Happy Blogssary to Cindy’s Planet

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bonjour Girls, it’s Sunday and I thought I’ll write a short post to celebrate Cindy’s Planet turning two this month!!! How time flies and I seriously never thought I can keep on blogging for 2years…. I thought I will give up when after few months of blogging!! Well, I must thank to all you lovely readers that never stop reading my blog and comment on it despite your busy schedule!!!

My little blog has gone from writing about food, travel and now so much on beauty stufff….. I remember when I just started this blog I have zero follower…. The next milestone that I like to achieve is 500 follower on my blog! So if you have not follow me please follow my little planet, the link is on the right… Your support means a big world to me!!

Guess what as my blog grow my beauty stash is getting bigger too… I just cant stop buying them as they
are so fun to play it…. My recent craze are on lippies and brushesss…. I bought quite a number of them!

imageDo you own any of these?

imageZoeva Brushes and the Famous Konjac Sponge

Blog has definitely taken over my life, I can’t live without it…. I have to be on the keyboard at least twice a week!!!! I am so happy that through blogging I meet so many new friends and pick up so many skills and info too…. I am blessed that you guys read my blog everyday and this June and July you will see a series of giveaway coming up!!! The first one is a international giveaway so do not miss it kay?? It will go live tomorrow!

10417229_309068672582152_570422786_nWhat’s Coming up on upcoming giveaway!

Once again thank you to all of your continuous support!!!!

Good luck if you are joining all upcoming giveaway!! and Happy Sunday guys!! See you again tomorrow same time kay?


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