Suria Meriang Warehouse Sale 2014 + Saturday Recap

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bonjour Ladies…It’s been sometime since I last write a recap and ramble some random stuff eh? My last Saturday is very well spent with my partner in crime Carolyn. My Saturday begin at 5.30 am and can you guess why?? Nope not for a morning marathon, not for catching early flight either but to queue for the most awaited Suria Meriang Warehouse Sale for brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Origin, DKNY, Coach & Many More.

We plan to arrived at 5.30am but me and Carolyn talk nonstop and overslept…. So we rush over and arrived at 6 am at Times Square Hotel.  The queue at 6 am already 3line long and those who were at 1st line arrived at 1-3 am… This is crazy man…For me 5 am was really early but 1am?? Seriously??? *Salute*

C360_2014-05-17-06-51-21-312The queue at 6 am..

While we queuing we are not allowed to sleep nor eat..There is about 4 to 5 guards securing the place and making sure there is no chaos later on. These guards nonstop looking at us and there’s almost impossible for you to eat or sleep…Lucky we are allowed to drink water…

This warehouse sale is not opened for public only exclusive for staff and family and certain customer. I manage to get my ticket from my friend, if you are reading this thanks a lot my dear.The ticket stated it will start at 8.30 am but about 7 am those who with VIP ticket allowed to go in first…So jelly of them…they get to pick the best colour and best product first!!! Then about 7.30 am a large group of us were allowed to go in and that include me.. I am not sure how many they let in at one time as when I am inside my focus is to get the stuff I want!!

I went to Bobbi Brown counter first because that is the first thing I saw is Bobbi Brown which is near to the entrance. I saw the brick set and some other makeup palette set, so I just pick whatever I like and put it into my bag and select it later.. I manage to get a liquid foundation from Bobbi Brown but it’s rather too dark for my skin tone so in the end I did not get… There are many single eye shadow palette as in does not come in set but well I am into special and limited edition colour but most palette are natural or nude colours.

Then I move on to MAC counter grab RiRi bronzer and few mineralize eye shadow and blusher too… MAC counter is always full with people and it’s really hard to squeeze in to get the item. I manage to get 3 lipstick from MAC which is the MUST buy item from MAC…. I move on the the MAC set area and grab another set into my plastic bag…

Then I briefly walk around Estee Lauder, Origin & the perfume counter which has brand like Coach, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and etc. I did not get anything from these brands… I wanted to get Estee Lauder perfume but the one i wanted was not there…

Within one hour most counter is empty especially Bobbi Brown..Most of the set is finished…and MAC lipstick is going out fast too… Those what left are the mineralized eye shadow and blusher and some lipgloss at MAC counter.. While at Bobbi Brown only those single eye shadow palette left while concealer, liquid foundation and other set are all gone!!

In the end me and Carolyn sit down at one corner and carefully select the item we needed.. It was really nice to have her as my shopping partner…We try to control from over spending and buying thing that we don’t need or thing that we least favoured!! We ensure all the colours are the one we love and will wear it frequently… So after much screening I got myself one Bobbi Brown set, one MAC set, 3 MAC Lipstick & one Bobbi Brown Kohl Eyeliner pencil.

I got this Telluride Glow Collection at only RM 160 which is retailed at SGD 230 (I couldn’t find the price in RM via Google) which is about 70% off original price!! Such a great deal…Coincidently I needed a new bronzer and this non shimmer bronzer the perfect shade for me…My main reason for getting this set is because of the Brown Smoky Eye Palette and the ever famous Long Wear Gel Eyeliner. If you know me I don’t buy nude colour eye shadow but I needed one because I wanna do nude makeup look for an occasion which I will reveal when time is right. The set also come with the Bellini High Shimmer lip gloss and Extreme Party mascara.

I also gotten myself this Bobbi Brown Kohl Eyeliner Pencil at RM 40. I have tried this eyeliner and love it so much so I buy one more to stock up.


At MAC I got myself this Stroke of Midnight Eye Bag in Gold for RM 95 retailed at RM 255 which come with a small bag, Genuine Treasure Paint Pot, In Extreme Dimension Lash black Mascara, Blitz & Glitz Fluidline and a 209 Eye Liner/239 Eye Shader double-ended brush. This set is totally my kind of colour because the sparkling cream shadow and gel eyeliner is so beautiful. Shimmer & sparkles is my all time favourite! intense black with gold pearl. The eye brush is really pretty can;t wait to try them on!!!
The three lipstick come in one set for RM 60 which each of them retail at RM 68 – 75. I pick this set of three because I wanted the red lipstick which is the last set that have red colour.. Other are mostly nude or brown or bronze shade. The three shade is Just a Bite (dark plum red), Dress it Up (Sweet Pink) and You’ve Got It (Pink Undertone with Gold Shimmer).


After screening through the stuff we got we went to queue for payment….OMG we queue for 1 hour to pay using credit card!!This is crazy.. Me and Carolyn was so hungry and need to pee as soon as we are done with payment!!

C360_2014-05-17-09-48-24-959Queue for payment!
I am very happy with my purchase and I am a little regret for not getting the MAC mineralize eye shadow and blusher but the colour really not something I really like… Honestly the colour offered from MAC wasn’t really pretty I think..Most of the colour are the dull ones and those that are hard to wear on daily basis… I was happy that I got red lipstick colour from MAC as that was the last set!!! Most of the manufacturing date are in 2013 except one MAC lipstick which is manufactured at the end of 2012.

We manage to pay at 10.30 am and when we came out there is still about 2 line people queuing to go into the warehouse sale!! After the warehouse sale we went for a quick breakfast at Kim Gary and it was the worst Kim Gary I’ve ever been..the staff do not pay attention at work like dead zombie…. The service is really terrible!!

After that we rush over to Yoga Class which we arrive just in time..phew…

Great workout indeed..Never felt this good!! I shall write a separate blogpost on that later…Then god mum called to ask if I will be going to beauty expo….. We were contemplating whether we should go as we do not want to spend too much… We decide to drop by since we were in KL and thank god we did not buy much… Last year beauty expo is way better!!! I only bought this hair dryer for god mum at only RM24. Such a great deal, I am sharing with a ground of stranger i met who is buying 4 of them at RM 95 and let go one to me!!I also purchase a CC cream for my beauty swap from Cathy Doll which is not available in Malaysia!All their product are very cute one!!! Gotten the hair shampoo and mask sachet inside the goodie bag!!


After the expo we were famished…We didn’t take lunch earlier and so we go to this shop in Pudu which I forget the name!! Carolyn if you reading this tell me the name pleaseeee.... OMG the curry chu cheong fun is so so delicious…


Finally, we drive home with painful leg for me and painful arm for Carolyn after shopping for the whole day and also the great Yoga workout!! When I was driving home I almost doze off.. Reaching home I thought mmm I should go for a hair wash while waiting for my car. After everything is done I crash on my bed at about 9pm and sleep till the next morning at 11 am….. It’s been very long I never feel this tired… So long for now..Till my next post!

So how’s your Saturday?? Any of you went to the Suria Meriang Sale too?? Did you purchase anything? Tell me all about it in the comment kay?”


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