How to Organize Your Beauty Stash or Anything at All.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good morning ladies!! Have you arrived your office and already start enjoying your coffee over my blog now? Well I am sniffing and slurping my coffee while reading this post you should grab a cup of coffee too as it help boost your energy to kick start the day!1 (yes I read my own post too because it’s like my diary and I feel happy reading them). Today I am going to share with you some of the tips on how to organize your cosmetic & Collections!!

organizing makeupMy new collections and drawers!

It can be beauty products (skincare, makeup, hair care, nail polishes), jeweleries, hair accessories, books,perfumes and etc. Basically everything in your room!


I have remove the magazines and send for recycling because I have way too much!! If you only have less than 5 magazines you can keep them for wrapping gift and doing DIY decoration (for DIY ideas using magazine checkout here). Some of the book I move them to another wooden rack which is covered.

Tips: Store item that you don’t use frequently in a covered rack so that dust doesn’t built up easily.

Organized makeup

Similar thing just remove away my files and unwanted stuff and dump them into a bin!

Tips: Use these tray stacker to create more section so you can fully utilize the entire space of your rack. Without the tray the top portion can’t be filled up and you will have to take away the top item you stacked to remove the bottom item.

Organized makeup 1

Tips: Spice up your old and unattractive drawer or container by wrapping with new wrapping paper.

Organized makeup 2

Tips: Or add a bow to you container…Sometime by just tying a ribbon across container it can make your stash look much sweeter!

DIY Organizer40Stick these polka bow on my brush container!

Tips: Using unwanted box and separator to segregate your drawer into section helps to maximise the space where you can put more item then throwing everything in a wide drawer! It also helps you to find your item easily!

Organized makeup 3

Tips: Stacking will make it even messier!!! Arrange them into container nicely or hang them individually for necklace!

Organized makeup 4

Tips: Stackable container is very useful as it will not slip away when you are taking stuff at the highest container on the stack!

Organized makeup 5

Tips: Rule of thumb is to return stuff you have taken or used back to it’s dedicated location before it’s getting more and more stuff on the table!

Organized makeup 6

How I organize them and where to buy?

Now never throw away the boxes you get from beauty box subscription or beauty product or anything that come with a box! I use them to separate my drawer!!

DIY Organizer3

That pink separator is extracted from this bottom pink box I got from Ikea. So I still can use the box to store other item or as gift box!

DIY Organizer4

The new makeup drawer!!

DIY Organizer10

I like my eyeliner to be placed in standing position so it can be pick easily!

DIY Organizer11

The 2 column stackable drawer is so perfect for all the tiny cosmetic product like eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelashes and etc… It can help to categorized them into colour or theme of your eyeshadows if you have a big collection!

organizing makeup 6

Vanity Trove drawer box probably is the best beauty box I ever collected!!! There are ready to use and look so pretty that no beautifying it required.

DIY Organizer31

if you purchase mooncake next time don’t throw it away!! I will try to do a tutorial how to make into these beautiful jewellery box next time!

DIY Organizer28

I forget to take the before picture where I just put all nail polish into one big container! Now I have categorized them accordingly!

DIY Organizer22

The transparent jewellery case is very convenient as you can see the item store underneath!!

DIY Organizer34

DIY Organizer50

One of my favourite brush holder! I have been searching for days for this to fit all my brush!! I don’t like those leather brush holder casing because it’s very hard to clean them.. The leather will came off over time too…. Also it’s hard to let the leather casing stand!So i found this plastic container at Jusco for RM 6.90 actually meant to store food. It’s the perfect choice for me because it is see through and it has cover so my brush will not get dirty!!

cheap brush holder

and finally an overview of my working table and dressing table!!

DIY Organizer20

DIY Organizer45

Organized makeup 7

Alright that’s about it. I get most of my drawer from Daiso as I do not want to spend too much money on them!! Also, I try to DIY the drawer, trays and clips as much as I could to it can tailor to my needs and help save some $$ too. However, if you have more budget you should make a visit to Muji store near you because they have some amazing drawer & rack that are soooo beautiful for me and my wallet too…Smile with tongue outSmile with tongue out All in all I spend less than RM100 to buy all the drawers and stacker which is only sufficient to buy one acrylic drawer in Muji!!So i gave up on Muji as I think the one from Daiso are equally beautiful!

If your country does not have Daiso make a visit to those big departmental store and remember to take a look at all available option and take down measurement and see if it fits you space before purchasing. i hope above post give you some idea how to arrange and organize your stash!

Question: Do you have any tips to keep things organized too??


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