Kiehl's Fun in the Sun at Secret Garden One Utama

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bonjour girls, today I will be sharing a brief review of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream and it’s accompanying toner & cleanser. Hip Hip Hooray, if you follow my previous post on Kiehl’s you know I have been dying to get myself a spot at Kiehl’s Fun in the Sun event if you have not read about it yet head on to this link now!! This fun sunny day out was organized by non other than Kiehl’s themselves and Butterfly project. Thank you so much to Butterfly Project for constantly bring us such amazing event...You girls rocks!!!!! Big hugs to you all especially to mamasan Tammy!!

This is in conjunction with the all new Kiehl’s Oil Free product, so even under hot sun your skin will feel comfortable and non oily with this oil free gel cream!! Isn’t it amazing??? It was held at a secret spot that I myself never went up before know as the secret garden at One Utama!!! It was a wonderful place for visit in the evening I think because the sun can be too hot in the noon but thanks to the thoughtful staff of One Utama they setup some cool air blower all over the garden, so wasn't that bad but evening will be the best! So let me walk you through this beautiful garden with the star of the day Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free gel Cream!

To get to the secret garden, you can go to the lift opposite of Nandos and take the lift up to the roof area. There will be a sign showing secret garden! When I arrived, the registration counter just a few steps from the lift…

imageThe three doctors (Caroline, Tammy & Ayna) at the registration counter!

Kiehls34Mr Bone were there too!! So I must take a picture with him for sure!!!

After which, I have to walk in to a maze before I reach the Kiehl’s welcome sign!!

p/s picture without watermark are courtesy of Butterfly Project Malaysia

imageThis is the maze to the secret garden!! A lovely maze indeed!

It’s kind of secluded and I can’t barely hear any sound when I’m in the maze kind of getting lost for a minute.


Then slowly I walk along the path where the sign exactly showed and I hear some girl voice laughing happily and I am sure that I am approaching my intended spot!

imageBeautiful sight of Butterfly taking pictures of the star for that day!!

p/s: I’m gonna break this post into three parts the Fun in the Sun, The Secret Garden and the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil- free product review.

Kiehl’s Fun in the Sun at The Secret Garden One Utama

Are you ready to meet the star of the day? Tadaaa it’s the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Range in the house!!! i shall do introduction to each product later in the quick review..Just keep reading okay?


I was there a bit late because I overslept…guilty as charged… Sad smile so I went to take some food before i continue other things as later on my hand will get busy with Cactus!!

imageThe yummy food!

I then go to over to Kiehl’s staff who will run a simple test on my skin by placing the skin barrier tab on my forehead and cheek to determine my skin hydration level!

*** You can also test your skin at any Kiehl’s Store near you kay? That's one of the thing I love Kiehl's ensuring the product suits your skin type!

Kiehls5Judy getting her skin tested!

Here is my result,my fore head is normal while my cheek is pretty dry!!!


Okay, so the Oil-free gel cream is the moisturiser for my skin!!! So it will keep me hydrated the entire day and not making my face turns into shiny face throughout the day!

Now let’s move on the another activity of the day which is building Cactus Terrarium!! Do you know why are we building cactus??? NO it is not just for fun! It’s to symbolize one of the main ingredient used in making of the Oil- Free Gel cream known as Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract which has the characteristic like cactus that live in dry & excessively saline environment. It contain high 
concentrations of pottasium that help to provide lasting hydration to the skin. It was my first time building cactus terrarium, I never heard of it until Butterfly Project mentioned it in the event details. So here is the steps to build cactus Terrarium!

1. Choose you cactus!


2. Place the stones and followed by grasses (i don’t know what their exact name those in green and brown, they do look like grass to me)


3. Gently compressed it a little..


4. Then put potting soils and the cactus in!


5. Lastly decorate the terrarium!!


I had so much fun layering the stones and soil and then place the cactus and some decorations in it! Nah this is my cactus…Nice or not??


and now time for selfie and wefie!!!!!

Kiehls12with Koey

Kiehls15with Tammy when we are building our cactus terrarium

Kiehls16with Frankie babe…so long didn’t see her in event!

Kiehls511with Iqa darling!

Kiehls35The beautiful ladies from Kiehls!

Kiehls14and a big big group picture!!!

Beautiful Plant & Flower at The Secret Garden @ One Utama

I got to say the secret garden is such a beauty!! I am going to return again to look at the beautiful plant again!! So let me show you some of the beautiful picture I had took that day!

Kiehls13the ceiling where i sat down to eat my food!

Kiehls20Purple Morning glory

Kiehls21some beautiful tiny red flowers…Not sure it’s name!

Kiehls22these leave is huge and they are real!


Kiehls24some tall and huge leaves! Look like banana tree to me LOL...

Kiehls25lovely flowers…

Beautiful colours


Kiehls29Colourful lanterns..

Kiehls31Calming Waterfall!


Kiehls33such beautiful flowers!

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Product Review

Ok I am not going into super details just a brief one as I just tested twice because I am still trying to finish my current skin care!! Ok before I move onto individual product, there are three main ingredient that make this range oil free but yet provide 24-hour hydration. I had mentioned earlier about the Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract and so there is two more which is the Antarcticine and Glycerine!! I know you must have what the heck is these scientific term right?


Antarcticine gives superb protection against dryness and helps keeps you skin hydrated. This will then leave you skin look smoother in appearance and at the same time improve skin ability to retain moisture!!!!

Glycerin attracts and pull the moisture from the air to replenish and hydrate skin!!
Now let’s get to know the product shall we?

The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser (RM 85 for 150ml) is a quick-lathering cleansing foam that thoroughly removes impurities and visibly reduces excess oil on skin’s surface, while leaving skin looking more balanced.  With Imperata Cylindrica Root and Lemon Fruit Extracts, our non-stripping, sulfate-free formula leaves skin clean and refreshed without over-drying.  Gentle enough for sensitive skin. Oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free.

I like the light creamy formula..Cleanse well and does not tighten or cause dryness on my face at all. My skin seem like loving it so i will use them more often once I finish my current cleanser!


Next is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner (RM 85 for 200ml) which is formulated to visibly reduce excess oil on skin’s surface, while leaving it instantly fresh and healthy looking.  Made with Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract and Antarcticine to soothe and hydrate skin, our non-drying alcohol-free formula gently removes any remaining residue, dirt and oil without stripping skin of vital moisture. PH-balanced, and tested for safety and gentleness. Oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free.

I tried this but I don’t quite like the scent…It has the soil or herb a like smell….Erm probably it’s just me…


and finally which is the star of the day Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free gel cream (RM 100 for 50ml)  a non-oily, quickly absorbed hydrator that visibly reduces the appearance of oil and leaves skin looking and feeling more balanced. The oil-free gel cream works synergistically with skin’s natural lipids to visibly reduce excess oil on skin’s surface. It is non-greasy, and retains essential moisture in skin for a healthier, re-balanced skin barrier and a smoother, fresher appearance. With Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract, Antarcticine, and Cucumber Fruit Extract, this unique preparation helps skin retain moisture and protect it from arid conditions. The unique gel cream texture is instantly absorbed leaving a dry feel. Oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free.

Okay this could be one of the non oily moisturizer I tested so far under air-conditioned environment… I love it, it’s light and easy to spread on and feels cooling on my skin… I have to use it for few more time before I putting a conclusion on this little baby! If you like to try any of these product or anything from Kiehl’s just head to their store for a skin consultation and get some samples that suits your skin type to try on…..


Okie I think I type too much words…and I shall stop here thank you for reading my long post!!! Till my next post! See you girls!!

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