The Reverse Restaurant, Food For Thought @ Queen Street Singapore

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello guyssss…. Back from overdose of good food yesterday.... It's always great to catch up with friend and it get's better when good food come along!! So I am back from my Singapore Trip, before I share the amazing room I stayed in I thought I should take this opportunity to share with you this awesome restaurant I visited during my last visit to Singapore! So as the title say The Reverse Restaurant means everything is in reverse!! It’s not just a restaurant name!!!

What would your life look like if you lived it out from front to back?”

We were all invited to the restaurant for a very special theme “Restaurant of Reverse” dinner at Food For Thought who prepare this entire dinner in conjunction with Rendezvous Hotel Launch (all the art theme). You will be able to see all the quirky decoration inside this restaurant and some really creative quotes on the wall created by some of the art student and also people behind this restaurant. 

Food For Thought is about transforming community spaces & bringing people together to enjoy Good Food for a Good Cause.”
This is my very first time dining with such unique theme and I never really thought of living my life from back to front… From the outside of the restaurant there are those cute wordings and drawing drawn on the glass panel…. 

Singapore Trip26

Singapore Trip27 Just Smile!!!
That night I was pretty rush as I rush to town to buy my favourite LUSH!!! So I did not really put on heavy make up, just a quick one…I’m wearing this maxi dress, you might have seen this before in my post but this is one of my favourite dress!! So yeah you will see it again and again in my blog! 

Singapore Trip29a

The whole venue were booked for us and we were early as the staff is still preparing the tables.. Now let’s have a tour around the restaurant! 

Singapore Trip30Staff setting up our table (look at the marble and wood combination table)
Singapore Trip33The array of glass ceiling decor look so graceful…
artwork at food for thoughtThe fun quote on the wall and that cute bin!

food for thoughtDrinks anyone?

Our table was beautifully decorated with white lace table cloth, fresh flower and colourful M&M…

Singapore Trip42Beautiful setup!

Each diner is given a gold envelope with card inside it for us to fill in!

Singapore Trip50

These card are filled with adorable cartoon and wording both side..

Singapore Trip51

Are you ready to experience your life in reverse?”

So what is our first course for the night? It’s dessert and wine to begin our dinner! 

1) Begin with the end in mind, Banana Tartlet & A glass of Wine

Singapore Trip54

I connect all the dot in the card and it reflects a duck… The dots means for the individual goals you set to achieve your results. The result is this case is the grown up duck. You have to continue to read to understand the whole meaning of this.

I am okay with dessert as the starter for the night…Nothing awkward and it tells us to consider how we live today and you will find sweet ending tomorrow.

Singapore Trip53

We had white wine while chewing the banana tartlet… The tartlet was not really my favourite as it’s quite sticky but yes I love the smooth vanilla ice-cream.

Singapore Trip52Banana Tartlet
2) Endure the heat of the Mid-Way Point, Spicy Oriechette

All you have to do is to stay strong in achieving your goals… Failure is the road to success…


Happy endings aren’t easy to get to though. The day to day heat and pressure we face may wither our resolve to get there. Awareness of the fires before and the fight still within you will help your dreams survive the year ahead.”


This pasta is something I never thought it can be so delicious..It has slow burn chilli padi which is not my favourite at all but this time I love the spiciness of it when it slowly kick in when the pasta is in my mouth… The tuna gives a good chew and taste to the light pasta flavour…

Singapore Trip56Spicy Oriechette
3) Start where you are, Use what you have, Break of Day Salad

Believe in yourself, you got what you need to go to the place you want to go…

Singapore Trip58

Right now, believe it or not, you already have what you need to get to where you wanna go. Who you are now is but a starter version of who you will be later. Mercies are new every morning and every break of day is a sign of hope.”

Singapore Trip59

This salad wasn’t my kind of salad because they put mustard in the dressing..Other than the mustard it was all good… The grilled romaine lettuce were really delicious which is something new for me…Usually Romaine Lettuce come in raw form… The quail eggs and bacon crisp are always my pick when I see it in the menu!

Singapore Trip57Break of Day Salad

That salad basically end our 3 dinner course and we were served with coffee and contemplation.

Singapore Trip63

The coffee art look weird to me….Well they taste good but I feel so full to drink coffee at the end of my meal…..Still I prefer my coffee before I start eating…

Singapore Trip60Coffee

This lemon meringue was way too eggy taste for me…Kind of fishy taste for a moment…Not my pick for sure…

Singapore Trip61Lemon Meringue

It gave me whole new thought of my life after the dinner. It’s truly a new and memorable experience for me. Thank You Food For Thought & Rendezvous Singapore for such a great dinner! Till my next post again!

Food For Thought @ 8Q SAM
8 Queen Street, Singapore
T: +65 6338 0873
(reservations and enquiries) 


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