Nestle Bliss Supermarket Sweep: Win RM500000 worth of Prizes & a Free Shopping Free

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How does it sound if you can get healthy lifestyle and at the same time can shop in the supermarket for FREE?? Yes all the thing you pick will all be paid by Nestle!!!! This is like my long term dream eh!!! By just shopping for these Nestle Bliss product you can participate in this Nestle Bliss Supermarket Sweep contest to win the Free Shopping Spree!! Not just that you also stand a chance to win RM500,000 worth of prizes and Nestle will be choosing 100 lucky winners!!! Can you see how high the chances is?? I usually only join contest which I think I have high chances of winning and this is one of them!!!


All you need to do is go shop for any Nestle Bliss product, even just one product you are eligible to participate in the contest. Of course if you buy more then your chances of winning will get higher too!!! I also grab this opportunity to buy 3 bottles of Nestle Bliss Yogurt drink and half dozen of Nestle Yogurt too!!

imageThe Nestle Bliss Yogurt Drink

Do you know that by drinking yogurt drink or eating yogurt help digestion and also help you sleep better at night?? I love to cut some fruit cube to put into my yogurt to make the colour look bright and also by pairing fruit with yogurt it make the yogurt taste so much better!!! Does my yogurt look good?? I think kiwi is a great partner to any kind of fruit… I used to pair kiwi and many different kind of fruit to blend into fruit juices. For some reason kiwi fruit compliment other fruit taste and made them taste better and this is the same to yogurt!! I usually take this yogurt when i need some snack after completing some work or when I don't have time to have a proper meal.

imageKiwi Fruit on Peach Yogurt

It’s very easy to participate in this contest, only 3 simple steps. You can submit your proof of purchase via post or via digital submission. This is the first time Nestle open up contest via online submission so you should really take this opportunity to join!! It’s much more easier to submit via Facebook!!


1. Purchase Nestle Bliss product and keep the receipt as proof of pruchase. 

2. Click this link and fill up your personal detail.


3. Answer three simple question and then just wait for good news from Nestle.


Like I say the more you purchase then the more entry you get and higher chance to win!!! Every week there will be 10 winner to be selected. This 10 winners will each get a chance to sweep as many item as they can in 8 minutes and the bill will be paid by Nestle!!! OMG I can’t imagine how awesome is that!!! I am thinking I will sweep the rice pack, all the chocolates, milo can, cheese, nestle yogurt and many more item…..


What you planning to buy??? I planning to ask my parents to buy the Nestle Premium Yogurt and join this contest too… I think if my mum win she will be more happy than me!! Muahahahaha…. So good luck to you lovelies!! Be Healthy and May you win this 8 minutes Supermarket Sweep!!

For more info please checkout the following link:

Nestle Bliss Facebook :

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


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