Beauty, Make Up Review: Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer

Monday, June 02, 2014

Halooooo Lovelies!!! I’m back from Jakarta and I am going to review this Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer today I have been using this for few months now!!! I actually wanted to get a higher end concealer that has fuller coverage but I am waiting for my swap box to arrive, which will take few months. I needed a concealer urgently because my face has sprouted quite a bit of acne lately due to massive stress from work…urghhh I hate this….. I didn’t want to splurge on a expensive concealer considering I will be getting one later on, so I went to Watsons, Guardian and Sasa and even Sephora (for NYX) to test a few concealers.

I was looking for a liquid concealer, and not the stick or pot form which I personally feel is quite drying and hard to blend. I was looking for a concealer that can cover up my acne only and not my dark eye circles because I have another concealer just for that purpose. I was in a dilemma between the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer and the Maybelline concealer since many people have been hyping about the Revlon concealer but while I was googling for some Revlon concealer reviews I found Shasha had just posted up her review at this link. According to her, the coverage might not be adequate for those with severe skin problems. Although my skin doesn’t have severe issues but I was in the market for a concealer with more coverage. When I swatched the Maybelline concealer on my hand, I felt the Maybelline one gives a better coverage and looks more natural so I paid up and took it home.
P/s: Most drugstores are sold out of the Maybelline concealer; I only managed to purchase this at the fifth outlet I visited at Pavilion.

This concealer is made of 100% Micro-Mineral Pigments and contains 0% Oil, Talc & Fragrance. It can be blended easily for a full coverage. It is proven to reduce redness and dark spots, soothe signs of fatigue, hydrate under-eye skin and provide all-day natural coverage. It comes in two shades, Light & Medium in Malaysia and apparently, in other countries there are more shades available.
Product Info
Product Name : Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer
Net Weight : 5.5 ml
Price : RM 19.90
Where to Buy : Watson, Guardian, SaSa Store Nationwide (Malaysia) Any place that sell Maybelline Product (International)
Skin Type : All Skin Type
Available Shade in Malaysia : 01 Light & 02 Medium

Maybeline Concealer11


It comes in a light-weight plastic tube and is very convenient to carry around. The applicator comes with a doe foot wand for easy application. I love concealer with wands as it feels nice when the brush dabs on my skin just like a lip gloss wand. However, it’s not as hygienic compared to concealers in a squeeze nozzle packaging.

Maybeline Concealer12

Texture & Scent

Light creamy texture which does not cake at all when applied on my skin. It’s very easy to blend but it has a tendency to be over-blended and it becomes too sheer, hence it’s a little tricky to blend. I have no scent issues at all since this concealer is scentless for me.

How to Use

Using the concealer wand, dot onto the area you want to conceal after applying your foundation. Since the texture of the concealer is quite sheer and runny, try applying it using dabbing motion to avoid the concealer looking too sheer. The dabbing motion will make sure the concealer covers the imperfections on your skin instead of being blended over the rest of your face. Brush on some loose powder to set the concealer and foundation for a flawless finish. For more coverage, apply another layer of the concealer and loose powder on your face.

Maybeline Concealer5Dot the concealer on the area you like to conceal.

Cindy’s Thought

I love that it’s very easy to blend and not overly thick and cakey… It gives quite a natural finish and covers redness and scars pretty well. However because of its light texture it does not cover big acne bumps and for that you will need a thicker concealer formula to conceal over it.

Maybelline Mineral Power ConcealerComparison before and after applying concealer

Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer ReviewZoom in

The concealer has a yellow undertone and does not have any brightening effects!! I am using the shade Light, and the colour can be pretty dull which is why I don’t use it for my dark circles but I did test it out once. I found that the coverage is too light for my dark circles and can be quite cakey after I apply loose powder on it.

If I don’t wear foundation or am doing heavy makeup, I usually apply two layers of concealer for more coverage.

P/s: refer to the pictures above on how to apply the concealer.

Maybeline Concealer review

Conclusion & Rating

It does pretty good job covering some dark spots, scars and small acne and for the price I paid, I say it does its job well.


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