Beauty Review: Cellnique O2 Derma Treatment

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello girls, I am so excited to share with you this Cellnique O2 derma treatment few days ago. I never expect the facial can be so good…. I literally can’t wait to share with you my entire experience! If you realize, my acne decided to pop out these few week and I am getting worried that it will continue to pop nonstop! It’s been years since I last has acne popping out on my face… The work stress and late night sleep is really getting to me…

Initially I book crystalline facial treatment which is more nourishing but because I have quite number of acne *cryss* they suggest me to go for a deep cleansing treatment which is this Cellnique O2 Derma Treatment.

Cress Wellness Body & Spa Centre

This place is a heaven to me… Trust me it will be the same for you! The front lobby is so spacious and so grand. Your mood will transform to a very relaxing mode, your heart beat will slow down and your brain will stop thinking about work. All you do is enjoy the fresh air and cosy ambient. Pick your desire treatment and get ready to be pampered. They have a wide range of treatment available ranging from body, spa and facial featuring their house brand Cellnique. For list of treatment checkout

imageThe main hall..

cellnique O2 derma5The path into the treatment room a.k.a room of heaven….

cellnique O2 derma4the comfortable bed for my almost 2hour treatment..

What is Cellnique O2 Derma Treatment?

This treatment is under the Oxygen Therapies series. It helps to provide more oxygen cell into your skin which helps to promote cell metabolism, detoxify skin cell
and slow down the aging process
. The oxygen cell can also prevent skin moisture loss and replenish hydration and moisture of the skin.
Facial Therapy Name : O2 Derma Treatment
Duration : 1 hour 50 minutes
Price : RM 220
1) Instant brightening result
2) Detoxify and de-stress
3) Refresh and hydrate the skin
4) Soft, smooth, supple and younger looking
1) Oily pimples skin
2) Dull complexion / uneven skin tone / pimples marks problem
3) Skin congested problems     

The Facial Step by Step

Below is the brief description of the whole facial process.

Double cleansing – Removing makeup and all dirt from the face followed by a scrub made from pineapple extract. They leave on the scrub on my face for about 5minute I think to soften the dead skin so it will be easier for extraction later.

Extraction – Before extraction she put on a few softening sheet to further soften the dead skin to prepare for extraction..

cellnique O2 derma6a

Machine (ultra sound) – Very refreshing and cooling gel applied to my skin as the machine massage over my face.

Masque (3 masque) -  A very thick mask almost gel like feeling but when dry it will solidify to become a sheet!

cellnique O2 derma7a

Ampoule  – She apply one bottle of ampoule on my face in gel form which help to boost the effectiveness of the mas.

Face Pressure Point – Basically is like a facial massage which at the same time help the product to penetrate into our ski.

Shoulder & scalp massage – Complete the facial with shoulder and scalp massag.

Cindy’s Thought

Like I mention at the beginning of this post I love this facial a lot, specifically the extraction and masque step. She has an amazing skill in extraction, I wouldn’t say it’s painless but it’s not as harsh as other and she is very into detail. I think the scrub and also the softening sheet she apply on my skin really helps to make the black heads and whiteheads to be extracted out easily. She extract every part and corner of my face even near my ear where there is lots of oil bump (I am not sure what it calls but when it is squeezed there is a milky yellow creamy residue coming out like how you squeeze toothpaste). The thick mask that she applied on my face is very very soothing. The mask also give a very cool minty feeling that make my skin feels so refreshing and relaxing.
After the facial my skin feel very very smooth all the black heads, white heads and some oil bumps is gone… In below picture you might see some redness but it’s common due to extraction.

cellnique O2 derma result

The next day the redness is gone and my skin still feel as smooth as day 1. My skin is breathable after the facial and the acne also has become calmer. It doesn’t look as huge, bruising and reddish as before. Thought some acne is not entirely gone become it hasn’t mature so it cant be squeeze out. I purchase the acne gel to help cure the acne and to avoid further inflammation. I will write a review on that later.

cellnique O2 derma result1

My nose area show the most impressive result. I never felt this smooth on my nose before.

cellnique O2 derma nose result

As for acne, I can’t really show in picture but hope you can see it. It’s not entirely gone and it takes time to slowly recover. However, I am happy that it did not get worse and it’s slowly recovering. Miracle won’t happen in one day but it truly show improvement on my skin.

cellnique O2 derma acne result

I am very pleased with the facial and will definitely return again. I secretly love the bed in the treatment room because the size is so wide that I can place my hand on the side comfortably and the comforter they provide is so soft. It almost feels like sleeping on my own bed. If you have dull skin, blocked pores and acne skin I highly recommend this facial. I will share with you later whether the acne gel and sebum gel help my acne and blackheads. So you got to stay tunes to my blog for more reviews. I am currently trying out Cellnique product range for my facial routine. You can checkout my Cellnique Intensive Hydro Repair Elixir review here. If you would like to purchase any Cellnique Product I am giving away RM 20 voucher. All you need to is filling up your personal details in Cellnique Website.

That’s all from me today. Happy TGIF and have a great weekend. Bye Bye…


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