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Monday, May 05, 2014

Your clothes should be as important as your skin.”
― Amit Kalantri
In recent times, men’s apparel are available in virtually any shopping mall however the hassle of travelling and parking would deter most thoughts to shop along with the occasional splurges. Then came Wayne Lowe which is an online retailer for men's dress shirt. In fact, even the term “dress shirt”, which signifies a more formal pattern as compared to “sports shirt”, which leans toward casual fabric and style that became necessary with the rise of the t-shirt as daily wear. Previous generations would have called a dress shirt nothing more than “a shirt” as it was what the majority wore those days and there weren’t any other kinds of shirts unlike current times which comes with many types and patterns to colours.

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Wayne Lowe Shirt3
Wayne Lowe Experience

This inadvertently create a split in society. Those in the sartorial culture preferred to have their dress shirts personalize design (Bespoke), tailored, and manufactured specifically for them (Made to measure) which prompt those sleek apparels that measure and conform to the anatomy.  Then there are those such as myself believed that shirts were something that you could purchase off the rack from a local retailer. Nowhere is this split more evident than when you walk into a shirt maker's showroom floor with someone who doesn’t know the process. Not only there are at least several types of fabrics for each of those clothing on the racks that mere samples but also these shirts, besides being hard to come by, are really expensive. How could a proper dress shirt, which is a daily staple for all office executives cost that much?.

The Sartorial Journey
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Wayne Lowe Introduction
The Wayne Lowe team is comprised of a group of individuals with very different and diverse backgrounds but pulled in together under a common aim which to craft the best value for money all at a price below the current market rates with the high quality 100% cotton shirts.

Wayne Lowe's Shirt

Cotton is the soul of every dress shirt as it is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, which means is the best choice of material for people who suffer from asthma or allergies, or those who have sensitive skin prone to irritation. Natural fabrics would allow for better air circulation, which helps remove and absorb body moisture, drawing heat away from the skin and keeping the body cool and dry.

Product Description

Product Name : Wayne Lowe Men’s Dress Shirt
Price : RM 160 (25% for all Cindy’s Planet Reader, Just drop a email to with the link of the shirt you like to purchase (email subject: Wayne Lowe Shirt for Cindysplanet Reader) to receive the discount
Where to Buy : Wayne Lowe Online Store(Malaysia), Not available Internationally at the moment
Shirt’s Sizes : 14.5, 15, 15.5, 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5

Wayne Lowe Shirt13
Comfort Essential, Wayne Lowe

This is essential as while we endure the hot and humid climate in South East Asia region, most mass market dress shirts are very uncomfortable to wear which we tend to get toasted under the hot scorching sun and the feeling of lesser quality fabric 'glued' onto our skin feels repulsive at times. These mass market shirts made from polyester, Chief Value Cotton (a combination of polyester and cotton as its main component, aka.CVC) which I have a fair share of those types and when the weather isn’t forgiving, it’s downright torment.

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Cotton Dress Shirt

Hence what sets Wayne Lowe apart of the rest in the market is their 100% cotton, 2-ply, high thread count and high yarn number dress shirt. The shirts that made from quality 2-ply cotton fabric, will feel cooler, more breathable and more comfortable even under our hot climate which is an excellent choice for me as would require occasional travel to meeting and all. The comfort is evident during the hot afternoon which keeps the wearer cool and in check.

Wayne Lowe Shirt19Comfort in style
Wayne Lowe’s dress shirt shirts are all at least double-ply (2-ply) on either the warp and/or the weft of the fabric and carry a yarn number of at least 80 as they believe that 80 yarn number is the optimal entry level to engineering quality cotton shirts. Yarn number is a measurement for textiles whereby it dictates the fineness of the yarn on a piece of fabric. The commonly found yarn numbers for shirts in the general retail market range from 40 to 60. Yarn number is a fundamental tool to measure the quality of a shirt as the higher the yarn number, the softer and silkier the fabric due to the yarn being more fine. The quality of the shirt is apparently when you run through the shirt with the hands.
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Cotton Engineering

The cutting on the dress shirts are not separated into different cutting, such as: slim fit, contemporary fit and/or regular fit which they opted to keep the cutting simple to eliminate unnecessary confusion when shown a wide array of different cuttings. At Wayne Lowe, all the shirts have one unified cutting which is called the “Fusion Cut”. The fusion cut is a fusion of slim fit cutting with regular fit cutting. With just one cutting, the shirt selection couldn’t be any easier and no worries on picking the wrong sizes.
Wayne Lowe Shirt16a

The Attire
What Thomas Think?

I’m surprised at the craft work on the collars and cuffs. The collar is the first part of a shirt that people will notice when they meet you if you’re in a suit or buttoned in a tie. For a formal dress shirt, the collar has to be firm. It has to 'stand' so that the wearer looks sharp and smart. Wayne Lowe’s shirt collars are constructed with an additional interlining fabric in order to ‘stiffen’ the collar without trading off comfort around the neck area which provides collar-stays that are sewn into the collar to prevent the stays from poking out or worse, falling out from the collar-stay pockets.
Wayne Lowe Shirt5
Collar Stays, Wayne Lowe

The cuff, just like collars, are required to maintain their shape and should not be soft in order to project a sharp and smart look. The cuffs are sewn together with an additional interlining that ensures that the cuffs stay in shape throughout the busy day.
Wayne Lowe Shirt12
Wayne Lowe, Sewn Cuffs
Wayne Lowe Shirt18

I’m was taking away by their passion in the sartorial workmanship into their dress shirt which would definitely appealed to many as it did on me. From the shirting fabric to the skill of shirt maker, it’s definitely a worth in value and very much alike to those of the establish names in the market. Even the packaging carries a tinge of class that comes complete with a care card inside for customers to handle as it should and to prolonged the shirts wear life.

So guys try on one for yourself and perhaps ladies you should get one for him as now for all Cindy's Planet reader there will be a 25% off!! Just drop a email to with the link of the shirt you like to purchase (email subject: Wayne Lowe Shirt for Cindysplanet Reader) to receive the discount.
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Shirts We Wear

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To know more about Wayne Lowe, kindly visit their website here

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