Jakarta 4D3N Friendship Trip

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ohayo (Good Morning in Japanese)! Last month I went to Jakarta for 4D3N for work as well as visiting my Instagram Friend Shirley! Not sure if you read my post on How had Internet change your life? , if you do then you might have read a little story of how I met Shirley! I guess we share the same interest over Instagram which is FOOD!! I saw one of my IG friend posted about a food and I was replying Shirley comment on the picture…. and the conversation on that particular photo just went on and on… I bet my friend must have feel very agitated with our comments spam! Well well comments leads to conversation and then we soon become friend in Instagram. We chat occasionally over picture we post in Instagram and during last month when I got confirmation to travel to Jakarta I arrange a meet up with her….

imageSome of our conversation over Instagram (lumiellemua is her IG nick)

p/s: If you have not follow me on Instagram, do follow me and I shall follow you back to kay?and me and you can be friends ;-)

Tony & Guy Central Park Jakarta

Initially, we set to meet on Thursday because she is off on that day as she works in Toni & Guy Hair Salon at Central Park Jakarta. It was out of a sudden while we were texting in What Apps, I ask her about hair and stuff and it pop in my mind ermm why not get her to cut my hair as my hair is in a disaster…. After bleaching for numerous time, though I have found solution to keep the hair nourished and tangle free but the hair that break previously is making my hair out of shape. Honestly, I seldom visit those big salon (A cut Above, Miko Gallery, Toni & Guy and etc) back in my country because they can cost a bomb!!! In Jakarta, the price for a hair cut in Toni & Guy is expensive but not as expensive in Malaysia and since my friend is hair stylist there I really want to try what is the difference compare to the other salon! So we met a day earlier for hair cut and dinner!


According to Shirley, all hairstylist in Toni & Guy in the whole wide world can cut back the similar hairstyle. By that it means, even if I cut the hair at Jakarta Toni & Guy when I’m back in Malaysia, I will be able to maintain the similar hair shape cut by Shirley (the hair shape will be exactly the same)! If you always encounter problem like when you cut your hair and you love the style a lot but you cannot get it back on your next hair cut in Toni & Guy you can!! 

So when I was give a bath robe alike cloth as a cover instead of the normal hair capes without any sleeves… It’s really convenient for you to move around especially when you are reading the magazines!

toni & guy hair cutThat’s Shirley cutting my hair!

At Toni & Guy Jakarta, the hair stylist only cut hairs. Other service like wash hair, curling, straitening of blow drying is done by hair stylist assistant. So while, the assistant blow-dry and curling my hair I get to chit chat with her!!teeheee.. The stylist told me in Jakarta, the woman love volume in their hair… The puffy hair crown!! So he make the same style for me too… It’s cute la..but I don’t quite like the over volume on my hair top that make my head look big!!

Toni & Guy Hair Salon

So here is my hair after I wash my hair… The hair length is all balanced now and less layering. Yes, she cut my fringe too as my previous fringe is way too long…. I love how tidy it look and look more lady like too.. The dry and fizzy end is chopped off too… You can’t see much difference in picture but it makes so much different in real as the length is all balanced. Oh yes I love how they put effort in washing your hair unlike most salon I went they just simply run through with water and shampoo… This is absolutely different, he massaged my head, wash my hair few round and woo the chair is so comfortable!

Toni & Guy Hair cut after

So if you wanna cut hair in Jakarta do look for Shirley at Toni & Guy Central Park, she is also a Makeup Artist so if you wan to hire her for makeover also can be done in the salon!

Toni & Guy Jakarta Barat,

Central Park Mall 

UG Floor - 113
Jalan Letjen S Parman Kav 28
Jakarta Barat
Indonesia, 11470

Tel: +62 21 2920 0032/3
Hachi Hachi Central Park Jakarta

then Shirley have to cut another client so I went to shop myself and then was too hungry so I went into this Japanese restaurant, Hachi Hachi. This is the only restaurant I see everyone queuing to get a table, so common sense tell me this must be good!

hachi hachi central park jakarta

I was so hungry so I ordered a bento while I wait for Shirley to finish her hair cut!!! This Yakiniku Beef Bento with Ebi Furai so so delicious!! The ebi is so fresh and crunchy!! I can have more of it!! damn I miss this now!!! The beef is so flavourful and tender!!

Jakarta6Yakiniku Beef Bento with Ebi Furai
“Their green tea is non refillable, you wanna know why? Because they serve is a gigantic cup!!LOL”
The Bento was good but the salad was a turn down because they incorporate some local chilli inspired sauce…meh…You know I'm not a chilli person at all!!!

Jakarta12Looking good but just not my plate of salad!

The Unagi maki roll were just nice… I would prefer the seaweed to be more crispy..


Selfie after the dinner, look at my puffy hair…hahaha…


Hachi Hachi Bistro
Central Park, Lower Ground
Jl. Letnan Jenderal S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta Barat
Ph: (021) 5698 5592

Plaza Indonesia Jakarta

the next day my hair curls loosen up and the volume is gone… I wanted to ask passer-by to help us take picture then Shirley warn me that if I do that most possibly my camera will be gone!! LOL so scary!


Plaza Indonesia is one of the big shopping mall in Jakarta and have quite a number of big brand inside…  While I was walking saw this new ‘LOVE’ word structure series by Le Sport Tag!! They look so beautiful!! So I ask Shirley to help me take pictures of me with all the ‘LOVE’ structure!!





which is you favourite LOVE structure? I love all of them!! I cant pick the best out of them!! They all look so beautiful! I end up buying nothing during my entire Jakarta thing because there is no sale in May. This is pretty a good thing!!haha help me save up some money!!!

Ikkudo Ichi Ramen Grand Indonesia Jakarta

Shirley suggested we go for Ramen fix at Ikkudo Ichi, one of the famous Ramen store in Jakarta!!! 


It’s proven good I supposed, just look at the crowd?


It’s pretty cramped up inside but I love the lantern they hang on the ceiling and the sakura flower on the ceiling gave a feeling of full sakura blossoming!


Loving the gyoza a lot because it has prawn and the pork meat is so so juicy!!


The Ikkudo’s Buta Kara with their special red sauce was rather to spicy for me but Shirley like it hot & spicy!!


My Toroniku Ramen was okay.. You can actually choose your noodle springiness (hard,medium or soft) and the oil level (more oil, medium or less oil). I still feel quite oily even I select the less oily version!!! Not the best soup i tasted so far but the pork cheek is undeniably delicious..Not sure if pork cheek in Malaysia taste as good…I had yet to try!


Ikkudo Ichi
Grand Indonesia
West Mall, LG #27
Jl. M.H. Thamrin no 1
Jakarta Pusat
Tel: +62 21 2358 0336

D’Jornal Plaza Indonesia Jakarta

Shirley have to go home early so I stroll around and hey I miss coffee and D’Journal look pretty a good place for a cup of coffee! Well I really love the old skool decoration of the cafe and the lovely music they played inside! Sadly coffee wasn’t something great…


Jakarta25merchandise for sale..

Jakarta27The cosy garden inspired area…

Jakarta28Ordering and Coffee making station


Jakarta30my favourite section with old skool setup and wonderful music!

Jakarta33Me & my latte…

Grand Indonesia West Mall GF

Right after that I went back to hotel and continue to draft my entry for Kiehl’s Fun in the Sun event!! So that ends my Jakarta Trip and it was one of the best trip ever not because of the country or even the food but because I get to meet up with Shirley!!!! It’s always great when you have friends around to accompany me!

“Question: Have you met any stranger from the internet and arranged for a meet up?”

Till my next post!!! see you again real soon love!!


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