Quincy Hotel Singapore Qool Staycation Review

Monday, May 26, 2014

Bonjour lovelies…. On this lovely Monday I will let you experience my staycation in Quincy Hotel through all the beautiful pictures I had captured through out my stay here. You do know I travel to Singapore frequently right?? I always stay at Elizabeth Hotel which is just next to this Quincy Hotel. Every night when I walk back to my hotel from Orchard I pass by this hotel and this line will always run through my brain “wow this is such a beautiful hotel!! I love to have a staycation here one day!”

During one of my visit to Rendezvous Hotel Singapore launch in January, I was given an opportunity to tour around the hotel and my eyes sparkles when i see the modern and chic room …..Not to mentioned the 24 hours sport facilities which include the see through infinity swimming pool with skyline city view which ensure your swim a spectacular one!! Ever since I have been thinking to stay at Quincy Hotel one fine day…. During my last visit to Singapore I finally managed to spare time to stay in Singapore over the weekend. You know I was so excited when my room booking is confirmed, I was jumping happily like dream come true!! I book the Qool Weekend staycation in Quincy Hotel!


How Qool is staycation? Extremely Qool I’d say. With their new promotion of 20% discount on the package price you get to enjoy a Qool weekend with unbeatable price plus the add on benefit. Discover your art side that you never realize before or just have fun painting on the canvas, watch movie while you float on the swimming pool or just bake some cute cupcakes. Here is the summary of what’s is included in the Qool Staycation Package!
Qool Weekend Staycation Package at Quincy Hotel
Location : 2 Mount Elizabeth S228517
Reservation Contact :
Price : 20%** OFF our usual package rate (UP: S$358++)
Nearby Attraction : Lucky Plaza (0.4 Km / 5 min walk), The Paragon (0.4 Km / 5 min walk), Ngee Ann City (0.6 Km / 8 min walk), Ion Orchard (0.6 Km / 8 min walk)
Nearby MRT : Orchard MRT Station (0.6 Km / 8 min walk)
Qool Package inclusive of:
  • One night stay at The Quincy Hotel's Studio Room (twin-sharing)
  • Buffet breakfast for 2
  • All-day light refreshments by Dean & DeLuca and Modesto's
  • Evening cocktails
  • One bottle of red wine
  • Complimentary in-room mini-bar
  • Free entry to The Butter Factory for 1+1 (Each hotel guest can bring in one other friend into the club)
  • Late check-out till 3pm (subject to availability)
  • Free Local calls
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi access
Let’s begin my Qool Weekend travelogue shall we?

** bear with me as this will be a lengthy post. Feel free to scroll to the preferable section which I have divided.

Since I was staying next hotel during the weekday, after my breakfast I move my luggage over to Quincy Hotel so I my luggage can be kept at that hotel while I head to my office. When I walk in I was politely greeted by the bell boy and also the staff on duty. It was a very warm welcome despite so early in the morning which is about 6am. I then ask if I could check in and wonder if my room is ready. To my surprise my room is READY for me to check in!! Sadly I have to rush to my office so I just walk in the room and lie on the bed for a minute!!! Man I wish I don’t need to get up!!!

Quincy Hotel1

There’s so many good thing I want to talk about this bed!! The pillow is so so fluffy and the softness and height is just right for me!! The mattress is layer with another layer of sponge a like sheet before they cover it with bed sheet. So when you lie on the bed you will feel the soft sponge feeling and the smooth cotton bed sheet can make one fall asleep real quick!! Okay I got up in shock when i see my watch it’s almost 6.30 pm. I have to take cab at 7am to my office and I have not taken my breakfast….So I bid goodbye to the bed and head to breakfast then to my office.


I can’t wait to head back to the hotel for dinner over some cocktail to get my Friday night started. I was lucky to able to finish meeting at 5pm. Quincy Hotel is located within 5minute walking distance from the famous premier shopping street the Orchard Road. Walking back to hotel you can expect to see a straight up steel alike building of Quincy Hotel with an outdoor green garden setup and a calm waterfall beside the dining area.

imageCan you spot the uber Qool Infinity pool?

imageThe outdoor garden, if the weather is good it will be great to read some book here!

If you are driving or taking a cab back, you will be greeted by the friendly hotel staff and as you walk into the lobby you will be welcomed by the illuminating LED wall and the adorable egg shaped sofa with MAC play station.

imageThe Lobby area

Quincy Hotel lobby

This egg-sofa is my favourite place to hang around while I wait for cab to arrive…You need not to stand and wait for the cab..Just tell the staff, sit tight and read some magazine and the cab will be here in no time.

Singapore Trip133

As you walk to the lift, there’s a mystery path on your left which link to the bathroom…It look like a mini exhibition hall showing the fibreglass torso with lots of shinning stones on it!

Quincy Hotel torso


Let me bring you back to the sleek & contemporary design room!! Let’s go to  my favourite part of the room the bath room!! Enclosed inside the bath room is the separate deep bath tub with flexible shower head!!! This is one of the best bath tub I soaked in so far!!! Let me tell you why!!! First I ain’t petite in size so those short and shallow bath tub is a turned-off. It become worst when the water take forever to filled up!!! Bath tub in my studio room in Quincy Hotel is totally different! The ceramic white bath tub come in a huge rectangle shape with depth sufficient to cover my body till my neck level and a little extra space on both side which other hotel’s bath tub that I’ve been will never have. The flexible shower head help bubble making so easy!! The HOT & high water flow get extra point from me!! Another point for this bathroom because it is enclosed in a glass panel instead of a solid wall so I can watch TV while I soak in my bath tub! Don’t worry you can always put down the blind if you do not want you partner to peek while you shower..hehe…Sorry for the long paragraph only on bath tub!!! Muahahaha…I am a bath tub fanatic fan!!! or you can call me the Bath Tub Queen!

Quincy Hotel17

Nah show you my bath tub selfie moment!!!I wish to take nicer picture but my mobile phone timer is not long enough for me to pose…. If you see in the picture I am having ice cream while soaking in bath tub!! The ice cream is available during lunch & dinner (more later)!

quincy hotel bath tub

After soaking you can move to the left for a shower to wash away the bubbles…. You can opt for the flexible shower head or the fixed shower head from the top!!! I like the one from top!!The water that flow on top of my head just feel so good!

Quincy Hotel3

Quincy provide premium bath & body product from Molton Brown so you don’t have to worry the product will damage your hair and skin!

Quincy Hotel76

This bar soap is my favourite! I don’t know how to put in word but the curve edge and the soapy feeling of this soap is really nice to hold and use.

Quincy Hotel5

The toilet bowl come with function to automatically wash your butt after you poo…Hahaha… I personally love the unique sink design!!!

Quincy Hotel2

Okay enough of bath room let’s move to other part of the room! The wardrobe just located beside the bathroom and sharing door with the bathroom.

If you close the bathroom door then your wardrobe is open air and if you prefer your cloths to be enclosed just open the bathroom door. The room interior not the most spacious i have been but it’s perfectly fine for me..I don’t need spacious room cause I am not going to do big movement in the room too…As long as there sufficient path way it’s all good!!! Room come with a 42-inch flat panel cable TV, super huge one!!

Quincy Hotel7

Do you know on Saturday morning I just lie on the bed and watch TV for hours before I check out?? The bed is so comfy and the huge TV make a great combo for me to chill and relax. Checkout below video of me lazing on my bed! Hahaha..

Did I mention the mini bar is complimentary and it will be refill daily? So snack away with your favourite show! It’s not just a room but a mini lounge I feel…. Everything is provided in the room just name it, there is snacks, chilled can drinks, hot drinks or even fruit juices (you call to room service and request them to bring to your room). Sometime I hate hotel that provide only two bottle of mineral water which will never be sufficient especially for 2 pax..Most of the time I have go out and buy my own!! You don’t have to worry this at Quincy they will quench your thirst wherever you are as along as you are inside Quincy Hotel area (at the swimming pool, gym and lobby).

imageChilled Drink
imageSnacks & Hot Drink
Oh yes if you need to play some song in the room just insert your IPod or IPhone in the Philips IPod Dock provided in the room!

Quincy Hotel6

or just sit at the corner long sofa to read some book or play with your phone or laptop overseeing the city view from the glass panel!

Quincy Hotel Room

I’m not going to talk about the bed as I already did in previous paragraph!

Quincy Hotel8

The room feature simple yet sleek design with mirror at almost every corner!! This is really great for me as i can do make up while watching TV or just any where in the room! No need to share mirror with my partner!ha-ha….

Quincy Hotel10


I am really hungry after taking pictures of the room (what I usually do when I first check in my room before I mess up the bed!) Let’s go down for some dinner. Just now I mentioned you will never feel thirsty in Quincy and I tell you now that you will not feel hungry at all!! In fact, Quincy will ensure your tummy is constantly full!! From 12pm to 8pm you get to dine in with tapas,cold cuts, muffin, scones, pasta and many more brought to you by Dean & Deluca & Modesto’s.
Here is what dinner has to offer…

quincy Hotel Dinner

You also can order cocktails, beer, white wine, red wine, vodka, whisky, rum, gin all inclusive in your package from 6pm onwards!!


The only time that I went out is at night for a drink with my friend at a pub near Orchard Road. I cannot recall the name, bad memory. When we reach back hotel we continue to drink the red wine provided by the hotel!! I did not take any picture of it cause I feel little dizzy and then pass out till the next morning! One of the best sleep ever!!

Woke up around 9 am in the morning and went down for breakfast. Quincy serve simple but complete breakfast. You can opt for the English style breakfast sausages, bacon and egg or can go for the local ones like porridge, fried rice and roti canai. For those who like simple breakfast you can opt for breads, pastry, cereals and fruits. I always go for English and egg is a must!! Complete my breakfast with a cup of Latte and apple juice!

Quincy Hotel38

Quincy Hotel breakfast 3Cereals & Milk and Dining area
Always love hotel that provide coffee machine!! Especially those which can make latte or cappuccino!!It make my morning feel good!
Quincy Hotel breakfast 22 coffee machine to make your latte or cappuccino, 6 types of fruit juices and 8types of Natural Tea bags to choose from!
Quincy Hotel breakfastThe energy builder! Clockwise: Roti Canai, Mac Cheese & Scrambled Egg, Fried Rice & Samosa and Sausages & Bacon

Quincy Hotel breakfast 1Breads,fruits, yogurt and cheeeeseeee
After breakfast I went back to the room and watch TV till I check out at 3pm. Late checkout is the additional perks Quincy provide so you can have more time to spend in the room!! I take the time to soak in the bath tub for one last time too!! Haha….

In between I did take time to go for a quick swim then head for lunch before i went up again for movie. I also bring some food up so I can lie on bed and enjoy the food!!!

Quincy Hotel57

This salad deserve a stand alone picture because it is so so delicious..The thousand island dressing is so tasty, strong flavour and creamy. Can you see the raw button mushroom?? I have never ate a raw button mushroom before!! It tasted weird by itself but very good when coat with the dressing and bite with the salad leave along.

Quincy Hotel58

This is chicken kuey teow in Vietnamese style. The piping hot soup warmed up my hungry tummy after I went for a short swim earlier! The smooth kuey teow is really slurpworthy!!

Quincy Hotel59

The big slices of solid lemon cake taste really citrusy and sweet on the top skin because of the icing sugar. I think the cake is too big..If they cut it into half then I might be able to finish it!

Quincy Hotel60

My favourite is this sundae station!! Available during lunch and dinner! Who will say no to cup of sundae filled with chocolate syrup and toppings?

Quincy Hotel56

Is your tummy feeling happy after reading my post? Let me show you the place where I worked out!!!


Do you know the fitness centre and swimming pool in Quincy is open 24/7?? I always feel disappointed when i reach hotel at night the pool is closed!! At Quincy you can swim and work out your body any time of the day!

One of the attraction in this hotel is the Glass Panel Infinity Pool!! Now dip into this pool and get a refreshing swim while you admire the skyline view of Singapore city in the water because the swimming pool is enclosed in glass panel.

Quincy Hotel infinity pool

After a intense workout, you can restore your energy with isotonic drink or just grab a coffee at the bar by the pool. Yes it is also inclusive in your package… This bar is accessible from the gym too. if you are very hungry then you just need to take the lift down to Ground Floor and fill up your tummy with the all day food supplies by Dean & Delucas.

Quincy Hotel50Chiller & coffee Machine
Quincy Hotel51Chilled mineral water & isotonic drink
Quincy Hotel49Sit back and relax!
The Fitness centre is equipped with a wide range of free weights and multimedia stations.

Quincy Hotel42

After workout you can also enjoy the steam room and sauna facilities located just few step away from the swimming pool and gym. You can also take a shower at the designated bathroom.

quincy hotel saunaBathroom, sauna & steam room

This is almost the end of this post as we move in to the last part of this Quincy Hotel Review which is the Qool Weekend Activity!


Out of three I only managed to join one because I checkout on Saturday evening. I join the couple Art Jamming. Art Jamming is actually a Acrylic Painting session. It is guided by a professional artist and we can draw anything we have in mind.

Quincy Hotel63Me painting cherry blossom!

I take approximately one hour to complete my cherry blossom….

Quincy Hotel75

Below is picture of me and the professional artist who teach us how to paint! Sorry I forget his name…. but he is very talented, he showed some of his painting which look so real and beautiful!

Quincy Hotel73

You can bring back the painting after it is dry!! I had so much fun painting and I am thinking to take up painting class in future if I have time!
Quincy Hotel paintingSome of other painting painted by other couples!

There is also movie by the pool at night and cupcake baking class on Sunday. This is the two activities I missed out…Really wish to try them on my next visit!!

imageMovie by the pool!
imageCupcake Baking class
I really enjoy this staycation to the max and I was really sad to have to leave so early!!How I wish I can stay for another night!! I really looking forward to return for another staycation. This hotel is suitable for those who are on business trip or just for leisure! The add on benefits on the package is really amazing. Never in my life that I choose to stay in hotel instead of visiting other places outside the hotel!! I highly recommend you to book a staycation in Quincy Hotel the next time you are i Singapore and for those who need a short holiday that is not too far and wanted to have a relaxing vacation Quincy Hotel is your choice!!
Let me summarize what I love after this staycation and why you should choose Quincy Hotel!!
Why you should choose Quincy Hotel?
  • Complimentary All Day Refreshment (Dining)
  • Complimentary Cocktails, Wine & Liquors
  • Comfortable Bed
  • Huge and deep separate bath tub
  • See Through Infinity Pool
  • Qool Weekend Activities (Art Jamming, Movie by the pool & Cupcake Baking)
  • Unlimited WIFI access to more than 1 devices
  • Late checkout

Thank you for reading this post till the end and I hope you enjoy tour into my staycation in Quincy Hotel via all the pictures & videos. Good bye and see you again in next post!

“Q: Have you ever been to any staycation? What’s your criteria in choosing hotel?”

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