & Accessories
Discount for Cindy’s Planet Reader: Quote “CINDYSPLANET” when paying to get 5% off for RM 100 purchase and above. (Promo only valid at Sunway & Mid Valley branch from 1st July to 31st July 2014)

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review nor write good thing about this product because I know the owner. whatever I write in this post are all of my honest review… Well basically everything you read on my blog are honest review event if it’s advertorial. Concealer Brush & one pair of eyelash is sponsored by owner for review. others are all purchased by me…

When I first found the shop I start purchasing brush from them…. That time my skill was still very beginner and I don’t know how to use fake eye lashes at all… I only know how to apply mascara back then… Thinking back I didn’t know I can love makeup so much and keep on picking up more and more brushes… By the way, 10 years back Lash bar only have one shop at Sungei Wang Plaza which is the one I always visited and now Lash Bar is expand to Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley one… I love to visit the one at Sunway because it’s more convenient to park and have full range of brushes and lashes is available. I think Mid Valley Kiosk is also convenient for many people...

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid6_thumb

So the one at Sunway one just located at Asian Avenue, look for Maybank and opposite it is the Asian Avenue. So if you are facing Asian Avenue, take the right path and walk straight. Lash Bar is on your left about 5th or 6th shop from the entrance to Asian Avenue. It’s a corner shop just right before another junction to the left!

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid7_thumb[1]

Lash Bar Brushes

Lash bar offer many type of brushes for the eyes and face too. Quite a complete range I would say and they are super affordable. If you are a beginner and you don’t want to spend too much money buying those big brand’s brushes Lash Bar is the right shop for you! Not only they are affordable their brushes are made of high quality natural hair for powder application and synthetic fibre for liquid or cream application. Their price range from RM 2 – RM 59.

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid5_thumb[1]

Nah these are some of the brushes I own…

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid21_thumb[1]Lash Bar Stippling Brush & Lash Bar Blending Brush

Sorry ya I have not clean my brushes… Smile with tongue out The stippling blush I used to apply cream blusher… It helps to create a very diffused and natural finishing. The blending brush is my best friend…I think I have been using them for at least 6 years… I cannot recall when I get this brush!!! I wash countless time but the hair still so fluffy!! It’s the best blending especially for inner corner of my eyes… I use them when I want to create smokey eyes… It keep the eye shadow in place without going too overboard my crease.

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid18_thumb[1]Lash Bar Curve Angle Brush & Lash Bar Concealer Brush

The curve angle brush is my favourite..It’s a rare shape and hardly can be found from other brand..Most brand offer straight angle brush.. This angle brush perfect for me to line my crease as crease is not visible so I need to slowly line the half moon shape before I blend it…. Only happen to Chinese woman because we don’t have deep eye crease…… This brush pick up powder really good….I have not try on gel liner yet though…. As for concealer brush, I love the size of it not being too big or long… I like to use this to apply concealer on my face….

So if you are looking affordable brushes you know where to go to now!!!

Lash Bar Eye Lashes

They are quite a number of lashes available at Lash Bar…. There are these fibre type of eyelashes come from Taiwan… The top few rows of lashes price start from RM 10 – RM 40 but the most bottom row are RM 10 each… Super affordable if you wear lashes everyday… I did not get this as I wear them occasionally only and I like different design!

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid3_thumb

I love their natural hair eyelashes….. OMG they are so so light almost feel like wearing nothing….
I tried a few other brand natural hair eye lashes i.e red cherry and some other i forgot the name, Lash Bar ones are so damn good!!!! Of course it’s not comparable to fibre type of lashes ok? So far many rave about Dolly Wink, I have yet to try but if not mistaken they are not made of natural hair ya.. The bottom lashes are for normal occasion use while the top ones are for special effect if you cosplay or has any fashion show then this might be suit you! The special effect lashes cost from RM 20 – RM 45. A good alternative from Shu Uemura Lashes which can cost you a bomb….

** beware if you found some similar design sell on internet they may not be similar with the one sold in Lash Bar. These lashes are fabricated solely for Lash bar.

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid4_thumb

The Natural hair one cost on RM 16 after 20% off and if you purchase RM 100 above you get another 5% off. So if you purchase 7 lashes you only pay RM 106.40 for all 7 pair of lashes. If you don’t want to buy so many lashes you can buy brushes or eye palette too to add up to RM 100 to obtain the 5% discount…

I have these five pair of Natural Hair Eye Lashes and I have use them more than 3 time… I think it can last till 5 times of usage per lash.. At such affordable price but still can last so many time what a bargain!!! Normally other brand natural hair eye lashes will cost easily RM 50 and above!!

Lash Bar Natural Hair Lash_thumb

The top row are more dramatic lashes… N21 for dolly eyes and 005 has cross lash for fuller lashes… N48 has darker and thicker lashes… N10 and N11 are very similar.. The only difference are N11 has shorter lashes at inner corner… The bottom row lashes are not really for most natural look they are for dinner or night look…. If you want more natural look you need shorter lash and you inform the staff at Lash bar they will recommend to one that suits your requirement…I don’t take natural ones because I either go with my naked lashes for natural look or two swipe of mascara hahaha……

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid12_thumbN10 zoom in

Now why are these lashes so light and comfortable? It lies on it’s bone… The natural hair bone are very very soft and not so thick and stiff. I don't feel like wearing any lashes at all!!!

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid14_thumbLook at each lash is carefully tied onto the bone!

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid15_thumb[1]

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid16_thumb

This is how N10 look on my eyes..Don't they look stunning?? (picture below is after a long night of party!! Eyelashes still looking good eh?)

and below is using N48 for a super dramatic Arabic Eyes!

when I wear these lashes it does not make my eyes feel uncomfortable or droopy… and the X brand lash even cause my eyes lid feel painful like something poking it….ouch….


Now do you want these eyelashes?? Time for giveaway! One winner will walk home with 3 pair of her choice of these comfy natural hair eye lashes.

Lash Bar Sunway Pyramid11_thumb[2]

As usual complete all mandatory steps and comeback to share the giveaway on Facebook or twitter for extra entries. Do read the terms and conditions too!! Good luck!!

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