Nana's Green Tea Cafe @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Haloo!!! I am still in Jakarta today and I’m am overly excited as later in the day I will be meeting Shirley my Instagram friend. We met via instagram and we share the same interest and we talk a lot (literally comment on each other IG photos). Can’t wait to meet her and take tonnes of selfies!! Back to the post, I am sharing a short review on Nana’s Green Tea Cafe.

I was there last week with Chency at Garden wandering around where we should go for a quick bite since we are hungry but dinner is in few hour time so we needed some light food to fill our hungry tummy. Since my friend Mokky & Soo Yin is constantly raving about this place we decided to give it a try. When we arrive, there’s not much people on a weekday evening probably just one or two table.

My first impression was it look pretty a like to a fast food chain store because of the square chair and it’s so wide… Probably can fit two butt of a petite girl!!Hahaha… Nana’s Green Tea cafe open it’s the first branch in Malaysia at Garden which have scout quite a number of match lover! I heard it gets crowded during peak hour!

We came for dessert so we did not order any main course. We order Parfait and Mochi. the Parfait is beautifully decorated. Since Chency not a fan of match we order the Hoji Warabimochi Parfait (coffee infused), RM18.80 is an artisan dessert starting with a layer of kanten jelly and Hoji Syrup topped with soft serve vanilla ice cream and a generous layer of corn flakes garnished with vanilla ice cream, red bean paste, warabimochi, whipped cream and double Hoji Syrup. I love love love the texture of the entire parfait!! There is so many different texture in each scoop at least three different texture I’d say. I specifically like the warabimochi, red bean baste, and kanten jelly. The warabimochi is made from braken starch, imagine mochi texture but more solid and will break when you bite on it. The red bean paste unlike the usual strong dark red colour but this has a muddy colour which taste less sweet and more bean taste. The kanten jelly is something very nice to chew, almost crunchy a like and the Hoji syrup make it taste even better. Oh the corn flakes is equally good because it’s thick and crunchy!!

Hoji Warabimochi ParfaitHoji Warabimochi Parfait

The next one is order by me as I love to try their matcha stuff! I order the Matcha Shiratama Zenzai, a sweet porridge of Azuki beans with mochi & matcha ice cream. Sadly the matcha ice cream is way too sweet for me and the mochi is almost tasteless…The flavour just doesn’t blend together!

Match Shiratama ZenzaiMatcha Shiratama Zenzai

I would return for matcha parfait I promised and I would love to try their set lunch which look quite affordable!! If you are matcha lover you should head over to try the matcha parfait or the coffee infused parfait. So that’s all from me today, just a quick review of this restaurant.

“Q: Are you a match lover? Where is your favourite place for Matcha infused food or drink?”

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