How to Save Damage or Bleached Hair & DIY Deep Conditioning

Monday, April 14, 2014

Often I hear alot from people asking is there any way to save their damaged hair without paying visit to salon that end up with expensive bill.... Damaged hair (dry, unmanageable hair, fried hair,split ends,hair tangled constantly) is a very common problem to many unless you have virgin hair. Virgin hair meaning you did not do any chemical treatment to your hair including colouring, rebonding, perming and any other treatment that uses chemical element.

Well you must have seen how frequent I colour or bleach my hair lately and my hair is screaming for HELP!! My best solution is always Mr Google, I can get answer to most of my question by Goggling!!! I think you will agree with me on this too. So, I got the solution from Jen’s Blog on how to saved damage bleached hair using simple ingredient that we can get easily.

My hair is at the dead zone right after my second bleaching… All the hair tangle together, even my finger cannot run through not to mention the comb.Sad smile My hair feel soooo dry and this is killing me…. I feel sooo sadd.. Look at my hair condition below!

bleached hair

Now before I go into how to deep condition your hair let me share with you some of the things you should DOs or DONT if you have dry and damaged hair cause by extensive chemical treatment especially bleaching
 The Dos & Don’t

1. Do not use any heating element on your dying hair.

Avoid any source of heat to contact your hair as it will further dries up your hair. Your hair need more moisture and heating is sucking away all your hair nutrition.

Heat source includes blow drying, so let your hair dry naturally. For those who live in tropical country I don’t see any problem to air dry your hair but if you stay in four season country may be try switching you blower to cool mode. If your blower doesn’t have cool mode then try using a fan. If there is no other way but to blow dry using heat mode please apply heat protector before blow drying and do not put the blower too near to your hair and off course no heat curler or straightener is allowed!! Unless you want your hair to break off…

2. Skip Shampoo for a 7 days and only use Conditioner in Shower

Yes no joke 7 day no treatment. Some of my friend ask how??? Doesn’t it feel oily and dirty? Well honestly it does get oily when it reach 5th day but it is not dirty. Why? Because you wash it with water just without shampoo. In case on the 4th or 5th day you feel extremely oily and itchy you may use shampoo only on your scalp or on the part of your hair that does not undergo bleaching. OR you may use a shampoo that is free from sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

Now why skip shampoo? Because bleaching product contain peroxide that will stripped off your hair from all the natural oil your hair produce. The SLS further removing the natural oil leaving your hair feeling more dry.

3. Moisturizing Hair Conditioner/ Hair Mask & Leave On Hair Conditioner is your new best friend!

Yes your hair is thirsty for some moisturizing product! I already stop using hair conditioner for years because for I feel hair conditioner only act to smoothen my hair but does not deeply treat or moisturize my hair. So I change to hair mask instead as my hair feel softer and smoother using it. I use lesser amount compare to using conditioner because hair mask are more concentrated. So ever since I bleached my hair I use hair mask for damaged hair and has switch to organic hair mask. Remember to condition your hair and do deep conditioning once in two week and quick conditioning once a week.

I also use hair nourishing spray after I towel dry my hair and then follow up with hair leave on conditioner in cream type/ oil. There are a few hair leave on conditioner that I am using, depending on my mood… My current favourite is the one from Tigi because they smell super awesome and leave my hair feeling silky smooth even on my bleached hair.


4. Quick Conditioning
Spend sometime probably 5minutes in a week to massage your hair conditioner and for my case hair mask into your hair before your rinse off. Only apply hair conditioner/ mask on your hair portion from ear to the ends. Do not apply on hair root or scalp as it will make your scalp become oily.

5. Deep Conditioning

What you need??
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Moisturizing Hair Mask

DIY Hair Conditioning1
what you need for deep conditioning

1) Clean your scalp by using tea tree oil + water. Read my previous post for instructions.
2) Use the hair mask and work on your hair ends (from ear onwards) and massage it for a good 3-5minutes.
3) Pour some olive oil onto your palm. For my hair length I pour about a size of 4cm diameter radius of olive oil. Slowly work it up from your end to your root. Olive oil is the best natural hair deep conditioner!
4) Massage your scalp and then squeeze out excess water. Then tuck your hair neatly into shower cap and wrap up with towel. Then wait for a good 2-3 hour, you can continue to do your work while waiting for the time to pass. If you leave in tropical country I think 2 hour is good enough. Your natural body heat will help the nutrition of the hair mask and olive oil to penetrate into your hair follicle making your hair look healthy and shine. Forget the steamer in salon!
DIY Hair Treatment6wrap your hair up!
5) Remove the towel and shower cap and rinse with room temperature water. Towel dry and let your hair air dry. I love to wrap in my micro fibre towel (can get in Daiso) for about 30minute before letting it loose so the towel will absorb away all the excess water else the water will keep dripping making my cloth wet.
Results after Doing all the Dos & Don’t for Bleached Hair

My second bleach condition is the worst. I could not comb my hair at all and my hair look like fried vermicelli!! Below is the results after about 10days of taking care of it using the above steps!

solution for bleached hair

Recently about 2week ago I bleached my hair again for the  third time and again it turn to nightmares. So I try this step again and voila my hair is softer and no more fried hair!!! ^^

solution for bleached hair 1

So I hope this simple to do step will help save your damaged bleached hair without spending hundreds at salon. Do try it and let me know how it work on your hair okay? Till my next post. Love ya!!


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