Beauty Review: Landscape Beauty Salon (Body Massage)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Good morning ladiesss… Time passed by so quickly and I remember it was Monday when I drag my feet to work and now is Friday already….. and weekend is just hours away…I know work had been tough this week and to brave yourself through rain and traffic jam is just crazy and tiring…. So I am going to share with you this amazing body massage I tried yesterday so you can book a session with them this weekend too..
The Landscape Beauty Salon is located at the shop lot just opposite of Desa Park City main entrance. So if you are staying in Desa Park city or Bandar Manjalara you should really visit this salon to book a spa session! Honestly if you come from PJ side is not too far away too. It’s quite easy to find, it’s located on top of Miz Hair Salon.

Landscape Beauty Salon1

Opposite of the salon is a kids learning centre so when you walking up you can see the wall is all decorated with cute and colourful drawings drawn by the kids…. So my mood turned to happy and cheerful mode when I admiring these drawings..

Landscape Beauty Salon13Super cute & colourful drawing

The Salon Environment

Then when I enter the salon my mood is calmed down by lavender, sunflower and scenic view wallpaper inside the salon. My mood is instantly lighten up like I am traveling to another country… At the main lobby were Lavender theme…It’s all purple and even the sofa is in floral fabric too..

Landscape Beauty Salon3The romantic purple theme

IMG-20140423-WA0009Ohhhhh look at the beautiful lavender!

Landscape Beauty Salon6

There is another room which is filled with sunflower field… It does feels like spring in this salon…Flower blossoming everywhere…so pretttyyy….


Here is another room for facial treatment… I never thought the salon can be so spacious..

Landscape Beauty Salon5

The Body Massage

So here is where I my massage is done… The room is decorated with beautiful beach and cliff view. It kinda remind my Ireland trip!!

Landscape Beauty Salon7
Treatment Details
Treatment Type: Lymphatic & Relaxing Body massage
Duration: 2 hour. [Full Body Scrub (15min), Steam Care (30min), Full Body Massage (60min), Herbal Ball (15min)].
Price: RM 48 deal at Milk A Deal (NP: RM 388)
It started with a coffee scrub all over my body. Honestly, this is my first time trying body scrub and I must say I love it because it can reach every of my body part where I cant reach if I scrub myself. Although at first it was a little awkward but after a while it’s just like body massage where they apply the oil all over your body. They are using gel type scrub thus the grain is finer and they use another cloth with fine grain to scrub on my body. If you would like other scrub flavour they also provide Ginger and Apple scrub. Just tell them which scrub you prefer. The body scrub is done at another bed (next to the massage bed) where they place a plastic layer to prevent water and scrub dripping on the bed. After the scrub is complete, she gave me a towel to wrap myself and walk to the bath room at the back of the salon for a shower. I wish the bathroom is located in the massage room instead or a bath tub will be perfect!

After the shower, I was given a set of T-Shirt and Short Pant to change on. Then I put my leg into this pail with steamer on the side. The steam will be channel into the bucket via a small steamer machine. The steam heat level can be adjust to suit your level of heat acceptance. I can only go up to 2 out of 8…maybe you can go higher??

Landscape Beauty Salon9Me inside the steaming room (Can you see the adorable wall paper?)

The steaming accent is inserted into the bucket which help detoxification, improve blood circulation and relaxed body tenses too…

Landscape Beauty Salon11

Oh there is this leg roller inside the bucket. I was told that by moving by feet on the roller help reduce the heat….So for the entire 30 minute I was seating there rolling my feet for 30 minute. I strongly recommend you to ask for some magazine to read on or you can request them to switch off the light and take a short nap. or you can chat with the masseur too… During the process, I was advised to drink at least 3 glass of water to replenish my body with water.

Then off to the most relaxing part, the body massage. The body massage takes about 1 hour and another 15 minutes of herbal ball massage. She begin massaging my back and focus a lot on my back bone and shoulder! Spot On!!! This is the part of my body which I feel most sore after days of sitting in front of my laptop working. When she uses the herbal ball to run through my back it was the most relaxing and soothing part….Super love it!!!

Landscape Beauty Salon herbal ballThe herbal ball massage..

Then she proceed with massaging my leg but not as long as massaging my back. While she massaging my leg, she place a hot sand bag near my back bone(near to neck) which is extremely soothing because of the heat from the bag….ahhhhh…. After, that I turned to facing the ceiling and she massage front portion of my leg, tummy, breast area, hand, neck, head and face. While she massage my other body part she also place the similar hot sand bag on my tummy…Loving this hot bag….

After done with front portion of my body, she ask me to sit up… I thought she will just finish it off with a quick massage (tapping, chopping and beating). Buttt I was wrong….She use the herbal ball to roll on my shoulder and neck. Then continue with the tapping, chopping and beating. Finally, using a hot towel to place on my back and then wipe away the excess oil on my body

What Cindy Think

I really enjoy the massage, it’s so relaxing and the hot sand bag and herbal ball really make me feel so soothing… The masseur technique is so good that I feel she massage me for more than 2hour instead of 1 hour… She put heart into every stroke she made with her palm and finger. Totally thumbs up!
The only set back was the steaming part..I didn’t know I will have to wait so long and I never thought of asking for magazine..So it was quite bored… Well but i think it won’t happen to you la…Because I already inform you now!! So remember to ask for magazine or bring your gadgets along!

If you love to try this Body massage Milk A Deal (click here) has a perfect deal for you! With only RM 48 you get pamper yourself with 2 hour Body Massage package. If you interested in slimming package, Milk A Deal (click Here) also has another deal which is priced at RM 68 only.
For more latest deals (with slashed price) checkout the following link:

Landscape Beauty Salon
10-1, Medan Putra Business Centre,
Jalan 4/62D, Bandar Sri Manjalara,
Kuala Lumpur 51200.
Contact No: 03-6261 5296


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