BeeQ Nails Salon: The Best Salon Atmosphere & Best Gel Manicure

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy TGIF girls!! I am feeling extra happy because I just close a big deal for my blog and my FB page has reach 1000 likes!!! This could only mean more giveaway for my readers which you who is reading this post!!! Between, currently there is two giveaway running which is Pink Me Up Giveaway (International) & LashBar Giveaway, do join them before closing date ya!!! Back to the topic today I want to share with you this new nail salon, BeeQ Nails Salon that had touched my heart and lock my heart with them!!! I fell in love with the super spacious and cosy ambient the moment I walk in. The staff is so friendly and the hospitality is so good that you can be rest assured all your needs will be taken care off. I had just sign up for their package yesterday and I am now their loyal fans!! teeheee…. Let me share with you in details why I love them!!!

BeeQ Nails2

I first got to know them from Shini babe, she is a sweet girls who blog at, go check out her blog…. I was then invited to review their Chamomile Mint Rejuvenating Treatment Pedicure + O.P.I Age Defying Spa Gel Manicure which is my very first Gel Manicure experience and I must say I love it so much!!

I believe I am not the only one who will always lookout for O.P.I nail colour. So if the nail salon uses other brand I don’t bother going in. But But at BeeQ Nails not only they are using O.P.I nail product but they are O.P.I Partner Salon. At O.P.I Partner Salon you will be getting:
  • All service procedures will be in line with O.P.I standard.
  • All staff are trained by O.P.I Academy Malaysia, thus expect knowledagble and well trained staff.
  • Uses strictly O.P.I products.
Now, let me first bring you for a little tour around the salon and it’s the reason why I love them so much!

BeeQ Nails Salon Tour
BeeQ Nails is located at the main road of SS2 that can exits straight to LDP. If you know where is Murni then you just have to follow on the road where Murni is on your left and after pass all the shop lots you will see a row of bungalow. Look for lot 87 and be prepared to turn in (to your left), it’s just one lot after 87. You can just park your car inside or double park…You don’t have to worry about your car blocking others, when you go in just pass your car key to the staff they will handle the rest!

I was there late evening after rushing up my work and I did not have any time to take dinner!! So, I was really hungry and you know what? When i walk in I was greeted with Kate and she show me to the sofa and have a seat and ask if I have taken dinner? So thoughtful of them, I felt like a princess here!!

BeeQ Nails31Comfortable Pedicure station!

At BeeQ Nails you do not to worry being thirsty nor hungry!!! Milo, Coffee, Tea and Instant Cup noodle is available all day long. Just need to tell the staff what you need!! Janice book the same time with me and she is there slight earlier and already indulging in her hot noodle cup!!

BeeQ Nails4Happy Janice!

At the pedicure station, there is a basket dedicated for you to place your bag and a small stand for you to place your drink. The best part is that there is huge LCD TV playing all the drama series!!!
Let’s move to the manicure section!! There is two section one at the middle and one near the front entrance…

1235503_560243020713503_268807779_nMiddle Manicure Section

DSC02380haha Janice Happy Face after completing Gel Manicure

Below are some of the pictures of the other areas in the salon..

BeeQ Nails salon

Can you feel how spacious is BeeQ Nails?? There is also a pantry area which I did not take the picture… It’s almost triple the size of the normal Nail parlour I went, well that’s what a bungalow supposed to be right?? Such spacious space give me a very relax feeling when I step in… I don’t feel like cramped up inside a confined space and I can get suffocated by that….  The colour theme and decoration is all good!!! and there’s two TV to keep you entertained while you do your nails!!!That’s freaking awesome!!
Alright we have done this huge tour now let’s move to the main highlight, the pedicure rejuvenating treatment using Chamomile Mint!

Chamomile Mint Rejuvenating Treatment Pedicure

Spot On!!!! Chamomile & Mint is two of my favourite scent or flavour and is one of my favourite flower tea too!!! Any product that contain these two ingredient will suck me over like a super magnetic magnet!!! I am a happy kid when I saw these two words Chamomile & Mint!
Treatment Details
Treatment Type : Chamomile Mint Rejuvenating Treatment.
Price : Manicure (RM 69) | Pedicure (RM 89)
Includes: Shaping, Callus Removal, Scrub Mask, Cuticle Detailing, Massage & Polishing.
Description: Inspired by the flowering chamomile plant with it’s stress reducing nature and honey sweet aroma and packed with antioxidant chamomile extracts plus soothing and effective botanicals hands and feet will be soft, smooth and rejuvenated.
BeeQ Nails7The chamomile mint product used in this treatment.

After I being seated on the comfy sofa, I was served with a cup of hot milo. Then she let my leg soak in a warm bath of  . After that she shape my nails, remove cuticles and scrub using Chamomile Mint scrub which is made from natural sugar crystals, botanical and chamomile extracts that reduces calluses formation and eliminate dry skin. Using sugar as scrub is more soft and delicate as compare to salt.

BeeQ Nails8

I was given a basket of colour to choose!!! Thumbs up for the huge colour option!!! This is the salon I’ve ever been with so much colour to choose!

BeeQ Nails13errr now which colour to choose from?

After that my leg is wrap with the chamomile mask which helps to hydrates the skin with shea butter and also give a cooling mint effect!!!

BeeQ Nails10

I really love this mask because the cooling effect really help relax my tired and sore feet!! After washing off the mask, she uses a warm towel to open up my skin pore ready for chamomile lotion massage.

OPI Chamomile mask

and now is the massage time!!! This chamomile lotion filled with antioxidant vitamins and emollient that provides a ideal slip for non-greasy spa!! It’s lightweight, soothing and smell really great!

BeeQ Nails6

and voila my beautiful pedicure is complete…Can you guess which colour I choose?? Tadaaaa it’s orange and yellow!! I have plan for BBQ by the sea the upcoming week so this colour is the best choice for summer!

Beeq Nails Pedicure (2)

O.P.I Age Defying Spa Gel Manicure

This spa will revive your hands youthful look, the soft and smooth feeling!! You can also purchase this 4step kit to use at home which help to exfoliates, revitalizes, renews and protect hands.
Treatment Details
Treatment Type : O.P.I Age Defying Spa Manicure + Gel manicure
Price : Manicure (RM 88) to add on Gel you will need to top up RM 50 for plain colour Gel Manicure and for Nail Art range from RM 8/per nail onwards.
Includes: Shaping, Exfoliates, Revitalizes, Cuticle Detailing, Renew, Protect Hands & Polishing.
Description: Younger looking hand has just become possible with Manicure by O.P.I. Now O.P.I brings you professional hand care in an easy to use four-step system that exfoliates, revitalizes, renews and protect hands.
BeeQ Nails36

So before my hand is treated with the spa, they shape my nails and remove the cuticles and proceed to Gel Manicure. The best part of all is this Gel manicure. I got a bit excited as this is my first time doing Gel Manicure. It’s not that I don’t want to do but most nail salon I went they have a very fixed and limited design to choose from. At BeeQ Nails, you have a huge huge varieties to choose from the magazines imported from Japan like Nail Up, Nail Venus and Nail Max!!

BeeQ Nails21choose choose choose!

This is the design I have choose and Melissa, the owner is such a talented and creative person. She will modify the colour and design to suit your nail shape, colour as well as your preference!!

BeeQ Nails44-horz

Hang tight, I’ll show you the design in a bit… Now you sure want to know what are the process involved to do gel manicure right and how long it take right?

At BeeQ Nails, they use Gel Colour by O.P.I which only require to cure for 30seconds and can last at least 2 weeks.

BeeQ Nails24

O.P.I is using a LED light which require only 4 minutes per hand from foundation to finishing while the other brand that uses UV cure takes 12 minutes!! I seconded that!!!
Melissa drawing on my nails…So pretty isn’t it?? What I like about gel is that after the 30 seconds the gel is fully dry and harden up so you can move you fingers and no worry it will be ruin by any scratches at all.

BeeQ Nails26

My design also has some blink blink that will stick onto my nails. At BeeQ Nail, they uses bonding agent instead of glue which the earlier will attached to nail better and can last longer!!! Are you eager to see my nails final design?? If you follow me on Instagram you might have already see it, if you have not follow me please hop over to now and give me a follow okie??

Now it’s time to make my hand look like 18years old!! teehee…. Kate scrub my hand using the natural sugar scrub with emollient and then soak inside warm mineral and brightener bath.

BeeQ Nails38

Right after that, Kate apply the serum that contains grace and licorice extracts which will infuses skin with natural lightening ingredients to help reduce the visible signs of aging on the hands. It also nourishes skin with vitamins A, C and E, plus antioxidant grape seed oil.

BeeQ Nails40ahh my hand enjoying full pampering!!

Now ready for the finishing look??

BeeQ Nails42the zoom in look!

Let's compare to the design on the magazine!

 So much different but yet so pretty!

I especially love the tulips nail art as well as the ribbon on my ring finger!! Too beautiful!!

Black maxi Skirt4How sweet…It match all outfit easily!!!

BeeQ Nails gel manicure

I honestly love how gel manicure nail art can be a accessories and the fact that it can 2-3weeks is perfect!!! Ever since I have the gel manicure art on, all my pictures look extremely beautiful!! It make my picture look more interesting like a prop to my photos!!!

BeeQ Nails prop

I know you wanted to ask can these blink blink & studs last? will it come off?? does it hurts?? I have no problem doing my daily chores even thought there is so many blink blink and studs on my nails… I wash my long hair, wash plate, cook and I do not do special care to it… If you worry your studs will come off, you can always go back to BeeQ Nails to attached it back FREE of charge… My first studs which drop on the first week because really I don’t take care of and it got scrapped off because of my jeans zip!! Then I went to BeeQ nails and they fix it back in less than 5 minutes…..

I remove my gel manicure after 3 week, you should never wear your gel manicure longer than 3 week if you want healthy looking nails!! Here is how my nails look like after 3 weeks…

BeeQ Nails49

It is advisable to return to BeeQ Nails to remove your gel manicure, anyway it’s Free of charge why not right? They will file off the top coat and then wrap your nails with aluminium foil so that the gel will come off! Then she just lightly use the scraper to scrape it off… No pain encounter at all!! Look at my healthy looking nails?

BeeQ Nails52Picture taken during midway of buffing so there’s some residue left there..

Why go to Beeq Nails?

I am extremely happy with the nail finishing and the hospitality at BeeQ Nails.. Below are the top 7 reasons why you should opt for BeeQ Nails!!
1. Super Spacious & Comfortable Environment.
2. Amazing Hospitality, you will feel like you are a princess at BeeQ Nails.
3. Never feel bored with unlimited Movie screening in front of you!!!
4. Certified O.P.I Salon (great product quality and well trained staff)
5. Varieties of Nail Art design to choose from!!!
6. Super fast and good quality Gel manicure by O.P.I
7. Complimentary Drink, Biscuit & WIFI
BeeQ Nails Promo & Price List
1) First you get 5% off on all service & treatments by quoting “Cindysplanet”
2) Happy Nails Hour (Mon-Wed, 12.00 pm - 5.00 pm)
    - Express Manicure/Pedicure at RM20, Express Gel Manicure at RM50
3) Student Promotion (Mon-Fri, 11.00 am - 4.00 pm)
    - Gel Manicure + 2 Nail Art Designs + Classic Pedicure
4) Basic Manicure, RM 40 | Basic Pedicure, RM 50
5) Rejuvenating Treatment ( Tropical Citrus, Cucumber, Chamomile Mint) Manicure, RM 69 | Pedicure, RM 89
6) Member’s Package (Touch & Go concept) RM300 (5% off + 2 free upgrade spa services) | RM 600 (10% off + 2 free upgrade spa services) | RM 900 (15% off + 2 free upgrade spa services)

If you want a affordable service go during happy hour, I love the Express Gel Manicure at only RM20.. so affordable! If you love a full pampering then go for rejuvenating treatment!!! Best of all purchase their Member’s package where you can get 5% - 15% off on all services plus free 2 spa services upgrade!! hehehe I just sign up the RM 600 package?? Wanna join me??
For more info please refer to below:

BeeQ Nails
No 89, Jalan SS2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact No: 03 7866 0935 / 016 555 5935

Operation hours:
11am till 9pm (Monday - Friday)
11am - 6pm (Sat,Sun,Public Holiday)

Thanks for reading my another lengthy post…. Till my next post!! Do leave me a comment as I love reading them and I will be sure to revisit your blog too… Hugs!!!

“Question: Have you try Gel manicure before? Do you have a specific nail art design in mind that you like to try??”

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