Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush: Say No to Fingers

Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh Hello girls…. How was your weekend?? Part of my weekend was awesome and another part was spend drafting blog post so this whole week you girls get to read some amazing post by me… For start, I am going to share with you these beautiful hand crafted Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush. There is so many thing I want to share about this brush so I would divide them into sections as usual!!

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush28

Before I move on to the brushes I have a special promo to share with you all!! With any purchase of any of the following two product (HD Foundation, HD powder or HD Blusher) you get a travel size Make Up For Ever Elixir & Sensitive Eye Remover in a cute Pouch for free. Just quote “ CINDYSPLANET ” at the cashier.

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Now let’s go back to the brushes!!! First part which is the most important one why should you use brush and not Finger?

Why Brush & No Finger?

It is not wrong to use your finger but with brush you can achieve optimum precision, coverage; reach every corner of your face and will help save time and money during application. If you realize your finger can be too big for your eyes sometime and that will create a big mess on your eyes…. Trust me with your finger it’s so hard to blend the crease area, usually I end up blending the colour onto my entire eyelid. Not to mention near tear duct area, it will never possible with my fingers to reach even with the tiny pinky finger. 


“A brush is an extension of the hand, and is a fundamental tool for a make-up artist – whether he is a professional or amateur make-up artist; his canvas is the face.” Dany Sanz


Using finger also end up taking too much product unlike brush which can slowly pick up the product and build the layer to achieve more intense colour. Do you know you finger is not flat and the curvature as well as non uniform point of strength from your finger will cause uneven foundation application.


Last week I was at the Make Up For Ever brush workshop with Erika Saenz, Regional Education Manager to show us the difference using finger and brush to apply make up.

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush13Erika says “You must use a brush to apply your make up for an even and precise application”

She start off by applying foundation using her fingers then move to using the brush…

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush

Can’t see big difference in my picture because of the back light from the window behind Joyce, the model. In actual it makes a big difference….I agree to Erika that using brush makes a big difference as I used to use my finger to apply foundation too especial in a rush but honestly using brush require the similar time to apply foundation and may be faster than using finger too!! Don't believe? Try it out yourself!

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush20

See this picture of difference between applying eye shadow using finger and brush. Also look at the difference using lipstick to apply directly and using a lip brush (urgh such a mess on the left side of the lip) !! So now you why we should use brushes not our finger??

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush24

Why choose Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush

Make Up For Ever brush are made from 100% Engineered Fibres 0% Natural Hair and so they are animal cruelty free. Fibres?? How can they pick up powder? Aren’t Natural Hair the best? Hang on, let me explain this… I ask the same question like you did. These hair is a result of 7 years of research and development made from high quality new generation engineered fibres. These fibres deliver more precise and consistent make-up results for the PROS as well as for beginner, for everyone.

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush1

Now let’s see in details what make these Artisan brush so unique.

1Please click in for clearer picture.

The fibres is so soft and fluffy as good as the natural hair and there are more durable compare to the natural hair. I support Make Up For Ever intention toward more eco-friendly product… These brushes are environment friendly certified!! What I like is that is has 2 type of hair which is the straight and wavy fibers for different function. The straight one are for cream and liquid and the wavy are for powder for a more diffused finishing. Also the bevel tip is brilliant idea!! It can be used to pick up product as well as to mixed and blend it!! The wide range of brush type is really amazing, there must be a brush that suits your desired function!

Are you intrigued to pick up any of the brushes?? Let me share with you which brushes you should get!!

Best Seller Artisan Brush

Below are 6 best seller brushes that you should have in your make up bag!

For the Face:

1. Buffer Blush Brush – 154

Perfect for beginners and pros alike, this foundation brush applies liquid foundation like a dream with no streaking or any need for a particular technique. Swirl, stipple or stroke to create a second-skin, poreless finish.

Type of fibers: Straight & Wavy.
Recommended textures: Loose and compact powders.

2. Double-ended Sculpting Brush - 158

Never deal with streaky blush that makes your face appear blotchy again! Use the angled end to achieve a sculpted blush placement for a slimmer and uplifted appearance. Follow with the fluffy end to blend away harsh lines and diffuse the glow.

Type of fibers: Straight & Wavy (Round) and Wavy (Bevelled).
Recommended textures: Loose and compact powders.

3. Powder Kabuki - 124

An al-time favourite, this all-rounder brush applies fine powder foundations in a diffused fashion for a bonafide airbrush effect in seconds.

Type of fibers: Straight & Wavy.
Recommended textures: Loose and compact powders.
4. Precision Powder Brush - 128

A hybrid between a brush and puff, this make-up tool provide the best of both worlds; the flexibility and precision of a brush with the coverage and soft finish of a puff. Used with a tapping motion over the face, it covers large and small areas expertly.

Type of fibers: Straight & Wavy.
Recommended textures: Loose and compact powders.
 For the Eyes:

5. Double-ended Shader & Smudger Brush - 204

Achieve the alluring impact of smoky eyes easily with this double ended tool. The smudging tip blends eyeliner pencils for a soft, hazy look while the brush tip allows for precise application and blending of eyeshadows. Takes literally minutes to achieve.

Type of fibers: Straight.
Recommended textures: Cream, pencil, liquid, compact powder

6. Bent Eyeliner Brush - 260

Specially-created for ultimate control when lining the eyes,the brush has been angled at a specific 30deg and is able to draw lines to a precision of 1mm. Winged and cat eyes become an easy to achieve look.

Type of fibers: Straight.
Recommended textures: Cream and liquids.

p/s: I have thid in my collection and I just try out this brush the other day and wow I am amazed at it's precise application!! It take right amount of gel eyeliner, never be too much... It can draw super fine and thick line too!!

For full listing of all available brushed please visit Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes

Artisan Brush Price List

Below are the full price listing for Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush of all the brushes in case you wanna purchase one for yourself... They are all sold individually.

Thanks for reading up to this point…I know it’s a lengthy post…teeheee… I gotten myself some of these brushes too….I will review these lovely brushes soon!!!

Question: Are you eyeing any of these brushes??

Till then see you on my next post..tata..


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