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Monday, May 12, 2014

Back to Malaysia working life today and I have something great to share with you!!! Guess what now your partner get to dine for free with The Entertainer App (TEA). That’s not just what The Entertainer App Malaysia can offer, you get more than just free meal but also other Buy 1 Free 1 offer such as free second night hotel stay, free spa for your partner, free sport session for your partner and many more.. There is more than 6,000 merchant partners located across 23 destinations throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.


I am eyeing on a few merchant to use the offer such as Watami, Fahrenheit 600 ( I love their wood oven baked pizza, read my review here), Tatsu ( Japanese Food), Bulgogi Brother, Delicious, The Apartment, Lafite Shangri La Hotel, Gelatomio,TGI Friday, Chatime, Juice Works, Sompotan Spa, Jurlique Facial and many more.

TEA is a online voucher book which offer  Buy One Get One Free offers for dining, leisure, wellness, entertainment and hotel accommodation. Their offers are valid 7 days a week, all year long, with virtually no restrictions. There are 3 offers for each participating merchant. You can decide how many offers you wish to use, up to a total of 3 offers per 6 people. For example, you can treat a loved one to dinner for just the two of you or take a family of 6 using 3 offers! It cost only RM 235 for all these offer that is valid for one whole year. Let’s do a simple calculation, let’s say you dine out for one time in a week for one whole year:

1time/week x 4 week/month x 12month/year = 1 x 4 x 12 = 48 times per year

So you dine out for 48 times per year and the voucher book is priced at RM 235.

RM 235/ 48 = RM 4.89 ~ RM 5.00

Thus, you only pay for RM 5 to get the buy one free one offer where by a simple ala-carte can easily cost more than RM 10 and above and that means you save up RM 10 (because the second dish is free) each time you dine if your ala-carte is priced at 10.

so RM 10 x 48 times/year = RM 480
RM 480 - RM235 (price you pay for the app) = RM 246
This means even after paying for the voucher book of RM 234 you still have a minimum saving of RM 246 (you can use the saving to buy another voucher book for 2015). If your meal is of higher price then your saving will be higher too.

WAIT UP, I am going to make the deal sweeter!!!! For all my reader you get to purchase this app for one month trial for only RM 49 RM38. At the end of the month, if you love the Entertainer – you can upgrade to a full 2014 membership for a reduced price at RM186 and keep enjoying unbeatable value through the end of the year. To purchase the trial please click and enter promo code @cindytong86 


How The Entertainer App works? All you have to do is go to Apple Store or Google Play to download TEA. I will show you how to download the app as well as some of the features in the app which is very easy to use and navigate around!

As I am using Samsung so this is the screen shot from Google Play. Just click download and wait for the app to install.
After downloading, you have click on the buy tab to purchase your preferred voucher book ( purchase based on the country you currently stay in). I select the voucher book for Malaysia and if it is the 2014 version then it will be valid from 1st January 2014 till 31st December 2014.


I will not go into detail on how to complete the purchasing step. You refer to this video for full tutorial on how to purchase the full 2014 voucher book.

Okay now if you want to purchase the one month trial just click and enter promo code @cindytong86 


To start browsing what merchant is available for Buy 1 free 1 offer you can refine your search by name, cuisine type, type of merchant, location, newest merchant. I really impressed with so many ways to refined my search which is really helpful in deciding which food to go for. The direct call function is the best!! There’s no need to copy or remember the number to dial on dialing screen! The built in map is very convenient especial for people like me who is always lost..HaHaHa…


The tutorial on how you can redeem the offer you can watch the above video for more info. I had redeem my offer at La Mexicana two week ago. Click redeem and type my pin in and I get another dish with similar or lower price for free.


La Mexicana is serve authentic Mexican food that you can’t find elsewhere in Malaysia. I was amazed at the beautiful garden set up of the restaurant with red wooden chair and blue table for you to enjoy a glass of handmade margarita (lemonade is freshly squeezed everyday) compliment with famous Mexican snack the tapas.

Inside is fully air conditioned and is filled with Mexican decoration. The warm and cosy ambient give friendly welcome feeling to every guest that walk in feel almost like visiting to friend’s house in Mexico.

La Mexicana5The bar with beautiful paintings..

La Mexicana6The embroidery on top is so colourful…BEAUTIFUL! 

So I order 4 item (3 mains/appetizer & 1 dessert) to share with my partner that night which I only required to pay for 2 item as the other 2 is free… I am going to be brief else this post gonna be so long..

The first dish is the Tacos De “Bistec Con Chorizo”, 3 tacos filled with juicy beef steak and homemade chorizo served with coriander, onion and molcajete red sauce. I didn’t eat it along with the sauce as I don’t quite like sauces like this…. So I had the taco on it’s own and the beef is quite dry. It tasted almost like the Chinese fried minced meat with soy sauce.

La Mexicana7Tacos De “Bistec Con Chorizo”,  RM 22.00

This Buritos De Chilorio, 4 fried burritos made with flour tortillas stuffed with traditional “Chilorio” (shredded & seasoned pork) from Sinaloa on a bed of fresh green drizzled with a citrus dressing. This is my favourite among all three dish.  The citrus dressing is so appetizing.

La Mexicana8Buritos De Chilorio, RM 28.00

Juicy pork wrapped in crunchy tortilla skin give a great texture on every bite especially when the salad leave came along with it.

La Mexicana9

The Enmoladas, 3 corn tortillas stuffed with chicken, bathed in the traditional “Mole”sauce, topped with cream, sesame seeds and panela cheese. This is just weird for me and my partner too… Also other people who tried this…I think I don’t quite know how to appreciate authentic Mexican food yet and in this case I think the “Mole”sauce is the one that makes me feel really weird biting it..

La Mexicana10Enmoladas, RM 24.00

The Pastel “3 Leches”, a delicious moist & sweet traditional “Tres Leches” cake with walnut & peach slices. Bite into it and you will taste it like a moist biscuit texture. It doesn’t feel like sponge cake texture, dense and moist… The sweetness level is alright for me and if you have sweet tooth I think this might be too mild for you. I prefer to have this cake without the peach slice though…

La Mexicana12Pastel “3 Leches”

If you love to try authentic Mexican food do visit La Mexican and after you purchase the TEA voucher book you get Buy 1 Free 1 offer. Such an amazing offer!! Do not missed out this great deal!! Click and enter promo code @cindytong86 to purchase the voucher book for one month trial. Offer valid till 6th June 2014.

Happy food hunting and dining with your family and friends with great saving!!! Till my next post..See ya…
*disclaimer my food for that night is complimentary from the restaurant for review purposes.

La Mexicana,

The Terrace at Hock Choon, 

 241B Lorong Nibong,

 off Jalan Ampang, 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-4253 5251

For more details of  The Entertainer App please visit:

Twitter: @EntertainerAsia

Instagram: the_entertainer241

Flickr Tags: ,,,,,,,

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