Mary Quant Baking Workshop

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Zao An (Good Morning in Mandarin) Today I woke up to bright Sun in Singapore, indulging in my English breakfast and cruise my way to my office… Last weekend I had a nice bonding session with my god mum as well as my other friends in the Baking Workshop by Mary Quant. Spreading our love through the cookies we bake that afternoon… Have not heard about this brand with beautiful Daisy as their logo yet? Read about Mary Quant on my previous post click here.

Mary Quant Baking Workshop14a

You only need to pay RM50 to be in this baking workshop and you get to bring your mum along. The RM 50 is fully redeemable against Mary Quant Product and on top of that both you and your mum bring home a goodie bag worth RM 270 in total.


Oh by the way I did a simple hair updo that afternoon because we are going to do baking so I want all my hair up so my cookies will not have extra flavour if you get what I mean!

hair updoLoose braid hair updo

p/s sorry my hair picture is not really pretty…My professional photographer is not there that day!

For makeup I did a very light bronze colour on my eyes and keeping everything else simple and kinda nude….

Mary Quant Baking Workshop1

I was there super early because I am worry we might lost in Damansara Height area but we arrived in less than 15minutes… When we arrive the staff is still preparing the stuff for our baking session!! So I take opportunity to show mum some of Mary Quant makeup and we play around with it before anybody else!!

Mary Quant Baking Workshop5The beautiful table with product for us to play on!

Mary Quant Baking Workshop7Look at the beautiful daisy packaging..

Mary Quant Baking Workshop8More daisies..

Mary Quant Baking Workshop10The pretty lip gloss!!

Oppsss everyone is almost here and we begin with baking first and then we will be back for their the make up demo later! Here is the ingredient we use to bake our cookie later!

Mary Quant Baking Workshop49

p/s: Sorry I did not take down the recipe but if you love to bake you can checkout At 19 Culinary Studio for various baking classes.

Mary Quant Baking Workshop15Picture with Amelie & Koey before we start baking…

We gather together to be brief on the steps to bake the cookies..

Mary Quant Baking Workshop23Suraya the instructor for today.

So there is 2pair in a group and each pair has a special task! One pair will mix the flour & other ingredient while the other mix the butter and sugar with the help of the mixer.

Mary Quant Baking Workshop25My group together with Koey!

Mary Quant Baking Workshop24mum cutting the butter to put in to the mixing bowl!

Mary Quant Baking Workshop27ame doing the mixing..

If you love baking, you must get this mixer… I fall in love with mixer with it’s sturdy material and high efficiency mixing the ingredient. This is the Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer come in various funky colour!!! I would love one when I move into my new home…

Pick your colour!

After mixing the dough, it’s time to mould them into cute shape…

Mary Quant Baking Workshop32Me and mom in baking process…

Mary Quant Baking Workshop34and our cookie is ready to bake in the oven!

While we are waiting for all the cookie to bake in the oven, we had a tea break and then move to makeup demo!

Mary Quant Baking Workshop35

The theme for today is colour, Ms Tataki demo two different colour theme on the model.

Mary Quant Baking Workshop36Makeup demo by Miss Tataki

Mary Quant Baking Workshop37Bright Colour Theme

and next is the romantic colour theme, purple eyes which is my all time favourite too..

Mary Quant Baking Workshop39

and while we are playing the makeup I can smell the yummy cookies waiting for us to decorate them…
Mary Quant Baking Workshop40Girls trying the makeup and selecting the colours…

My best pick is the Eye Opener & Their Lipstick because their colour is so pigmented and the packaging is just beautiful!!

Mary Quant Baking Workshop6The colourful eye opener!!

imagePick one for yourself!! Multiple colour for you to choose from!

Mary Quant Baking Workshop41cookies is ready…

Nope we can’t eat it yet as we will have to decorate them and the most creative one will win a goodie bag from Mary Quant!

mary quant cookies

Well I did not win but I sure had fun decorate it!!! Can you guess which one is mine?? Shivani’s mum won the most creative decoration!!

Mary Quant Baking Workshop47Tataki, Shivani’s Mum and Shivani

and a group picture before everyone went home…. Me and mum went home with a big smile as we really had fun baking the cookie and trying out all the Mary Quant Product.

Mary Quant Baking Workshop48a

So girls, do not miss out future workshop from Mary Quant!!! It was so fun and a great opportunity to take up some make up tips too!!!

Question: So what's your plan to treat your mum this mothers day

Alright I’ll see you in my next post okay?? see you girls!


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