Astro On-The-Go & Stadium Astro: World Cup Blogger Event (PPP)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The FIFA World Cup 2014 fever is back after 4 years and this time in Brazil. This would mean the beginning late night chanting throughout the region and unites everyone for this spectacular event. In conjunction of the FIFA 2014, Astro had launched several apps to keep die hard football fans in touch with the game and whole lot of other goodies. 

 Astro GO – FIFA World Cup 2014

We are in treat to attend the Astro World Cup Blogger Event that would showcase their unique apps to keep football fans in check with live updates and highlights throughout the World Cup. It is definitely a must get for all the apps with its user friendly interface, full functionality, and direct updates. The turnout was amazing as there’s various supporter of various country in their bright colour jerseys that reflect the national colours and high spirited too, I must say.

Waiting for the rest.
A quick registration and to show the apps downloaded as part of the program which entitled for 4 chops to represent each apps.

Registration Booth.

Astro Ola Bola Apps
Once stepping into the place, all the hype of football fever slowly seeps in as national flags and jersey of country is spotted everywhere. It’s pure samba excitement.

Ola Bola peeps
Soon the place is packed and everyone is intrigue of the apps that is shown on display with functionality like none other. I was taken aback by stream of people that fills the place to the brim.

Astro GO – Apps 
We were quickly introduced to our host for the day which is Reuben Kang (of JinnyBoyTV), Host of Astro Football Overload and Jun Yong, TV Host of Astro Supersport Radio. A brief run through of the functionality of those apps of which highlights crucial moments that lead up to goals or perhaps a penalty.

Reuben and Jun Yong
Reuben explained on the Astro GO 2014 – FIFA World Cup app which enables streaming of all Live matches with a selection of 6 multi-cam feeds, instant pause & replay with timeline and event markers. This includes amazing multi-angle replay of every major actions and every goals through a selection of 34 cameras on pitch, including super slo-mo which is seen on screen but all at your fingertips.

Reuben Explaining

Astro GO – FIFA World Cup 2014
Multi 6 Cam

The app also comes complete with match schedules, results and live score updates from Brazil so you won’t miss anything while on the go and still can catch the game wherever you are at. There is also constant social media news feeds and sharing function to share your favourite moments with friends.


Match Schedule
It comes preloaded with enhanced statistics of every match, every team and every player from the 32 countries including head-to-head stats comparing any teams and players that give you the insight to talk like a football pundit even if you’re skipped watching the match. The app also comes with videos of 200 Best Moments from the past FIFA World Cup such as best players, best goals, best saves and best matches.

Player Stat Comparison

Team Comparison
Side Tabs
Game Stats

Following we are introduced to another app, Astro’s Ola Bola Football Predictor: Brazil 2014 edition which is a LIVE football prediction app. Each of which is rewarded through point system by hitting the prompt selections that have allocated points for respective selection. This means that you can make predictions on events (eg. free kicks, corners and penalty kicks) on the fly during an ongoing LIVE football match and score points when you make accurate predictions as you follow the matches throughout the World Cup in Brail from 13th June 2014 to 14th July 2014. Continuous playing and accumulating points as you challenge your friends and others to emerge at the top. Football Predictor is all about putting your football knowledge and instincts to the test.

Main Menu
Prediction Scores
Final score
Both Reuben and Jun Yong get a couple of bloggers to join their team for the app demonstration. Jun Yong’s team is comprised of KY of and Nara of with Reuben’s team comprised of Tian Chad of and Budiey of which will see both team battling out for supremacy in football knowledge.

Both Teams Competing
Now let’s put a smile
Jun Yong explaining the mechanics

After a brief waiting, we moved forward to the mini game in the Football Predictor with another batch of bloggers to participate in the game.

clip_image047Alright, moving along to next phase

With each team replenish member, we’re quickly drawn to the mini game which apparently test the knowledge on the World Cup with multiple question along choices that question from the beginning of World Cup till recent times. Rules is simply, winner gets reward and loser gets zapped (or pinched in this case) Nevertheless, It’s absolutely exciting to see both teams strutting their knowledge in football supremacy.

Reuben with Saimatkong & Issac Tan

Jun Yong and her team
Everyone taking out the thinking caps

Eventually there can be only be one winner however it’s great to see great in depth knowledge of the game by both sides. Both team walked away with goodies from Astro GO.

Hooray to Both Teams

After all excitement, it’s time to take a break and reenergize for another round of the football fever.

Munch time.. 
Dinner yums

After the dinner, it’s time to head back to try the activities that Astro Go Play people have in stored for all participant and it’s said to be challenging in many aspect which piqued my attention. It’s time to stretch ‘em muscles or perhaps brain storming powers. Meanwhile Timothy (Nuffnang Co-Founder) and Audrey (of with Jude, lil Fighter in tow had dropped by in support of the Astro GO Play.

Timothy with Jude (aka Fighter)
With all participant recharged, it’s time for the games. During the registration, all participants have been assigned to their respective country team (For i.e: A - Argentina, B – Brazil) and everyone is rounded up to their team members of six (6) people to start the game. The objective is to complete the various tasks assigned, ranging from shooting ball in the goal, predict goals via the Football Predictor and many more. Each task is required to be completed for points which are then accumulated for reward. Excitement races through the air and everyone gets busy.

I was assigned to Team Japan and our first task would shoot the goal. Similar to the Football Predictor on the goal prediction, we were required to shoot into either one of the standee in the goal post for the points that ranges from 64 (Representation of the 64 Live Matches) or 30 (the 30 Free Matches live) which is then accumulated with additional points from sharing through Facebook through each members.

Shooting Goal 

The next task would be playing the Astro GO – FIFA World Cup 2014 app. The objective is to complete the six (6) steps as shown by the personnel in the shortest period. Those steps will highlight the app functionality, ranges from its 6 Multi Cam from various angle to it’s slo-mo function to catch the moment and the game highlights. There is the pause and replay function to view back.

Astro GO – FIFA World CUP 2014 (On functionality)
6 steps and you’re good to go
(Or so we think when there is the time limit)

The following task is the Astro GO – Football Predictor 2014. Our team will have to compete with the other team in guessing the eventual result to garner points to determine the winner. A few guesses were out but right on track for the last second. It’s heart pumping action and every second counts.

Football Predictor (Guess the game)

The following task would require participant to join the #OlaBolaMy movement by visit . The website will be redirected to Stadium Astro and the prompt page to depict the digital face painting in conjunction of the World Cup. User would be able to use the app to digitally draw the flags of their favourite country and once done, you can post it on Facebook.

Everyone is listening closely
Prompt Page in

First you have to choose the country that you prefer for the World Cup

Pick your nation

Second pick a method to upload your picture. There are several mediums to choose from at your convenience.

Choose your picture

Third adjust the contour of the face to conform on the digital imprint.

Adjust the contour

Lastly after completing the adjustment, the imprint would be previewed with the options to save and share to unlock more patterns or just save and proceed. It is entirely up to you

The result
Guys, we’re good?
(Connection slow, brah)
After completing the task, it was such relieve as the connection was really slow (Probably due to numerous people within the radius utilizing the bandwidth at same time. Reuben and Jun Yong were having short quiz and giving prizes to the people that could answer the question tossed by Reuben whom is avid football fan. Go figured on the football question that ranges from the 1930 World Cup till much recent times.

Google is the best friend (Just Saying..)

After all team have completed the tasks and the points were calculated. It was time to announce the winner which was a close as both were tied but ultimately a tiebreaker had decided the ultimate winner. Both teams were handed out prizes for their efforts and also for the third runner up.

Team Spain – Champion
Team Portugal – 1st Runner Up
Team Italia (Italy) – 2nd Runner Up

Good work and kudos to all the team in the games which test their knowledge and skills in the football challenge.

Hip hip.. Hooray..
(Insert We Are The Champion Theme)

After the prizes were given out, concludes the day and we head off to redeem the chops courtesy of Astro GO Play.
Looked rather cool.

Keeping yourself in the game have never been so easy. So wait no further and head over to the following to download the apps.

a.      Astro On-The-Go (Android:, iOS: )
b.      Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup (Android:, iOS: )
c.      Stadium Astro (Android:, iOS: )
d.      Astro Ola Bola Football Predictor (Android:, iOS: )

Brought to you by Astro GO – Play: FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014
To conclude the night, here’s a peek from above. From a person that isn’t fond of heights, the sight is absolutely wonderful.

The serenity of the night


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