Flowy Chiffon

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bonjour Girls….. I gotta tell you this few days I have a super hectic schedule….. Feeling stress with all work piling up and emails that forever never able to finish replying!! Anyway, today I'm gonna share another fashion post for plusize people like me and well it will suit those with perfect body too because they look nice on every outfit..Jelly… It’s been sometime since I last share #CindyPlusLook right?? It’s not easy to choose the right outfit for body shape like me… There is so many factor to look in…

flowy chiffon
Chiffon Top: Bangkok
Chiffon Maxi Skirt: H&M
Purple Bangles & Necklace: Diva
Heels: Payless
Clutch: Mirocles

Chiffon is one of my favourite fabric as it does not hug my body tightly which will end up showing all my spare tyres but it just hang on my body nicely showing the right curve I needed… The extra points is that chiffon is so easy to take care, usually ironing is not required.. Even if it does just lightly iron the chiffon will look as smooth as tofu…. Unlike cotton or linen, you need spend sometime to really iron them and that’s a torture for me…..Do you feel the same? Another trick is select chiffon material that are heavy as it help flatter your figure…. Thin fabric then to highlight every inch of your body and thus those flabby area can be visible under light material!!

Black maxi Skirt13

The white chiffon top has many layer which create a very sweet feminine feel on the wearer…it has opening on the shoulder which reveal a little skin but still cover the arms….so your flabby arm is hidden inside while you flaunt you sexy shoulder!!

chiffon top

Maxi skirt is another good choice to cover your thigh if you have a flabby tight… If you are tall pair it with flats or if you need some extra inch just slide on a pair of heels of your choice!! This maxi skirt has a sheer portion at the lower thigh onwards which show a bit of sexiness yet help move the attention away from my flabby thigh!!!

Black maxi Skirt12

More pictures of the outfit!

Black maxi Skirt13_1

Black maxi Skirt15The checked clutch

Black maxi Skirt16beautiful purple necklace by Diva

That’s all from me today…. So the next time you wanna shop for cloth remember to try on chiffon kay?

“Question; Do you love chiffon like I do too?”

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