Make Up For Ever New Aqua Collection for Summer 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bonjour pretties!!! I am excited to finally able to share with this new Aqua Line from Make Up For Ever. I am the first few people who able to see and try them first hand during the per-launch of this New Aqua line few weeks ago… I am not allowed to share any info to you girls until today!! Are you ready to dive into the beach this summer with this easy to use Aqua Line product from Make Up For Ever (MUFE) ??


This summer, MUFE has release total of 5 new Aqua babies promise you a long lasting water resistant makeup!! An intense mascara, an eyeliner with a diamond shimmer finish and the promise of ultra glamorous lips with new shades of AQUA Rouge and AQUA Lips. And to top it all, use Mist & Fix spray to fix the makeup and make these long wearing textures last even further.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Collection

The Aqua Smoke Extravagant Mascara is designed to meet all your needs be it lengthen, curled and volumised lashes all in one tube with long lasting waterproof formula. The cone shape brush help to reach out to even the shortest lashes deep inside the corner of your eyes, separating each lashes with infinite precision.

MUFE Aqua Line15

Brighten up your look this summer with this 26 hue of pearly or illuminating colours of this new Aqua Cream. This multipurpose cream will makes your eyes pop stealing all attention towards you. The creamy texture make applying & blending so easy with high intensity and high pigmentation finishing.

MUFE Aqua Line12Some of the colour of Aqua Cream

imageThe zoom in of Aqua Cream

This new 4 diamond shades of Aqua Liner is an additional colours to the existing liner.The foam tip applicator enables you to draw precise line following you beautiful doe eye line as thin or thick as you prefer!! The water resistant formula contained in a aqueous gel texture ensure easy application onto your eyelid or anywhere on your skin! Drawing rose on your cheek is not a problem. The liner will keep you worry free from smudging or transferring to your upper eye lid even when you sweating like a pig because I had tested it and it’s proven to last the whole dancing night (with the help of the mist & fix too)!!

MUFE Aqua Line4New Aqua Liner

MUFE Aqua Line8Aqua Liner Swatches

This smooth can creamy texture of Aqua Lip perfectly synchronize with the Aqua Rouge long lasting wearing lipstick hugging your contour of your lip perfectly. MUFE come up with new 5 hues to add into the current 20 shades. The creamy formula is water resistant and long lasting but yet does not dries up you lip, perfect for this summer!

MUFE Aqua Line5

The new Aqua Rouge give ultra precise glides on you lip that come with two different applicator ends. First applicator is made of foam and delicately applies a velvety, matte, high coverage layer. The second applicator is a brush to roll out a vinyl-effect topcoat, guaranteeing impeccable colour, all day long. This Light Rosewood shade is the 18th colour in this popular lip colour line.

AQUA ROUGE #3Aqua Rouge in Light Rosewood

The last product in this Aqua Collection is the new improved formula Mist & Fix spray. The light water alike formula seals and pro-long make up staying power while moisturising the skin. It’s alcohol-free formula revolutionizes product performance, combining flawless holding power with a moisturized glowing complexion.

MUFE Aqua Line9Mist & Fix Spray, RM 50

Aqua Line on Waterproof Test

The other day I was at the workshop to experience the power of the Aqua Line. Jason the talented makeup artist demonstrate how the Aqua Line work it’s magic. Choon Mei’s face, the model of the day was applied with non water-proof make up from unknown brand on the right side.

MUFE Aqua Line10

Her left face will be filled up with waterproof eye makeup shortly by Jason. Using the Aqua Cream Waterproof Cream Colour in Acidics Green on her eyelid followed by the new Aqua Liner in Diamond Blue. He then finish the eye with the Aqua Smoke Extravagant Mascara for big sparkly beautiful eyes. People say beautiful smiles brighten someone day, with this glamorous finish by lining with Aqua Lip and a coat of Aqua Rouge will keep you smile looking perfectly sweet! The last step is to coat the whole face with mist & fix to set the entire makeup so it can last for whole day.

p/s: When I mention waterproof here it meant water resistant and if you swim for hours the makeup will still melt…Well who will wear makeup to swim right?? I need it to last through my tears and sweat!

MUFE Aqua Line11Jason applying cream shadow on the model

MUFE Aqua Line14Both side makeup is completed!

Ready for the Water Test??

MUFE Aqua Line16Jason sprayed water onto the model face

Let’s see the results!!!!! It’s pretty obvious which side pass the waterproof test right??

MUFE Aqua Line17

The Aqua Line is also smudge proof…. See below smudge test result where the eye make up is still intact on the left and on the right is entirely gone!

MUFE Aqua Line18Lightly wipe off the face

MUFE Aqua Line19The right side make up is all gone…

So do you love the bright green eyes on the model? Here is a quick guide on how to achieve the look!


I have try out this Aqua Collection too and I just love it so much…I can’t wait to share with you the full in depth review real soon!! So are you eyeing any one to purchase yet?? I highly recommend the Aqua Liner & Mist & Fix spray! This Aqua Collection will be sold on all Make Up For Ever counter from 15th May 2014 onwards…So hurry before it runs out of stock! It’s time to say good bye now!!! Till my next post BYE…

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