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Monday, July 07, 2014

Good morning….Another random updates and personal post..Usually weekend I would either attend events or stay at home doing product photoshoot or drafting blogpost but last two week I took a time off from blogging and went out dating with boyfie doing what couples do hahaha…. No No don’t think out of the box okay? We went for a nice buffet and a good movie….

I am not sure about you but we don’t usually splurge much on food nowadays… We have a long list of bills to pay and we only indulge once or most twice a year… On normal day we eat hawker food or home cook food… We have been saving up for about a year and it’s time we both take some time off and go for a fulfilling meal doing nothing just eat… I did not bring my camera just my phone as I do not want to take any photo during the meal…. All we want is just eat, talk, enjoy and laugh on each other silly jokes…. Just ‘Us’ time if you get what I mean We went for Tatsu before this and we craving for the butter fish sashimi and their other scrumptious spread of food so we went back again… If you want to read a full review you can read it here…. Well the food is too delicious that I can’t help but snap some picture with my phone… Are you ready for scrumptious set of pictures??
These cold wild duck slice is one of a kind!


The gigantic octopus…YUMS!!


Have you try salmon neck before?? My friend ask does fish even have a neck…. The answer is Yes they do!! Google it!


The star of the night…. We had about 6 pieces each for each type except the octopus….. until jaw also a bit tired..


More close up of the sashimi…My S3 camera take pretty good picture eh?


The sweet yellow tail…


Tepanyaki & fried oyster… The oyster is a must order!


Beef & Enoki mushroom roll!


Smoked Salmon, if only there is mentai sauce!


Tepanyaki prawns…


Hee sweet heart will peel the prawn for me so I will not dirty my nails…. This why I love him so much…If you boyfriend or husband do so, he someone you should keep!


Unagi & Egg pot..Succulent and sweet…


These mochi taste like jelly is a unique ones… Try it if you are there!


and lastly a picture of both of us…


Then we went for a movie at Pavilion.. It’s been so long since we go for a movie in the weekends…… Usually I go for movie preview which is always on the weekday… It’s predicted that the movie I watch is Transformer of course… Not a bad movie just not as good as the previous Transformer…and I think it’s weird that random Hong Kong actor appear on the screen out of a sudden….

Then another day I went to Sunway Pyramid thought of buying the NYX Jumbo Pencil in white colour from Sephora but they have a promotion where with any purchase above RM 100 that includes a eyeliner (any brand) you get two free gift the glitters mascara & liner and also the pigments with primer!!! I bet many of you wasn't aware of this promotion right? I got tempted plus I have 10% off so I got the Urban Decay Primer since my Laura Mercier Primer is running out. I didn’t get the famous UD primer potion with anti aging as it’s too oily for me… I prefer the original ones more matte finish….and I still need another RM 15 to reach RM 100 so I then got myself this NYX Butter Lip Gloss in Merengue Merengue…

Sephora Haul2

Then another day I went to paradigm mall with Soo Yin and I bought this white skirt that I have been eyeing since new arrival and is now on sale for RM 39 so how can I resist? This pink top I wanted to get when I was shopping with Jenny but I tried L size which is too loose and that time I was in a hurry so I didn’t buy it..Then last week I went in H&M and try M size it fit perfectly and cost at only RM 19.. Such a bargain heee…

H&M haul

I have been spending quite a lot of money…. I am supposed to be on shopping ban but sales is irresistible… I also bought a brush from Make Up For Ever, YSL Lipstick and also Milani Blusher!! ahhh all the temptations… Really need to stop buying cosmetic..I have too many of them!
I had sufficient rest and good bonding time with my darling..Oh not to forget that unnecessary retail therapy is so good….but not for my wallet la ya…Time to say good bye…Till my next post which is the same time tomorrow okay? See you…

“Questions: Did you spend some time with your love one instead of your smart phones or laptop? Have you been shopping too? What did you buy?”

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