The Great Guardian Makeover : My Date with Beauty

Monday, April 07, 2014

Poofff….. I suddenly turn to a beauty after dating with Guardian yesterday!!! See my transformation…

The Great Guardian Makeover

Do you want to have a makeover also?? Head Over to One Utama Now!!! You can get the makeover ticket at RM 10 with any purchase of RM 20 (including one participating brand L’oreal Paris, Maybelline New York, Alcon, Avene, Bio Essence, BioGrow Oat BG22, Biore, Blackmores, Brands, Dermatix, Enchanteur, Hada Labo, Nano White, Neutrogena, Nivea, Oslee, Palmer’s & Safi) at any Guardian Store. With the ticket you get a goodie bag, makeover & a personalized photo of your makeover to bring home!! How awesome is that? During the makeover, you can ask the stylist for some tips so you can try out yourself the next time you want to dress up!!

Beside makeover there is many brand that participate which offer crazy deals and freebies!!! Now, I am going to spam the remaining post with pictures of us enjoying the makeover yesterday as well as all the crazy deal you must get!!

I was there early at about 10am and all stylist is getting ready to makeover all the ladies!!

Guardian Makeover1The hair styling was done by A Cut Above!
Guardian Makeover2Me, Emily & Wiida before the makeover
Guardian Makeover7Me & Carolyn, sleepy face…lol
Guardian Makeover9The emcee officiating the event at about 10.30am!
Guardian Makeover12Dancer getting the crowd to dance along with them too!
Guardian Makeover13Big group picture!
Guardian Makeover17Me & Caroline in makeover process!
The Great Guardian Makeover 1Maybelline product for makeup and some product for hair styling.
You get to choose 6 hair style from the picture & 2 makeup look (nude or glam makeup). So amazing!
Guardian Makeover19Braiding my hair to become a beautiful rose!
Guardian Makeover24-horzAngeline & Sarah doing their hair!
okay now here come the crazy deals from all the participating brands.

Guardian Makeover25L’oreal Booth : Must get the Shampoo & Conditioner!

Guardian Makeover49Nivea Booth : I love their deodorant for at least 15years already, you must get them! I swear you gonna love them!Oh their latest invention the body Conditioner is a hassle free body lotion!! Get them as they are on sale now! For full review read here.
Guardian Makeover27Maybelline Booth : I almost faint looking at the super low price!!! The lip polish only RM14.88 as well as other lipstick!! The liquid eyeliner is RM12.48 what????? Many more deal look at the pic and click to zoom in!
imageFree gift with RM 30 & RM40 purchase and above at Maybelline
Guardian Makeover28Blackmores & Biore Booth
Guardian Makeover43You know what to get at Biore? The  new water base makeup remover and their best seller makeup wipes!
Guardian Makeover30Get a free sample from this cute lady and their shampoo set is a must get!!!
Guardian Makeover32The Honey Sugar Mask from Oslee is super amazing and now it’s only RM44.88 (if not mistaken)!Go Get it!
Guardian Makeover34Get a free product from big brand by purchasing these magazine!!
Guardian Makeover35Neutrogena Booth : The all new gel moisturiser with SPF is a great product with great deal now!
Guardian Makeover36Palmer Booth : Their lotion is every girl love!!
Guardian Makeover37Avene Booth
Guardian Makeover38Bioessence Booth
Guardian Makeover33Alcon Contact Lens Solution: One of the best deal ever. With purchase of any product, YES Any product you get a set of Alcon product for free (few product are full size and some are sample size)
Now these are some of the deals..there are many more that I can’t fit all in this post… Go go go…don’t wait..and show me your makeover picture ya…Oh do you know there is contest going on where you can win Kate Spade Bag worth RM 1600?? You just need to pose creatively with all the props provided at the photo booth and like the Guardian Malaysia FB Page. Look for your photo in the photo album and tag yourself and upload as your FB Profile Pic and you are on the way to win your Kate Spade designer Bag!! Woohoo so easy right?

C360_2014-04-06-12-51-15-175Hope I can win the bag too!!hhaha

and if one contest is not enough, you can also snap a selfie at the makeover, upload in instagram and tag @guardianmalaysia #GuardianMalaysia and tell Guardian what makes you beautiful. Remember to follow @guardianmalaysia at instagram too. Winner can win a designer bag worth RM1140.

Guardian Makeover40Me at the entrance with Guardian Recycle bag!
Guardian Makeover41with Jia Wun babe after makeover!
Guardian Makeover42Me & hot Sarah and lovely Azlin!!!
Guardian Makeover44Spot the beauty quote at the makeover party!!
Guardian Makeover46Me, Miriam & Melody!!Finally get to meet Miriam for the first time!
That’s all from me today!! Enjoy makeover & shopping ladies!!


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