LINE Shopping: Name Your Own Price as low as RM 10

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hey everyone, so do you use LINE or already LINE user? If you have not, you have to download it right away because there is amazing deals only for LINE User where you can purchase item as low as RM 10 ringgit each.
*** The latest deal is for a Kate Spade Cobble Hill Andee Bag!!!

So this is how it works, after you downloaded the LINE app in Appstore, Google Play or Marketplace, you will be receiving an invitation under Line Event to join LINE Shopping. Just follow below step.


3. Next you have to wait and be alert on your LINE notification. The next shopping event will be up anytime soon and it will send notification to you about 30 minutes before it starts.

5. Ting Ting, when the notification come in, get ready to start keying your unique price when the shopping start. So wait for the exact time where LINE will send your the entry form.

6. When you receive the form notification click on it to fill in your price.  


7. Quickly fill in your lowest unique price for the item offered in that period.  The tips is to key in the unpopular figure with the lowest UNIQUE price. When key-in the figure, there is no need to add on the symbol "RM" as numbers and decimal up to 2 digits only. i.e RM10.01. Only one entry per user.

Tadaaaa… You’re done and just wait for email from LINE to see if you are the successful buyer!!!
So imagining the gadget or device or even that branded bag that you’ve been eyeing all this while but never have the chance to buy it because the price is out of reach, LINE’s Name Your Own Price would narrow the gap and bring you closer to it.  Beside the Name Your Own Price deal there are many other daily deals that you can grab too! Just stay tune to the notification from Line Shopping.

Take note as you might experience slow loading page due to heavy traffic as everyone is accessing the site at the same time that is similar to other websites deals. So need not to worry just be patient and give it time to load..It will definitely load and you will be able to start keying in your unique lowest price. So wait no further and add LINE Shopping today to avoid missing some of the craziest deals around.

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