Fashion & Makeup Tutorial: Pop Star Inspired Look by Britney, Pop Pink

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Halooo… I am not sure you guys know that I am a huge fan of Britney!! She is the only artist where I will keep all the original CD and till today I will play her very first CD Baby One More time in my car and sing along with it during traffic jam! I just love her song, her smile, her hair, her perfume well almost everything. I swear if she ever come to Malaysia I will buy ticket to watch her live!!!! She’s my pop star idol since I was in secondary school….Omg I just loveeeee her….

Okay back to the topic, I am actually participating in a makeup contest by Make Up For Ever. There is two categories Makeup Pro & Makeup Addict. For sure I go for Makeup Addict as I am no where near pro!! So, there is two categories for Makeup Addict which is Pop Star & Glam Rock look… Well I am more into Pop Star I think so I choose that.. Whenever I see the word pop star all I can think about is Britney Spears!! I really love the colourful outfit she wore during her Anticipating performance in Las Vegas concert. So I decided to make a look inspired by all the colours in her costume and props during the performance.

Pop Pink15

See below video on her full outfit.

Here is a clearer picture of her outfit. As you can see there’s a lot of colour going on but mostly are pink!!


If you are Britney fan like me too you will know Britney always do shimmery eye look but usually more on black and dark shimmery tone.



So I decided to do a twist to my look instead of following Britney signature dark smokey eye tone I go for a bright colourful shimmery look. I use pink as the main colour and add lots of shimmer onto it. There are actually a few layer of shimmer as I use blue as base and white on top to add more glitters and final touch of a little bit of sliver glitter on top. I use a glitter eyeliner to line my eyes all around the black eyeliner to make my entire eyes stands out.

Pop Pink15

Watch below video for the full tutorial on this look.

A closer look of my eye makeup. It contain pink, silver, purple, blue and white colour element in it!Loving the shimmery line on my eyes..wink wink ^^

Pop Pink14When eyes is opened
Pop Pink13When eyes is closed. Can you see the natural flush on my face?? i love how the flush look on my face in this look!
Here is the list of product used to create this Pop Pink look:
For Face:
HD Primer by Make Up For Ever
Liquid Foundation by Lancome
Pure Mineral Concealer by Maybelline
Dark Eye Circle Concealer from Physician Formula
Concealer Stick by Holika Holika
Brightening Mineral Loose Powder by Antipodes
For Eyes:
Eye Primer by Laura Mercier
Eyebrow Mascara in B2X by Heavy Rotation
Midnight Glow (Icy Blue) Palette by Make Up For Ever
Pretty Rebel Palette (Totally Fetch (pink)) by Too Faced
Mono Eyeshadow in Erika F by Lancome
Eyeshadow in Amazing Silver by The Face Shop
Eyeliner in Purple Stilettos by Sephora
Aqua Liner in Black by Make Up For Ever
Pink Silver Eyeliner by Holika Holika
Purple Glitter Eyeliner by NYX
For Lip:
Lip Concealer by Holika Holika
Pink Lipstick in RK01A by Make Up For Ever
Plumping Lip gloss in Nude by MUA
I did not just did the makeup but I also pair a set of outfit to match my entire look… Honestly, I don’t have much bright colour cloth in my wardrobe… However, i think the top and the skirt I choose kinda make up to each other… They look fun and sweet…. I also pair it with the cobalt blue pump to add more colour into the entire look. It look super chic and colourful! Initially I want to do some happy and fun posing but I failed.. Need more practise though…When we took the picture the sun still shinning bright so you can see glare on some of the picture…. sorry about that..shall choose a better time to snap the picture next time!

Structured Top by Forever 21
Skater Skirt by H&M
Cobalt Blue Pump by Primark
Bracelet (it’s a necklace actually) by Diva
Polka Earing by Market in Bangkok
Pastel Necklace: Diva
Yellow Belt: Random Boutique
Gold Chain bag by Random Online Shop
Pop Pink10_副本

Pop Pink2_副本

Pop Pink5_副本

Pop Pink7

This last picture is my favourite in this sets of pictures..I love how my arm and body shape up here..

Pop Pink9_副本
 Pop Pink11_副本

Pop Pink12_副本Trying to act fun but failed…hahaha

So ya that’s all from me…. Hope you enjoy this post and if you like to join the makeup contest head on down to now. Good luck to everyone joining and I really hope I can win this..Please pray for me so I can win!!! I took days to think of this theme, arrange and match up everything but i have lots of fun creating this look!!! till my next post bye bye!


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