Sponsored Video: How can Delivery Man Failed?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Good morning guys, I got this super funny video to share with you guys today!! You should really watch this video as I find it entertaining and so true!!!!!!!!!! It will sure brighten up your day for sure!!!
Have you ever wonder why the stuff you purchase from online shop always arrive later than you expect?? Or it takes months to arrive even they mentioned it takes few weeks? and worst scenario is the parcel never appear at your door steps at all? Read on and you shall know why!!!

Now there’s a theory that if the delivery man is fast or can do things at high speed, most likely your parcel will arrive in no time right??? YOU ARE WRONG!!! You can run fast but still you may not be able to deliver parcel fast too! So now watch this video where, Tesco has run a test on Usain Bolt, the World Fastest Man!!! Let’s get to the result, watch the video now!!!

I personally think the first test is totally relevant and I myself made that mistake repeatedly…. When Im in hurry, my hands just not able to grab things tightly and keep missing it like what Usain do!!!


There’s this part where Usain got attracted to the girl and totally forget about the package he supposed to deliver!!! So true man…this happened to most guy..Sometime when we were talking and if there a cute girl pass by my guy friend will turn his head then look at the girl and ignore me!!


So yeah in conclusion,

“Tesco’s Driver in a Delivery Truck is still the Best Option for Fast & Reliable Delivery!!!”

Tesco tested the hypothesis that a delivery man on foot can add mobility, versatility, and reduce cost to current methods. However, lab results indicated a dismal success rate in item delivery. 

So now get your daily grocery supplies from Tesco via Tesco Online now!! Your groceries will be deliver to your door step with no minimum purchase required. The Tesco online delivery service is now available from selected urban areas in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, and Penang. So go check it out kay?


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Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Tesco

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