What is Love?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday guys! I had a good long rest yesterday, promise next week ill be back wit awesome post! Today just want to write something personal that i had in mind last night before i fall asleep....
Sometime Mr Right may not be the one you love or the one you love may not be Mr Right.... How should I say? To me Mr Right means he met all your requirement i. e some look for height or look, career, financial, interest and many more depends on individual... 

In the pass i never really found someone i truly love or someone who's really right for me.... Im happy that i have found one now.... He's everything i want in a man... and last night before i able to fall asleep. i thought of him, well i do actually think of him every night just a little indepth last night... I think bout silly things we do together and i smile.... That moment i know how much I love being together with him, how much i miss him n how much i love him.... Every time when we part i had a hard feelings of saying good bye.... It feel like we are parting for a long haul flights overseas.. but in fact just an hour journey away and we will. meet again next week or some time during the weekday???
mmphhh just some random thoughts la ya.... Sorry for such emotional post...
But I love to know how would you feel when you love someone? Have you found some one right for you and that you love him so much?
That's all from me folks!
With Love,
Cindy Tong

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