Borneo Soap, The Gem from the Rainforest

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Good morning girls….woohooo it’s Thursday and I still trying to enjoy my working life in Singapore and can’t wait to get off from work to meet up my friends for dinner tonight!! Last week, I had an early Mother’s Day celebration with my mum. We went for a luxury spa day which uses the hand crafted Borneo Soap.


This is my first encounter with Borneo Soap and I am really proud that my own country can come up which such high quality and luxurious soap made from ingredients from our rainforest.
Me & mum were invited for Mother’s Day appreciation day at Ritz Carlton courtesy of Borneo Soap. It was a whole day packed with fun activities and pampering session. We were treated with yummy breakfast before we begin the activity!

ritz carlton breakfast

Ain’t the bread with salmon look cute like bee?? Teehee…They are so delicious and it gave me a good dose of Omega 3!!! That day was my first time to meet Shini in person!! She such a lovely girl. You can checkout her beautiful OOTD in her blog, click here!!

Borneo Soap2Me, Fish & Shini….My blur face…Not used to waking up too early in the weekend!!

We proceed to a brief introduction on Borneo Soap by the charming director behind Borneo Soap Mr Amin.

Borneo Soap11

Borneo Soap produces organic skincare product that are made from natural ingredient and they are all 100% chemical free. Their product ranges from facial, body to foot care, all individually hand made using natural ingredients native to the rainforest of Borneo and is therefore, totally devoid of harsh detergents, synthetic preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances, greasy mineral oils and even animal fats. Ingredients heralded for their healing, therapeutic properties and long used by the indigenous people of Borneo in their bath and beauty rituals.


As I mentioned earlier, all Borneo Soap are made from natural ingredient using cold process thus you can expect the soap are all very soft. Borneo Soap uses pure concentrated goat milk as a base for all their soap and every bar is enriched with vitamins to provide a luxurious cleansing experience, making them rare gems to be treasured and enjoyed daily.


There is about 10 types of facial and body soap available currently all with different function and are made of different ingredient. Facial Soap are more delicate and more expensive because extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil are added to the facial soap because it can moisturize and smoothen our delicate skin around our face area.

Borneo Soap1

Facial Soap
Body Soap
Feminine Wash
Foot & Body Bath
Borneo Soap are made using Cold Process with no heat applied during the process at all. All ingredients are mixed evenly in a bowl until it produces the finest mixture. This process ensures that all the good nutrients are retained whereas if you apply heat, the nutrients are mostly destroyed. Then the soaps are left to age/cure naturally for at least 21 days in room temperature. This will ensure that all the moisture is removed and all the ingredients react with each other. Once curing process complete the soap will then be cut into individual bar.
The staff also demonstrate to us how the soap is made is being cut using the cutting equipment. This cutting equipment has string similar to a music instrument called “ Gu Zheng”.

borneo soap making

I was really amazed on their dedication to craft, packed and label the soap one by one.

borneo soap making1

Some of the raw ingredient used to make the soap…

Borneo Soap ingredient

as well as the precious essential oil for the making of facial soap…

Borneo Soap18

After the introduction to Borneo Soap, it’s time to give flower to mum who had contribute so much to raise us and shower us with lots of love.

Borneo Soap19
Borneo Soap36selfie with mum!

next up is something really fun and need some move to get it done!! Is a Catwalk competition with banner to highlight Borneo Soap Uniqueness!! First we choose our prop and then we have to draw the slogan creatively on a cardboard and walk the runway with it!!!

Borneo Soap21-horz

Such an entertaining runway…Some dance Gangnam Style & some dance LMFAO I’m Sexy & I know It!!! Everyone went home with a gift and off course the most creative cat walker walk homes with Grand Prize!!

We then adjourn together for a lunch at Starhill Feast Village! I had a great time chatting with new met blogger friends that day and enjoying the yummy food too!! I decided to eat more vegetables that day because the salad is way too yummy..

Borneo Soap26

there are more food but I am just too hungry that I didn’t take much pictures…Another food I enjoyed here is this Cantonese fried vermicelli.

Borneo Soap27

We were then brought to the Spa Village at Ritz Carlton for a spa pampering session!! We walk across this beautiful pool view!


and then proceed to the spa village awaiting our name to be called for our spa session!!

Borneo Soap50

The spa room had such a relaxing ambient and what I like about it, is it a had toilet inside the room so you don’t need to walk a distance to go to toilet…. The bed is absolutely divine to lay on… The lighting, the atmosphere and the masseur are all in good combination that ensure the whole spa session such relaxing one.

Borneo Soap30

We had a 1hour body massage and 30 minutes body scrub and proceed to a hot shower with Limau Masam Borneo Soap. Me and mum really love the body oil they used…. So smooth and yet not oil at all!! We never tried anything like this before!

Borneo Soap31

The open air shower area had such a beautiful sight!! I don't mind soaking in the tub for the whole day enjoying the wind blowing, green scenery and calm water flowing sound from the fountain!

Borneo Soap32

We used the Borneo soap for the very first time and we are amazed on how soft and smooth the texture is.. Both me and mum skin are very sensitive and we only use ph5.5 shower gel, surprisingly this soap does not irritate our skin at all!!

After the spa session, we were served with Ginger tea and the Borneo Soap team also prepare some macaroon and jelly for us…. So thoughtful of them!!!

Borneo Soap33

and a big group picture with the team and bloggers!!

Borneo Soap34

I brought home facial soap and I had tried the Dabai Sarawak Soap on my face. If you followed my skin condition update you know the acne on my face keep popping out nonstop… I was surprise that after few uses the acne seem calming down… I am not sure if it’s the soap or it’s that the fact my body is not so stressed this week and not so heaty. One thing for sure my skin feel soooo smooth after cleansing with the soap!!! I will continue to monitor and wait up for my full review on that!!

Mothers day is around the corner, it’s the perfect time to purchase this soap as a Mothers day gift. I really love the luxury packaging of the soap. The detailed of the front cover to the internal box, everything is perfectly packaged.

Borneo Soap46

Now there is series of promotion going on for you my reader and also GIVEAWAYSS!!! So there is no reason for you to not buy a Borneo soap for your mother!!!

1. You can purchase Borneo Soap via Borneo Soap online store. Every reader of my blog will get a special 10% off on any purchase. Just insert borneosoap-Cindy when you checkout. Valid from 1st to 31st May 2014

p/s Borneo Soap also can be purchase at Skin Topic store at The Curve Branch

2.  If you purchase 2 Borneo Soap Product you get Beras Bario Soap for FREEEE!!! How awesome right??? You don’t need a code for this, the system will automatically add this into your cart before you checkout.


3. Instagram Contest with 2 Grand prize of Luxurious Massage Session at Spa Village, Ritz Carlton for 2 pax with a Borneo Soap Goodie Bag and 10 consolation gift!

How to Join?

1. Follow Borneo Soap on Instagram (
2. Take a photo with your mother - use your most charming, adventurous, gorgeous - you get the idea, pose
3. Caption what your mother means to you and end it with Hashtag #lovemummyborneosoap #fromborneowithlove
4. Upload and share

Winners will be selected by Borneo Soap and based on creativity of the slogan/caption and pose.

Alright I guess that’s all for today sharing!! Do join the instagram contest and feel free to tag me if you like to!!

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