Dove 14 Days Challenge: No more Hair Fall

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Goooddd Morning awesome people!! How great is that if you get to feel confidence again with your hair with no more hair fall and get to win a prize??? That seem like the best of both world right?? with Dove Hair Fall Rescue hair product range you no longer seeing hairs cluttering on the floor of your bathroom…


I believe you have the same thought as me, when I see clutter of hair strands falling from my hair, I feel sad and lost of self confidence…. Sometime I just stop touching my hair for the fear of hair falling and I will not like when Thomas to touch my hair when I know the hair will fall off…
Recognizing these real issues faced by women, the Dove Rambutmu, Mahkotamu campaign hopes to inspire women to let their confidence shine through once again as they overcome hair fall in 14 days in the “Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari Dengan Dove” campaign.


Through this campaign, Dove will help woman to regain their self-confidence over 14 days through a series of activities that take them beyond their comfort zone. The activities are meant to help women realize their full potential and promote confidence while reassuring women that they can stop hair fall in 14 days with Dove Hair Fall Rescue System.


Throughout this campaign you will not only gain back your confidence but also stand a chance to win great prizes!!!


So how to participate in this campaign? As simple as ABC, all you need to do is submit some pictures or caption and share on your FB timeline.


Watch this video for more info..

Still not quite sure how it works?? Let me show you in details..

1. Go to Dove Malaysia App

2. Click Serlahkan Dirimu!


3. Fill up your personal details and click hantar!

4. Click Ok to continue.

5. Complete the task given daily and my first day task is to submit a selfie posing with my hair!

6. and you just need to continue to complete all the task given for 14 consecutive days.

7. Once you have complete all 14 tasks, Dove App will create a slide show on all your 14 tasks. All you have to do is to share this slide show on your FB timeline. The more share you do, the higher is the winning chances.

So here are the prizes you stand to win!! 14 Instax Share Polaroid Camera up for grabs!!!!!


Hurry and join now! The earlier you join the more days you have to share your slide show!!! I have already join loo because I wanted a Polaroid camera for so long!! I must win this!!! Below is 3 of the task that I have join!!!


You will also be getting free Dove Hair Fall Rescue hair product sample by just participating!!


The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo cleanses the scalp.

The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner after shampooing helps prevent breakage and strengthens hair from root to tip, visibly reducing hair fall due to breakage in two weeks.

The Dove Hair Fall Rescue Leave-On Intensive Hair Tonic is applied directly to the scalp, and works to visibly reduce hair fall. After just two weeks, hair fall is visibly reduced and hair is stronger from the roots.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Price Range:

· Shampoo 375ml – RM 14.90
· Conditioner 180ml – RM 9.90
· Intensive Hair Tonic – RM 32.90
Good luck to you!!!!!! Got to go for now… See you again tomorrow same time!

For more info please visit Dove Malaysia App


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