Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The big blue in stripes is back with some neat, lean fighting styles that would rock any opponent besides the modified robotic arm that could crush anything and anyone in this intended sequel and the ninth instalment in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Back to reprise their respective roles, Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Loser) as the titular character whom is faced with the difficult opponent that matches his superhuman limits and maybe more which could proved to be his toughest battle. Scarlett Johansson as deadly sexy Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow and Samuel L. Jackson as the  one eyed patch with habit of compartmentalise everything, Director of SHIELD. Nick Fury. Joining the cast is veteran actor, Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce whose presence is menacing in every aspect as opposed to the regular composure played previously. Thanks to Nuffnang, we will be indulging some fine action moments by the Captain.

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Two years after the battle in New York, Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and continues to work for the espionage agency SHIELD as Captain America. He befriends a fellow veteran named Sam Wilson during the casual morning runs. Later he and his fellow Avenger Natasha Romanoff are summoned to liberate a SHIELD vessel from Algerian pirates led by Georges Batroc. After taking down Batroc, Rogers finds Romanoff extracting data from the ship's computers on Nick Fury's orders which something Rogers wasn't briefed on. Back at headquarters, Rogers and Fury have an argument over their trust issues. In order to smooth things over, Fury shows Rogers a trio of advanced helicarriers with incredibly precise scanners and guns which create a even dubious Captain on the intention of such firepower.

That’s Stark doing there
Fury was attacked while en route to meet Agent Maria Hill but manages to survive long enough to entrust Steve with a vital piece of information that will reshape the powers on earth and he will have to battle a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier. The Captain will have to rely his gut instinct and be icon that represents all which is good and save the world again.

This is not a 6000 calorie diet
With no one to trust and being branded as the enemy of the state, the Captain will have to pull all stops for the conspiracy that had gripped the world from the inception including of SHIELD.

We have gotta get a vacation soon
[Spoiler !!] "The Winter Soldier" is encompass everything what a Captain America movie should be. While it maintains some quirky and witty humour that now has become the trademark of Marvel films, The Winter Soldier depicts a more serious tone that represent the threat which is surreal. Questions of political fear, control, and information manipulation arises that incorporates in the movie which never feels bloated or overbearing as the general purpose is to entertain even if it manages to squeeze through a bit of political views with Rogers. Besides the charged plot, the introduction of new characters which many fans would be in for a surprise (Yes, it’s gonna be awesome revelation) and the mega mayhem of destruction in the streets of Washington DC, there will be closure on some open question from the first that includes a visit to Peggy, a direct confrontation with Fury regarding SHIELDs actions, Bucky transition to WS, Natasha's kissing talk which is funny that certainly caught the Cap by surprise while being frozen for 50 years on modern day relationship ethics. These extras are adequate to give a sense of justification on the  characterization which results to bring us closer to the on screen counterparts.

That’s rather weird, I think
Finally, the iconic shield gets to be seen in all of its glory and action that represents the half of the Captain. The creative ideas incorporate in  the shield fight scene is truly amazing which fully utilize the shields capability and the rapid choreography that trails along the movement of the shield. Another scene would be the elevator fight sequence that probably stands out as truly memorable whereas the encounters with the Winter Soldier never feel repetitive. The actors are absolutely brilliant in their roles. Evans portrayal as the Captain truly shines as this is a soldier who believed in protecting the people and their freedom.

I did asked nicely
In the modern era of espionage with multiple intrigues and political events to gain by some unscrupulous individuals, he finds himself unable to identify which side he is on and for what is the cause. Even at one juncture, he considers himself Fury's caretaker of terrorist "problems". The other side of the coin is Samuel Jackson's Nick Fury and Robert Redford's Alexander Pierce. It is great to see Jackson expanded his role from the 1 minute cameo in "Iron Man" to a fully supporting actor here but the real standout is Robert Redford. By bringing in veteran Redford to a superhero film is actually a bold move and while most movies do not focus on the talented cast, Redford is given plenty of close ups and necessary gravitational dialogue that the mystery cycles though it was let off later on.

Welcome Aboard, Captain
Antony Mackie plays Falcon believably enough and it is very good to see a great supporting turn instead of being the comedic sidekick. The Winter Soldier is probably the best villain outside besides Loki in the marvel films as being a truly unstoppable and cool killing machine that shows no remorse or regret considering his complete disregard (and destructive) actions throughout the film. From the menacing eyes to pummelling action including stopping the shield (OMG!!) The director had managed to keep it from dragging forever or raising any boring flags with its plot which is carefully unravel throughout the 2 hours and avoid several big loop holes. There is plenty of action, plot thickens and unravelling, witty comebacks and sweet characters moments to keep anyone satisfying. This is perhaps the blockbuster at its finest, along a superhero film with heart, explosive non stop action and subtle touches of humour. It’s a definitely must watch. So grab the movie in the cinema near you today.

4 Stars

Anthony Russo, Joe Russo,
Screenplay - Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely
Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Robert Redfort, Samuel L. Jackson.

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