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Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Monday girls!!! Poof my holiday is gone… I wish I can have longer holiday!!! Last weekend I went to Tiger Translate at Kenanga City with my girls!!!!!!!!!! I was there quite early before the sky turn dark yet!!

Tiger Translate7with my best pal, Mr Tiger!

Being a tiger myself (My Chinese Zodiac is tiger), I am amazed to see all those unique and beautiful tiger mural display at Tiger Translate!

Tiger Translate38Roaring tiger!! ROARrrrr…..!!! *Katy Perry song playing*
Tiger Translate8Who want a hug???? errrr but might become his prey too!!
Tiger Translate9Another roaring tiger but with death stares and dangerous claw!!
Have you heard of Tiger Translate? or were you there last Saturday too?? Tiger Translate is a global platform for creativity that brings both art and music together to inspire, ignite, and engage international audiences. As creative forces collide and eastern culture blends seamlessly with western influences, the worlds of art and music are brought to life like never before. Featuring creative visual artist like Kenji Chai, Lynda and KickAtomic!

Kenji Chai from the west side of Malaysia, Sabah. He is brought up with comics, cartoons and storybooks since young and spent his days rummaging into these worlds of imagination. His works include the use of cute and vibrant characters with his main medium being graffiti combining elements of pop culture, fictional censorship, and a positive mental attitude.

Tiger Translate20

Kickatomic Creatives, as the name suggest you will be expecting explosive “kick” in all his artwork!! With a background in broadcasting and design, their portfolio includes graphical work done in the field of production, corporate liaisons and print. Kickatomic consists of talented individuals who stand firm in the ideology that work and play should, in some tangled way, go hand in hand.

Tiger Translate21
Lynda started off the way most design students did, in advertising agencies and marketing jobs. She leave her job for her passion in  arts and tattoos. She currently runs Pink Tattoos, a full scale tattoo parlour in Bangsar. The parlour is an amalgamation of Lynda's passions - tattoos, art, vintage clothes and furniture and owls!

Tiger Translate19

There is a few booth for us to play with!!! First is the cool Trampoline, jump jump to warm up your body!!! No need to worry on dehydration as Tiger Beer is ready by your side!

Tiger Translate18

want a cool tattoo?? Get your tattoo ready in seconds!!

tiger translate tattoo

feeling hungry?? fret not you can buy your cheese burger, nachos and burritos here.. If you have VIP passes then you wrist tag come with RM75 credit!

Tiger Translate27Redeem your food by scanning your wrist tag here!

Tiger Translate24Redeemed our food and look at our happy face!!!

Tiger Translate23Nachos & Tiger Beer the perfect combo!

You can also unleashed the art in you by spraying your Tiger logo at the Giant Tiger Beer!!!!

Tiger Translate22

Took some selfie before the crowd getting pack!

Tiger Translate13Me & Michelle

Tiger Translate14Michelle, Me & Joanna

Tiger Translate25Me & Carina, the purple hair girl!

The sunset view from Kenanga City!

Tiger Translate29

Chochukmo is rocking the stage!!! Other artist that perform that night includes Editors, Manic Sheep, Mad August, OJ Law and Indiego & Co!!

Tiger Translate36
Tiger Translate26

and the skies turn dark….Night view is as good as sunset view!!

Tiger Translate32

As the day become dark, we drink more Tiger Beer!! Tiger Radler is my favourite!!It’s so smooth and with the fruity flavour just great!

Tiger Translate33
Tiger Translate34More Selfie

One final pic of me with the stage before I end the post.

Tiger Translate35

That’s all from me folks!! Hope the these blue tone brighten your day!! No Monday blue kay but Happy Blue with Tiger Beer!

For more info please visit:

Website: http://www.tigertranslate.com.my/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY
Instagram: http://instagram.com/tigerbeermy

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